Top 10 Highest Calorie Foods | best high calorie healthy food

Top 10 Highest Calorie Foods | best high calorie healthy food

Top 10 Highest Calorie Foods | best high calorie healthy food

hi friends welcome to toots corner dot-com videos top ten highest calorie foods taking high calorie food helps in gaining weight for the people who are underweight as sarcastically junk food
and healthy fats don't work in gaining
weight intake foods that relate in
forming muscle mass and prefer bone
density and which will balance hormones
high calorie foods will increase your
efficiency gain weight and even increases energy by which you can stay active in the whole day some of the high calorie foods are 

1) eggs eggs improve energy levels and instant reactions towards activities vitamin B and eggs helps in effectively operating the brain sensors the hormones present a label for motivating hunger and this helps you to maintain the body with less diet that allows you to decrease weight.

2) brown rice brown rice contains ingredients in magnesium is one which is helpful as natural stress
remover taking brown rice increases
effectiveness towards your body and is
the best nutritious food which acquires
the best value high-end fiber vitamins
and minerals taking brown rice aids in
decreasing weight.

3)bananas on oyi as the glucose fills energy in the body the same bananas resemble one banana contains high quantity of glucose the body requires you can concentrate the
best on meals and can take less amount
than needed research had shown that
eating a banana before cycling improves
the performance.

4) dark chocolate all the sugar is no harm to the body the caffeine present in the dark chocolate aids in improving the body with high productivity levels and attention towards activities dark chocolate even
contains magnesium which is a natural
stress remover it develops learning
capacity and increases memory in studies

5) nuts you can take nuts as a part of the
diet since they are the good fat content
and they are the best antioxidants which
avoid diseases commencing into the body
these nuts are high in amino acids and
vitamin E supplements intake of nuts
improves the body and increasing memory
power naturally and even boosts the
brain presentation as they exist with
few ingredients high in brainpower

6) avocado taking avocados maintains blood
flow in a reliable way that flows
through the heart and brain these are
the actual stimulants which develop the
blood flow in the most elegant way to
fire up brain cells to increase the
functioning of the brain take avocados
that get concealed with certain fats
7) salmon salmon are now fingered fatty fishes they are the best in increasing energy levels and salmon is one among the top list salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is best in increasing memory power the various health benefits comprised of reduced inflammation and improved heart

8) mangoes mangoes are very much delicious sweet and ripened very much essential in providing calories mangoes contain essential in vitamins minerals and even rich in fiber they consist of antioxidant anti-cancer features mangoes can be utilized in breakfasts milk shakes and smoothies nuyogurt yogurt is filled with good bacteria calcium and protein levels
for intake of yogurt it improves immunity bone density and provides you more advantages like best quality dairy fat
you can add this to salad and even in
milkshakes also.

10) peanut butter peanut butter provides you a delicious taste and can use as a smoothie it is mainly used in the bread and is filled with all 20 amino acids the fat content present in the peanut butters helps you to gain weight and muscle mass and is
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