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Sunday, 1 September 2019

How the brain works | how to work human brain

How the brain works | how to work human brain

How the brain works | how to work human brain

the brain is the most fascinating part of the human body not much to look at, it resembles a spongy mass of tissue feels like tofu and weighs roughly four tubs of butter our brain is actually made up of mostly water, 

and about ten percent fats while our brain only makes up approximately two percent of the entire body's weight it uses a massive twenty percent of the body's energy the brain's basic building blocks are known as neurons and we have around one hundred billion of these each with between one thousand to ten thousand connections to other neurons creating neural pathways, 

or 'roads' within the brain there are literally trillions of neural connections within the brain similiar to a city's electrical power grid, information is passed along these roads through a series of chemical messages, and electrical impulses as all of this activity takes place, our brain generates between ten to twenty-five watts of power enough to power a light bulb over the course of one day,

 your brain generates more electrical impulses from firing neurons than all of the telephones in the world so really, your brain isn't just a spongy mass of tissue it's your most complex organ: a power station that connects your every thought, movement, and feeling and it's firing right now

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