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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Vitamin K2 : everything you need to know | vitamin k2

Vitamin K2 : everything you need to know | vitamin k2
Vitamin K2 : everything you need to know | vitamin k2

so I want to talk about this incredible vitamin k2 okay I have other blog on this but this is some additional data now vitamin k1 has everything to do with coagulating proteins is basically binding proteins and helping forming clots okay stopping bleeding it's very very important it's also involved in bone information and it's recycled okay so your body usually is not very deficient in vitamin k1 it's in leafy greens k2 on the other hand is very different a lot of people are deficient in it it's not recycled very readily and it basically binds calcium in the bone and it also helps transport calcium out of the soft tissues so it takes calcium from the places that shouldn't be and it puts it into place that it should be but it's also involved in your metabolism as far as the mitochondria in turning that food into energy so let's say,
 for example you exercise and you last a certain time period you kind of like run at a gas or you don't have the endurance k2 can help you go longer it can increase your cardiac output I've noticed this when I I had this huge hill at my house it's gigantic right and for quite a long time ,  I could only make it halfway out start taking k2 and I've also taken other things like b1 from some other supplements , I have but vitamin k2 is just dramatic it just allows me to come right up without any stops it just gives me more endurance and more a sustained strength so it's quite remarkable it's but it all has to do with what's happening at the cellular level inside the mitochondria...

Vitamin K2 : everything you need to know | vitamin k2

 there's several different types of vitamin k2 Mk versions you have MK 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 so you have a lot of different versions of k2 but the ones you can get in supplement form are MK 4 and MK 7 the one that , I recommend is MK 7 because it's natural it's not synthetic but vitamin k2 originates from bacteria okay in animals and humans we could actually make a little bit of it but in grass-fed animal products and liver egg yolks meats cheese certain cheese's I said liver already and also fermented foods there's a product called Nadeau which is a fermented soybean I think they use it in Japan that has vitamin k2 now who would benefit from vitamin k2 those people who have a history of taking anti acids usually always deficient in k2 if you had a history of taking a lot of antibiotics you're gonna have a deficiency in k2 as well or you're on statins or you have gi problems any type of diverticulitis or earlobe bowel syndrome or IBS or Crohn's any type of scar tissue this is the fat soluble vitamin so we need a good digestive system to absorb it if you're taking vitamin d3 you need to be taking k2 because they both work together if you take just vitamin d3 without k2 potentially you could increase your calcium too high in the tissues because , we want the k2 to pull out that calcium excess if you're taking calcium you need to take k2 because k2 tells the calcium where to go if you're menopausal okay you need k2y to actually prevent bone loss okay heart problems cardiovascular weaknesses the main thing about Kate - is it actually prevents calcification through the arteries the blood vessels the soft tissue so it can work to help keep the arteries free of calcium deposits and also if you're pregnant you need k2 very very important also if you have arthritis k2 can help you or inflammation it can help you alright thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it's right on the front page I put a link down below download it it's free check it out ...

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