Lemongrass Tea: 10 Benefits | Why Lemongrass Tea Should Be Your Favorite Drink

Lemongrass Tea: 10 Benefits | Why Lemongrass Tea Should Be Your Favorite Drink
Lemongrass Tea: 10 Benefits | Why Lemongrass Tea Should Be Your Favorite Drink 

Surely, sometime in your life you've heard of lemongrass, haven't you? It may have been your grandmother, mother or even an aunt, but it is a fact that this herb is present and used in many homes in the world. 

This herb is part of the mint and boldo family. It has many phytochemicals, such as polyphenols, terpenes, tannins, flavonoids, and substances that contribute to the powerful antioxidant action of lemongrass

Due to its antioxidant action, it can reduce free radicals and prevent cell aging, macular degeneration, protect the heart and prevent brain diseases and even cancer. 

Due to its properties, it assists in the intestinal transit time and has relaxing effects that assure a feeling of tranquility and wellbeing. Are you enjoying getting to know lemongrass? Enjoy sharing the video with your friends and click on the like button.

 That helps the channel to grow! Now learn some benefits of the herb that you should have at home! Decreases Cramping Due to its calming action, it relaxes menstrual cramps, that’s because it induces relaxation. It has a calming effect For those who suffer from anxiety or live stressed, lemongrass can be a great relief. 

This is because the plant has essential oils that have a calming and sedative effect. Moreover, its oil can be used in massage techniques to relax even more. Regulates the intestine It possesses fibers and can be used to relieve intestinal cramps. Moreover, it is a good option for mothers who are in the first weeks of gestation.

 Its use will relieve tension and morning sickness. Relieves stomach pain It helps to reduce problems in the digestive system, protecting the liver and helping in reflux symptoms. These symptoms are often caused by stress, generating gastric problems. So it is a great ally for those who have constant problems with indigestion and anxiety. 

So now, how about you learn how to make lemongrass tea to enjoy these benefits? To make lemongrass tea it is advised to use only its leaves, both dry and fresh because its the part of the plant that contains all the beneficial health properties. 

Ingredients 3 tablespoons of lemongrass leaves; 1 cup of water. Preparation Add the lemongrass leaves to the boiling water and allow it to stand for a few minutes, properly covered.

Next, strain and drink 3 to 4 cups per day.
When consumed in high quantities, it can lead to a slower heart rate and low blood pressure. Now that you know all the properties of the tea how about experiencing this and enjoy all the original properties of the herb? In addition to tea, lemongrass is widely used in essential oils or added to salads due to its medicinal properties. Interesting, isn't it?

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