18 - Barbell Logic Extra: Stef Bradford PhD., Woman of Mystery

18 - Barbell Logic Extra: Stef Bradford PhD., Woman of Mystery

  • 18 - Barbell Logic Extra: Stef Bradford PhD., Woman of Mystery

welcome to barbell lush brought to you by starting strength online coaching calm where each week will attempt to use logic and reason to systematically walk through the wise housing once to strangers so this week we are in Wichita Falls at Wichita Falls Athletic Club for the coaches conference and whiskey the week this week is Elijah Craig barrel proof these are becoming a little easier to find them in the past had been almost impossible to get your hands on they're super hot no age statement they're probably somewhere in the in the realm of the 12-year this one is a 63.5% to 127 proof man and I'm excited...

 because we have dr. Steph Bradford here who is sipping whiskey and we're gonna let your pup tell us what he thinks about the whiskey as well as she he it's a it's a he he is intact and will remain so that's good as you should be it's much healthier for the dogs and it keeps her personality order yeah after all we don't we don't insist that that you're altered right of course he'll start telling jokes here in a few minutes we may have a fourth microphone he might just jump on but it's but essentially ..

my dog your knee your knee adores alcohol in any form you have to you know watch your beer bottle store don't leave them down he'll take them he'll take your drinks if you leave them unguarded did you LP his alcohol consumption did he just jump right in he's just always he's always liked alcohol the opposite of my other dogs my other dogs have always run and can chase them with the with the whiskey you know mortar Todd it's pretty hot ..

I have some at home that's almost 70 percent from a few years old though this has got the new label on it Electric reg new labels this is uh Elijah Craig is the same whiskey as Evan Williams just old Evan Williams more aged I like it I like it a lot yes i sugar it's awesome it's awesome bourbon and it's just super hot and you know when you buy it in 70% whiskey it's basically like bottle and a half you know yeah that's that's always good okay so let's get the dog over here see with a dog thing okay okay hold on let's call him over come here puppy puppy he probably weighs 110 here puppy 1 112 we actually I had a sway him yesterday and he is just get that picture Scott he is drinking that with he's still in the whiskey glass hi rye he obviously likes it he he likes it a lot a lot and so hot it is hot that's hot but he doesn't know the difference..

 I mean by hot I mean sexy that might have been the first podcast ever got a dog drink with their old barrel proof whiskey on most dogs won't do it I know they don't like alcohol that's true but peanut butter its TMI alright alright so I want to go back to the very beginning a very good place to start mmm and I'll just say this so I have I don't know how long I've staffed seminars with start a strikeout its six or seven years now yeah 2010 so we did we have done a ton of seminars together and one of the things that it was always fun with doing seminars with you as we're both foodies and we like and we like good whiskey one like good dry bone ass dry red wine and but I want to go back even further before cuz even..

 I don't know how did you first be even before you discover start a story how did you discover strength training what was your initial sort of introduction to strength and you you realize that this was maybe a better path and the traditional sort of fitness sort of path that most people go down ok well that that's pretty easy essentially ..

I have I have three brothers okay and we're all four of us within five years okay which means what you're c'mon it is serious consulate no no serious conflict right so strength is always important you know we always had stuff around I mean the cheap Sears yeah concrete and plastic kind of sets and always did stuff with that I have I mean I have you know training logs back you know when I was 11 or 12 that I can do pull-ups and push-ups and stuff like that and you actually kept logs at 12 yes awesome sure it's incredible nice

 I like pens and writing you know things like that there you go and then also when I was in elementary school I'm they were didn't ever do it a lot of sports or anything for long periods of time basically because our family didn't have money so you know you do it when it was like the first round and it was inexpensive sure but one thing I did was gymnastics and they were actually very progressive there and they had weights and they had us use weights there too so you know I was always running around climbing trees making sure I wasn't the smallest and weakest was kind of important sure you know I left ,

I left home just in time to not start getting beaten up on a regular basis like my two younger brothers right right and so where'd you grow up where was home um different places in Florida so when I was younger we're down in South Florida southeast Florida down in the Fort Lauderdale area and then we moved up up into the Tallahassee area okay any child of the 80s like us right yeah close enough end of the Carter Administration and then through the Reagan administration I barely yeah I barely remember Carter yeah I had a couple of jingles that's good you know Jimmy Carter is a farter stinking up the USA ..

I remember chanting that yes I remember chanting that in in the back of the big giant station wagon in the gas lines Wow yeah yeah yeah I don't got to have an experience guess and that's all that's all I can remember that song I know there's got to me more but I haven't really tried to track that down so if anybody has an information..

 I would be interested in knowing the rest of the lyrics yeah so South Florida to where after South Florida into North Florida so Tallahassee area we lived in New Orleans for a couple years and back into that area yeah and then where did you go to school so uh for like undergrad yeah for undergrad you know University of Florida okay so in Gainesville yep and young red was in what my undergrad was in pharmacy okay yeah yeah and then continued push that direction PhD till you PhD was in what well so it's PhD programs a little bit odd because essentially they're all kind of a mismatch in the biological sciences so the department that I got my PhD from is Department of Pharmacology and molecular cancer biology okay just like a fucking mouthful right but essentially you know everybody just you have a research problem you're working on and you use the techniques that you need so you may be doing things that are you know what would be more classically considered biochemistry or genetics just depending what you're doing but you're not in the department of genetics or maybe you are you know so it's in a lot of ways it's not really directly meaningful if somebody was actually going to employ you and that they'd say you know what was your project...

 what do you do what techniques you know sure you know how can you set up experiments and that kind of thing that's the practical piece yeah what year did you finish your PhD uh 2004 okay and then were you already down here by that time Wichita Falls win no that was so that wasn't at Duke in or duck as I call it..

 because I'm real impressed by their political posturing course and and all sorts of terrible things grad school was different than problems er yeah there's some serious defects there but that was in North Carolina and that was before I came here right yeah and so what was the process of how did you what was your connection Wichita Falls was it was it W FAC was it rip was it how did you get connected with starting strengthen as guard and rivet oh well I started talking to rip based on an article that he had put up on the web and it was about why dead lifts and being strong crazily enough is is important for weight lifting and I had taught myself weight lifting the Olympic weightlifting to sport and was doing that with absolutely no support in the area because basically no one does it ..

so I would look online and you know talk to whoever talked back to me you know the way it is on the Internet and he had that article and so I wrote him a nice like duh you know and so we just start talking about stuff yeah but mostly not training sure you know mostly all sorts of other things politics and what the stuff we talked about with the repeat oh yeah which is typically politics and whiskey and just wherever it goes actually and if you if you talk to her if at all and you and you will and later tonight riff just one of these people he knows about all sorts of weird things you really wouldn't think he'd know about and he loves all the technical aspects of it true so I hate I hate a lot of the jargon and I avoid it and he's the opposite right so I managed to annoy him entirely by referring to things thingies right and such like and he has the technical he has the technical term for you know he gets upset if you use trust wrong in a sure and he's the thing is is that I mean the guy's got an education to is the geologist but you came in with this massive science background that you actually knew this and he's probably just like god..

 I wanna just pick her brain and she keeps referring to stuff as thingies well see okay so fun you know I have I have scientific training but fundamentally I'm an artist so and I do everything - so we're rip and I are a lot alike in that I do all sorts of things and I'm always making something but we just focus on different areas of those so yeah driving crazy if I called the dogs hands instead of paws right yeah right yeah I can see I can see how that would drive him nuts right but it's fun yeah it's enjoyable it's fun for you oh it's okay it's not your boss but for my ass beat your ass so something out so then you guys start talking and then that was 2004 2005 when did you come to know that was actually before that that was that was actually right at the end of 2000 okay so you guys had talked for several years before yeah yeah yeah yeah..

 I didn't move here till really right at the end of 2003 okay and then immediately did you become involved at I don't even know if there probably wasn't any such thing as asgard at the time it's just it's just w FAC right time right so at the time you know it was the gym and there were a lot of people here doing wait I mean kids weightlifting team and stuff you had a bunch of those guys in here and there wasn't starting strength sure now rip had been teaching people to squat and lifting all these things for years and years and years but it hadn't been written down and so that's what changed so long Kilgore he said look at this crap that's out here you teach us so well you should write a book so that's that was lawns big contribution was suggesting to rip that he actually started making a book true and sir rips like what can you know right..

 I can write you know which he does as you know with his the law yeah hunt-and-peck 100 of time one finger at a time but very but very eloquently yeah yeah so he puts it together line by line little type II type by Taiki tape see technical details there we go and so he started doing that and I was involved in in helping with that and a lot of editing work law and put together the first book as far as you know getting the images in and doing the basic construction of the material and you and then you edited some of rips content original written yeah yes so if you actually this is one of those things you can't really tease out but if you did there's hundreds of contributions and ideas and you know say well I thought of this last night while..

 I was asleep sure that's usually how it goes because I I do that I think a lot while I'm sleeping and I got this idea that idea or this and then then you know rip would adjust it now lots from him but I mean there's it's all woven yeah sure man yeah and he's always been very open about that that you know a lot of this stuff is just this is stuff that that he had learned over the years that star had taught him that he had then meshed some of the stuff that taught me it wasn't starting strength is not what star taught but it was influenced heavily by star and then influenced by other coaches right influenced by you killed or other here no well I wouldn't really I wouldn't say it that way so um you kind of have to back I mean rip put together the systematic approach to the teaching and explaining the anatomy and that isn't from anybody else you know so star really wasn't a technique guy sure you know for example.

 I mean he cared about techniques but he wasn't he didn't systematically approach it and that's what's really different about suring strength that's why we attract so many engineers so many computer guys all sorts of people that are in a any kind of discipline where you have to systematically approach a problem so you know we're really over over represented with mechanical engineers for example yeah it's so appealing to those guys they can quantify what's going on they understand it there's no ambiguity like things or yep dog hands so you guys wrote the book wrote the book mm what end of 2003 through 2004 and then launched in 2005 I think no we started the book in in in 2004 like late 2004 kind of deal and then 2005 was the first edition okay so it didn't take that long six months or it was about a year no no it was in rips head and he got it out and and we had Phil Coley was a long time member he was the main editor you know lon basically put together the the images and the basic layout and well you know he had that one chapter that he wrote but the rest really was ribs yep yeah and so then second edition comes out when was it Oh seven oh seven yes and then you were a co-author for that one by that time right yes so the thing is so what changed what changed really between the first edition in the second is that because ripp had started doing more working with outside people and just even a bigger broader group of people to interact with at the seminars you start seeing you know every time you have to explain to somebody you see things they don't understand things you can explain better or you realize then didn't really say that quite right and I need to fix it sure so you know just still down this process yeah the first edition..

 I just bought one on ebay not too long ago by the way and I've been reading through it it's it's really about high school kids right I mean about its formal it's not it's not it's not really about them but it was the idea was we'll write this for the people that are coaching and so it's kind of a misconception a lot of people have that starting strength is for kids right it's not sure it's just that if you're in a certain like if you're more male and you're more like you know 18 to 25 you're in an optimal position to grow and so you see this enormous response but it's always been for everybody but with the first edition it was written to the coaches and we thought hey we can have these guys do you know they might be in high school and I've been cause they're teaching people this training and they you know they they need a systematic better way to do it and that fell completely flat for couple reasons one we found that a lot of people aren't interested in learning and we didn't know that you mean high school football coaches aren't into learning a lot of them know you know they're I don't know that I've ever met one that is into learning it's pretty rare yeah well I mean it's rare for people overall yeah it's true because learning means you don't know something it means that you could be wrong right right exactly and and that's just a lot of people have trouble with that and then the other thing is we just figured everybody that was like you know actually squatting could still read the book but really people had problems you know it says you know coach says X Y & Z and they couldn't think I'm well if.

 I was coaching and kind of turned that around their heads and get the information it was like mr. coaches and it's like well you know just you can still like read it right sure but actually people had a lot it was just another barrier for people so the second edition all right we'll just write it like you're the guy under the bar yep so I've got a question for you so these first edition books are starting to go up in value actually have you seen that there's and I've seen some that are so they're they're going for over a hundred dollars sometimes the first edition book yeah we have a lot of them actually you do well trickle them out there that's a piece yeah seinem you and rip seinem didn't did it ever come out spiral-bound yes we had what happened is this is things you don't know but you start finding out there's there's certain certain areas where like everybody sucks right and it's really hard it's really hard to find a good printer yeah we went through several before we landed with with the guys we had so one that we had who's now out of business and we're so excited when we got the notice that they're out of business you're so like yes good these guys were up in Kansas and they did a printing the book where they didn't do the glue right on the on the binding and so it was all like just pages were just jumping out so the markets figured that out and the spiral-bound ones are selling for over a hundred bucks well we had him spire around so we took him we cut up he went down to like office detail the binding off and said you know can do this and like sure and they give us this quote that really was way lower they screwed up and so they chopped off the glue punched the holes company you had done like that um about five thousand..

 I think there you go can you imagine the eighteen-year-old kid doing that no idea right okay so that's perfect so then second edition written to the to the lifter right and what did you see change I mean did it start to pick up more speed with the second edition well so if you just look at you know look at how much material is in those books it was just more more detail and more simplification same thing going from two to three yeah so more detail on the how and why and the anatomy and more simplification and streamlining on the teaching sure so exactly wanted so we'll get people that'll go in and they don't understand the background material they don't care about it but they still get a lot out of having the the update additions because it it helps them learn that lifts much better yeah that something happened though between the with the second addition to the third edition where we started snowballing as a as a company..

 I mean it right does this and I don't know whether it and you don't have to give exact numbers but I'm assuming the third edition is sold significantly more than the first two editions is that true or no yeah yeah it has it's just uh everything we've done has been with a few screw-ups sure of course there's always screw-ups has been you know slow growth and like just remaining focus on what we do well sure so the things we screwed up have been like you know someone got this great idea and you know 100 percent convinced and did it anyway and then regretted it sure so but there hasn't been a lot of that because we didn't rush it yep you know if you let stuff come and you're not trying to push it you're gonna try and just like market it and make it a sham then you have time to correct things in time to grow and that's what's kind of different about well the ribs well rip self-publish from the beginning right even the first yes yes thank you gin fact you could actually say that was my main contribution is that I actually had the yes that's significant I had a few shares of Berkshire Hathaway which I know being the financing I use no shit that's super interesting though yeah so to finance to actually self publishing print right so you have to have you have to have the money to do it but it's it's much well you can we can back up here it's if you can get things done and do them well you stand to make more money off of every single copies out course and then you have the control of it as well sure the the problem what I found out is there's also reasons that authors get less you know I think oh they're getting shafted they only get a small percentage of book yeah you haven't seen what people will hand you across the desk sure and once you do you go wait a minute no sorry I was wrong you mean like the finished work product like that amount of work you have to put into a manuscript you get from an author right right where it just needs so much work to take it from it's a raw manuscript yes tremendous amounts of work it is absolutely and it yeah well that and that's really the role you've you've taken on with with starting strength you're you're kind of the you're the content person right you're the person that now you've edited all the books that we've done right so you've done practical programming you've done the barbell prescription all of the books we've put out you've ended up editing and you really take on that role at the website and with articles and things like that as well right well I mean it depends what we're talking about so on the books and everything for example if it's something Rip's written he gets to a point where he can't see anything anymore and he doesn't have the discipline to force himself to do it because let me tell you when I've seen things several times..

 I don't really want to look at it either sure you have to approach it in a very kind of discipline right as you've read through it to find problems and you'd be amazed at what you find even when several people have read it you're like are you fucking kidding how did you guys miss this yeah or just like some it was so fundamental you didn't see it yep right you know all right this contradicts that like you know or could be seen as contradicting sometimes it's not a real contradiction but you need to reword it so somebody doesn't start complaining or getting confused which is worse than the complaints really is that you know trying to help somebody who's trying to learn and they can't because you screwed up sure but so with the books and things were its rips own writing he gets a certain point and stopped and he's worthless..

 I mean just worthless you can't get anything out of him but on the things for the website he's the primary editor of things that are turned in and now I'm when he gets it to to me or to Nick Delgadillo we look through it too and we're better at different people are better at finding certain kind of errors right sure and then I'm just I'm just the most disciplined I would just say sure about forcing myself to look at something I don't want to look at again sure you know cuz you know anybody that's ever published anything even just a small thing on a blog or website you know yeah you copied it you pasted it and you didn't test that link guess what yeah something happened you picked up some jock and it broke the link see you got to get where you don't let him do it you test it you got to test it sure so it's you triple check it's an old pharmacy thing sure no I didn't do a lot of pharmacy work but you go ahead you check when you do it you check when you you know check when you get off you check when you put it in somebody the wrong drugs or the wrong amount or wrong whatever...

 all right you'll kill somebody and you're in trouble perhaps yes perhaps hands right some people need to die let's travel this is better than Pharmacy work well pharmacy you know people say that they're just imagine like you know Walgreens and that's actually a very small part of what people do so yeah so there are no books in the pipeline right now right at the moment well actually not not far in the pipeline now I know rib has has a manuscript I'm not going to mention who it's from that he's been looking over some okay so I don't want to get ahead or put things out there yeah and then there's there's some ideas that people have had that you know you know how this is you know ten people have an idea one person shows it up and then he disappears too so it's hard to actually get it get something going and get it complete but we have one that I know he's been looking at some what we have you know compilation books that we can do just haven't been done because other things are going on and ..

I think compilation books would crush it well don't you know ones that are out there already are so much fun to you know mr. gravity you know you could put these things together in the books man yeah like a real nice would that be the kind of thing it was there would be more the technical articles um well just I mean just putting together you know it's like strong enough as a collection of essays and a lot of the the legwork there is deciding which one's you'd group together and what changes you want to make to them I love that book by the way it's a super cool I rip did this work that I'd actually don't know what it's not my not my main thing so I'm not really sure where it is on production but he's actually read all of strong enough and that's gonna be put out as an audiobook oh no so updates and when it's when I say updates you know cuz you know when rip started looking at he's like well this is dated that is dated but..

 I said we'll just go in I have a lot of good ideas so I get paid the big bucks but um so well if you go in and say you know I'm updating this I'm changing this people good idea of what the process is and what you've learned over the last you know however long it is before you do like the first and the second edition of even something like strong enough where you normally wouldn't even think about having different editions sure but it shows you the learning process and and how these things evolve over time yeah there's a in there a long chapter on the deadlift and strong enough right there's that there's a technical chapter in the deadlift I'm strong enough that I assume has been reworked significant yeah yeah audio so yeah you know rip do this I hadn't looked at it yet yeah but we've changed quite about some things which she's rolling her eyes on the huh on the deadly so let me ask you this I know I don't it's gonna listen to this and he's gonna be like wait a minute you gotta look at it yes six months ago I'm like I know but you know things happen things always come up if he does I would be I'd be surprised so I need what I need to do is I need to give some incentive that if he listens so you shoot me an email with this word right and I'll send you a bottle of rhetoric okay I wonder what this does you sent me an email that says like Reynolds is a bastard rip no no no he's gonna do it anyway he's not gonna do right mama needs a new pair of shoes so yeah and you email that to me I'll send you a bottle of rudder at 23 you can't tell him stuff he actually has to listen to the thing so if he has to get to towards the end of this episode you know but anyway so I want to know what so I ..

I have been you know as we launched stories for the online coaching you were in the process of final edits for the barbell prescription and I could remember that was a more than full time job for you at the time it was just it was just this constant sort of editing so I know as you get closer and closer to actually launching the book it's just like insane amount of hours that you're probably spending editing and trying to keep your brain from frying itself while you're editing what does it day look like for you when that's off the tables like what what is what does a normal day look like for Steph when she doesn't have to edit books well I always have something and working on so that's kind of hard but so every day we have something we have on the website so depending you know sometimes I'm ahead of that other times I'm like okay looking at my watch I have X amount of time you know and there's no hard lines here so it's like I don't really get you know if it's later than..

 I want it to be you know this is self-imposed deadline we'd like to try to do things about at the same time every day but I'll have that like okay I got to get this done I gotta hurry up and do it I had to focus and you don't really want to do it now sure um kind of thing but I'll have a post I have to get together everyday or I'm getting it getting it ready for the next day or two days out that kind of thing right so we should mention really quick that you you've you're really the heart and soul behind the website you've done an enormous amount of changes to the website the starter string comm website and the starting drink org website as both right sauron e-comm had went through a major overhaul in the last year super-clean much more what's the picture friendly I mean it's it's visually appealing it looks really really good but that's that's work that you you didn't hire out a web guy to do that right you've been hammering through that yourself right right so I mean like I said I kind of I kind of do some of everything the beauty of being self-employed is you can kind of do it when you want and have your own deadlines but then sometimes you're just about to die if you don't get it done right sure so yeah I always have some kind of website stuff I have to be doing updates.

 I mean there's always something I have to do on a server so you saw it so is that your artistic outlet like you said do you know artist what is that then well I mean I make and make things like I do like everything so I I paint I draw I build things you know I'm making the solar water still oh nice um so a you know an improvement over the the still I had as a child sure still can't really appreciate tequila it tastes exactly like the stuff that I made was a kid and not in a good way those childhood stills you know yeah well no what do you do get hammered somehow but uh I made one out of a water it was a distilling unit for like what water distillation and changed out the thermostat and all in 14 something like that yeah I made it out of what turned to be turned out to be my mom's fondue pot right never in seen her use this thing but apparently as a wedding gift who knew that she would object to having the hole in the top and you know coming home to find like it was still answer missionaries right or so her parents are in that field um well my dad's a Mason like a brick mason but he's also a preacher and he goes he's over in Uganda every so coming home to his snow from your 14 year old it's no no no no my dad's a you know libertarian okay so so he's like this is a entrepreneur the future business owner the the problem was the wedding gift right from some unknown personal value something had never been used as far as I'm aware it's my special fondue pots right .

I was I didn't even know what it was I took it because you never used it yeah so that's why bottled beer I was like 15 I hid hid it under the bathroom in the cabinet yeah and Oh get over carbonated and some of the bottles crashing they do they didn't blow wow I never heard it they just cracked and so I'm like it's time to drink some this beer opened it up and it was just just fruit flies just maggots all that it was awesome you had the fruit fly yeah yeah course wise Yeah right right you know Bruce mother was so proud hey mom one of my favorite treats have ever eaten you made I don't know if you were making this for Rachel I we went over to Rick's house one night and you made I'm trying to remember himself it's like fig pecan and I think you melted butter and put cinnamon on it was that is that what yeah I get that right yep no way he doing them up and we had these like fig buttery pecans and drink whiskey yeah it's gonna like pecan pie but better yeah in a little bite-sized versions yeah like kind of little bombs projecting yeah so I yeah I cook things all the time to rib actually wants things we should do a cookbook that'd be perfect yeah cuz I make up all kinds of stuff and he's kind of jealous because I'm Way better at cooking than he is you know what online coaching people ask me for recipes all the time I'm like you don't need enough protein you're skinny bastard you know Judy recipes know right I don't it's not that hard but so this is a thing you'll see and it actually was in the barbel prescription too and it's just one of these things when someone says you know this isn't a cookbook you know you you this is all adjusted that's when you instantly know this person is not good at cooking right they don't really like food right because you're not supposed to follow recipes I mean if you're actually a cook there's some fuel you it's it's all about it's all by feel ok so just if someone says something about you know recipe and cook and they follow me exactly I'm just like you can't eat they're cooking man yeah you're not building a birdhouse you want to measure and cut you know yeah you're often using you know a lot of for everything you make you obviously usually have one or two ingredients you might not even normally have you're like this would be really good in this right and the next time you don't have a buyer that's right and so then you so a lot of times the downside of that is that people say can you make exactly what you made last time in you know I can't in fact I can make something like it well it's what I actually do because I never know when I'm gonna have something that's incredible I mean I always it my stuff's always good but it's not always incredibly so what I'll do is I'm kind of messing around ..

I will write down what I put in so I'll just keep the outline so then I have this piece of scientist it's a exactly it's like a recipe box but it's like all these handwritten notes or you know little arrows everywhere and so through the scientific question I'm trying to if I'm trying to figure it out next time I can just I can pull it up yeah that makes sense do you sort of though some tight Cook's Illustrated no mm-hmm they got that approach you know there's scientific cooking I love interesting yeah so favorite what are some of the favorite things that you cook I know man oh you cook all kinds of stuff but what are your some of your favorite things to make it had to be your absolute favorite but what's on the list what is what is rip asked for oh he doesn't usually ask for I well I mean let's just think what I did recently so today I made some dog treats okay oh my god how many dog treats yes which is very important I mean so you can bake but you know you don't get as fat because mostly you don't eat them sure and a trick I'll do is often mostly pretty good pretty good I mean this is really good cheese dog treats and it's like cheese biscuity things there's like cheese shortbread for the dog and so delicious I was thinking I probably should not eat these so I just you know you just add the eggshells and I'm telling you broken eggshells will keep you from eating but every night like I was crazy I gave him out so I'm this up in Colorado and I gave out some is this neighbor and I was like well you know they're actually pretty good but don't eat him so I put eggshells in them so people wouldn't be tempted and so so she just looked at me like why would you do that I don't know she thought it was weird that I eat the dog treats or that you put actually I had to put the eggshells in on purpose so I didn't eat so I didn't actually eat them myself yes right I make I make things for the dog I mean just it's like here's something simple I mean you can get just a bunch of kale you know something you grab chopped up yourself or you know where these wash wash bags stick it in and put a little water you know cook it down until it's as soft as you like it some people like it kind of crunchy you know some people like kind of squishy yeah do what you like drain it off if there's extra water olive oil and then eight ounces of feta cheese so about a pound of kale feta cheese olive oil and then spice it up the way you like so maybe a little garlic maybe not sure you know and then you can also add things like pork fat bacon well you know you can always add yeah you can always customize to the kind of fat that you like to add to but I'm just a fit of cheese you'd want it to go with that and then other things that go with that we've something like pine nuts or like pumpkin seeds there's any kind of you know sunflower seeds whatever you like yeah you mix that up and pretty good you see that with a fork you like dip pita bread in it or what it hands fingers well .

I mean you know it's just fork yeah there's not there's not that much she's so got a pound of kale and about a half pound of hitter cheese it melts down pretty good though right I mean it yeah reduces yeah looks like a looks like a spinach artichoke dip a little bit even though no it's I mean it's not that it's not that um it's more greens II it's more green based yeah yeah sure what about so we're drinking whiskey what's your favorite favorite whiskey for gin gin lately so I go through phases I go through phases where I just want to eat you know I just want to drink wine or beer and you know whiskey and I really haven't felt much like whiskey in a while but I've been I've been kind of warmed up to gin so gin a choice right now is what I really like the botanist yeah it's so good that one's real good and then just there's a one we like in Colorado by Leopold Brothers yeah I've heard that that's great that's solid gin so there's you know and then there's something just kind of running no one's who used you maybe martinis out of it or what are you doing ah making martinis I'll drink it just you know by itself tasty gimlets always good what can't can't go wrong with again I'm not a big unlike gin and tonics and stuff like that it's too much sweet too which bubbles but I'll tell you what's really good is you get unsweetened cranberry juice we'll get that from Trader Joe's okay yeah and that makes an excellent cranberry martini well justjust gin in Cranberry you know so not any well I'm not adding any any kind of remove or anything like that but that's real good and this really simple I've been making basil martinis at home I've got a fresh basil plant like that it's so good so I just you know low dry vermouth like the Gibson and uh yeah Gibson's are great yeah onion right yeah a little pearl onion yeah I'd like that so what I'll do with the basil so the thing about a martini is a proper martini is it's definitely the opposite of the way James Bond requires it right so James Bond says vodka martini shaken not stirred and a good martini is actually obviously a gin martini cos vodkas bullshit and you should swirl it not not shake it unless you've got something like like a basil that has to be bruised and it has oil in it so so I'll do basil martinis and I'll shake it up and and then I'll and I'll take a basil leaf and I'll smack it and just drop it in on top the leaf so it's yeah so the technical term for naked well smacking it's one thing but the technical term you're supposed to muddle it right yes..

 I'm just putting that in Finn case grip does listen to you seems like I do actually know the technical term it's true yes but um yeah I agree that martini shouldn't be shaken and shouldn't be stirred it sure beats world that's exactly right yeah absolutely it's it nice and clear and cold and let it sit in there for a little bit it's okay I want it freaking cold I want it cold so I'm not that picky I like it cold I like it warm I guess I just like to do it if a martini gets warm for me I'm a little so yeah so Dallas shell who we talked about yeah a few weeks ago he takes his you know Yeti tumbler okay that's the bottom of his shaker now oh okay yeah so he you know he's he's stirring it in there swirling in there and he puts the lid on it what's it set still ice-cold insulated thing all this still frost it's a great idea yeah stays cold forever yeah so I I have a Yeti about one of those and the problem is I notice I drink stuff too fast ever as always like this will keep ice frozen and keep your drink cold for two days the problem is I drink a drink in 40 seconds so it doesn't really matter to me but that might actually if I made martinis in it because like you know I don't typically suck down a martini in 40 seconds so yes you make a double and then that your sidecar yeah you set it over there it's ready to go it's actually pretty good thanks Dallas he's the best mate yeah all right so thank you for coming on Oh Steph it's been awesome to have you ..

I hope you know we got people got a chance to kind of see into your your personality your side and your you're so active behind the scenes you've been such a huge part of starting strength and everything that we've done at the company rip has often said you know it's funny I told y'all what the ending it personal so I'm not gonna get super personal but I've heard rips say many times starting strength would never be where it is without you and and there have been very few times that I've heard rip get emotional one time was only Leonard Nimoy died by the way the the morning Leonard Nimoy died I was in a hotel room with Ripa and get a little bit emotional but one time I heard his voice crack was when he when he was talking about the importance that you play in starting strength and he knew that this was never gonna take off without you and so man I'm I'm thankful for you know obviously there's a lot of us have have reaped a ton of benefit from the the work that you put in you don't get much thanks for it I know that's not what you're into you're not into thinks you're not in you're so money okay here we go we're gonna pay so but no it's I appreciate every all the work you've done for starting it's been been awesome for us for sure I want to plug a couple your talks you're talking about all the maneuver is super important you know I'm the reddit subreddit moderator hey you know what asshole areas around that that subject you know and I'd refer people to that talk constantly and you're coaching on talks is super important what you know talk was one of the best times I ever heard of my life live that was here what about 11 or 12 a long time such a good yes I haven't seen that video it's on this darkness recon website the coach's eyes I was called yeah what's the coaching eye but a coaching yeah in the nominal top and then the Basava man never talk they're both about an hour long but they're worth it if you care about the stuff you should go watch those is there anything that you need to plug or and how that people get follow you or get in touch with you or do you just want them to stay away well people get in touch with me all the time and normally it's people I don't want to talk to you know how that is Roger that but I mean all the contact information is there what you know what we're always looking for is people that can you know give us some kind of content now most of that would be from someone who's you know already is starting strength coach but there's people out there with great experiences as as lifters we're you've seen a couple in our training log section of the site where people have turned in you know just basically a short little article about specific things they've done and the impact that's had on their training and their life and you know in different ways and hey if you think you have a great story you know go ahead and send it in awesome and we'll let you know if it sucks no honest so I've got that many times yep I've turned in plenty of articles that get I get written back from rip usually that rewrite this this sucks so so it's okay it's not personal if you hear that doesn't mean it's never gonna be yeah the main thing really is to have something interesting yeah because you can have something that's well-constructed but it's boring and that's actually the things I hate the most you know I'm muttering to myself like I don't really want to run this Rip's like shut up I'm like this sucks there's nothing new here it's not creative it's not any good it's not memorable you know so and you know the main thing is to have something there yeah we've got a kid that I've been trying to talk to what's the was the kid's name that has the autistic brother that's down there in Oklahoma hey Garrett yeah Garrett Sara dirts here and he's got he's got a little brother so Garrett is and is what mid to late-20s hears 23 and has a 16 year old brother who's autistic and he trains his brother and gage and his brother has made enormous progress in like all areas of his life in LA ...

I would say during the starting string that this kid this kid is is it's very autistic and and it has dramatically changed his relationship with his parents with his brother with other people as social skills what it has done to help him control his body control his mind has been tremendous so we've been on him to try to turn an article for the the difference the starting strength is made you know his little brother's life and so I think he's gonna do that so Garrett know I'd be good now we put it in put on the podcast I'm expecting it yeah no wait now so I'm gonna tell rip to good only the first email back from them will tell you it sucks and then you'll be one rewrite and then it'll be okay so Steph they should be on the show thank you guys for listening we'll catch you next week what are you dick pics

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