The 5 bite diet review: does it work for weight loss?

The 5 bite diet review: does it work for weight loss?
The 5 bite diet review: does it work for weight loss?

We're talking with Dr. Alwin Lewis, creator of the five bite diet as he answers some common questions and shares insight about his revolutionary weight loss program. So the the key of any sort of restrictive diet is to establish an exact volume that you're consuming.

 I mean I guess you could do you know say 15 bites for a meal. Granted it's gonna take longer, and I'm ok with that, if you just have to have the 15 bites. But here's my point: if five bites fills you up, if you can set your hungerstat to five exact bites and they completely do the trick and fill you up, why would you ever push for more bites? 

I mean after all how many meals are sitting there with more than five different flavors sitting on the plate? To have a bite of each one, yeah, I mean eating is enjoyable and it would be fun just to sit there and have, you know, 10 more of each particular item of food on the plate, but for what purpose? 

I mean if you think about it the reason why we eat is for one of two things: one to fill up because we're hungry and two to taste the variety of food sitting before us. But if you can achieve both of those things with just five bites of food why push for anything more especially when your primary goal is to get to that finish line. 

To finish this journey. Achieve a state of health that is second to none, that the rest of the world trying to figure out their entire lifetime, right? Here you can achieve your ideal weight in just a matter of weeks and be done with it and sit back here and watch the rest of the world struggle. 

Look I'm trying to help every single person out there get to their ideal health state so let me help you. I mean this is what I do on the website, right? And we sit down then we talk about it and in all honesty the diet is very simple. It's five bites. It's twice a day. You know, drink plenty of water at your will. Black coffee I love because of the caffeine. 

A little bit of extra carbon in there for sure, but it's minimal, and the caffeine that you get in exchange for the carbon is a worthwhile trade-off for sure, helps to keep some of the extra nibbling away and obviously we're trying to avoid that completely.

 So the diet's very simple: take a multivitamin, you know drink your water, drink your coffee, have five bites of anything you want for lunch have five bites of anything you want for dinner. But still, and very as simple as that diet is, try and stick to it sometime, the first time you've ever heard about it, you know, on your own, without any support. It is really, really hard. 

So I'm a coach. And that's what I am. Granted, I have a medical degree and I have other degrees and whatnot, but what it really comes down to is I'm a coach and I've done this myself and I want to help you or whoever else is out there achieve the same result. And I know I can get you or somebody else there rather quickly, easily, it just takes a little bit of commitment on your part and being willing to buy into my recommendations. 

So that's what I do because everybody's a little bit different. Each individual person out there has their own little idiosyncrasies or hangups, things that I have to work with and we do on the website. That's what we do. Thanks for joining us! If you'd like complete information on the five bite diet or want one-on-one support from Dr. Lewis himself visit You'll find easy access to his book "Why Weight
Around" and you will be able to join the
worldwide 5 bite community to help you on your weight loss journey. Check out our other videos and we'll see you next time!

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