what is anamu, and does it have benefits?

what is anamu, and does it have benefits?
what is anamu, and does it have benefits?

hi deepak master herbalist here got something to show you all right big plant somebody gave you another one of these got to get it in the ground but before I did I wanted to show it to you what do you think this is well this is animal .

I don't know is a weed and it grows in Florida in Texas Mexico India South America the Caribbean and many many places it's just accidentally transplanted everywhere and it's a wonderful herb and it seeds down by itself and kind of takes over tell you the truth and the roots can be made into tea the leaves can be made into tea you can buy this even on Amazon dried it's a very wonderful plant for pain if you have pain man this is really great .

also I was also helps with inflammation if you have any kind of inflammation going on in your body animal will help and there's been a lot of studies on this for helping with cancer they have some sulfuric compounds which are really great for preventing and getting rid of cancer also and it's what we're coming up with so many great anti-cancer compounds .

I'm really excited about that and it has antioxidants a whole bunch of them has wonderful tannins in it which help you to be full of vigor and vitality and helps to get rid of lots of different resistant antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses plus fungal infections and including Candida .

which is amazing and if you just take one of these leaves and pull it off and and true.i first of all it has kind of like a odor of garlic garlic maybe onions this is really good for reading tooth decay talk very I'm garlic you know that making tea out of it it's wonderful it's not like the pie that has a bitter flavor this is really nice and mild and you will like it it does a great job man you can even cut up the stems and don't worry about taking care of this plant you can order this the plants .

I've seen on online you can google for animal you can also find seeds and once you put it in it will keep growing I don't know about cold winters it might not make a cold winter I don't know but it does well in the tropics or Depot in California but.

 it's a nice plant to have around in case you have inflammation going on even skin rashes and all kinds of problems and you could use it and make it into a nice tooth paste that would be really good you know brined it up but it was baking soda and a little bit of some kind of essential oil like mint or cinnamon or something like that it really doesn't have much of a flavor at all they say a little garlicky but item slightly slightly and that will do your body good no doubt about it and it's a wonderful powerful also a healing agent and I invite you to do more with animal bus .

there's a lot of research going on without a lot of people were looking at it the Chinese or doing studies with it and back to human trials with it and I'm pretty amazed with that about cancer and so we need to do more with booth anima try it I'm sure you're gonna like it and it may be in your garden already growing as a weed so take care of yourself I love you

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