Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease

Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease

Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease

hey everybody I'm deepak welcome back here to a place to heal it's Friday once again I'm gonna start opening up with that little song you know thank God it's Friday anyway um you know , when I first started doing my whole detoxification thing and starting to help people out um .  I was really into the cancer thing I only wanted to deal with people with who had cancer preferably like liver cancer or colon cancer but as, I got further into this whole detoxification process and helping people out I started realizing why wait till people have cancer why not catch things so early on and start educating people early on on how to take care of their bodies so that they never reach that cancer point and then I thought hey there's thought so as I got into it I started there were certain organs that. 

I of course were closer and dear to my heart than others the pancreas especially the liver I was really into the liver I still AM the liver is still my favorite organ but somewhere along the way everybody kept pushing me towards the kidneys you're like you really know what you're doing with the kidneys you need to stick with the kidneys and it seems that 90% of my clientele are people that have kidney disease are headed towards dialysis or are currently on dialysis a year or two and it's probably , because I was almost there my kidneys were so bad and it took me years to turn my kidneys around so today I want to show you one of my absolute favorite drinks for the kidneys it will bring down the swelling in your legs it's great for lowering your creatinine levels so they're not high so you didn't hear it from me but if you want to go in and you want to do this naturally and heal your kidneys naturally and you want your doctors they kind of get you're back for a little bit.

 so that you know you can get an extra week or two this is the drink to drink you didn't hear it from me though and um another thing is I love making this drink in the evening it's a little bit time-consuming but it's definitely worth it if you have kidney issues you can drink it if you're already on dialysis it's not a problem you can drink it if you're going to dialysis if you're stage one two three four or five , I don't care this is one of the best things that you can give to your kidneys and I'm going to show you how to make it a little bit right now so the first thing that you want to do the first thing that you're going to need is you're going to need barley you can pretty much pick this up at um any co-op any health food store and you're gonna buy it under pearl barley and and it should look something like that so um the seed you do not want to sprout these I know some of you are going to go well is it better.

 if I sprout it no it's not better if you sprout it this is one of those you definitely want the pearl barley and I believe that if you don't have bulk bins in your health food store they already Mel Bob's Red Mill also carries pearl barley so you it's pretty and it's pretty inexpensive and, I mean it's pretty you can pretty much pick it up anywhere so if you want to do two weeks you're going to need three pounds so three pounds of the pearl barley will last one person two weeks if you want to do the cleanse or if you just want to do it every day. you can do that too um it's okay to drink it every day or if you just want to get a little bit more filtration out of your kidneys inand get them running better because what this does is it actually pulls the toxins out of the kidneys it helps you to urinate and it takes down the swelling in your legs and it lowers cratan levels so I'm telling you it doesn't get any better than this so what you want to do um one so so for one serving for one day you're going to take one cup of the pearl barley and you're going to put it in in your hands make sure one of the things that you want to do is you want to rinse this run it under water really really really well and get anything that it's just like the rice you know you should always rinse your rice too and you should always rinse any kind of seed that you're going to that you're going to cook with but you want to spray it or run it under water till that water runs perfectly clear and then you can take your your cup and you can put it in your pan after you have that done you want to take five cups of water,

 I prefer distilled because distilled will actually pull all those toxins out of the kidneys too so we're going to do five cups of water and at this point I just turn it on the next thing you want to do is you want to take 8 thumb so basically whatever size your thumb is you want to take a thumb of ginger and you're going to slice it up you don't just want to throw it in there because if you just throw it in there it's not going to actually penetrate into the ginger and no you cannot use the powder unless you have no other choice if you have no other choice yeah go ahead and use the powder but you really your best bet is to use organic ginger if you can get it so I just slice it up in a bunch of tiny little slices easily about you know that's size you want to get the whole thing in there and then you want to get some cinnamon I like the nice the bigger the sticks the better I really love cinnamon and , I like to use two sticks in mind if you don't like cinnamon that much just use one if you love cinnamon like I do go ahead and use two then you're going to bring this to a boil once this has gotten to a boil you want to turn it down to a simmer but you do not want to cover it because you want some of this water to kind of burn off okay so once you have that going in your pan you get it into a good nice rolling boil you're going to put it to a simmer and you're going to let it sit there for about twenty-five minutes you're just going to let it sit there and have it at that medium medium to high low point and just let it cook it's going to start cooking the barley once that is completely done and it's been completely cooked for the whole twenty to twenty-five minutes you're going to turn the power off and you're going to add half a lime the juice of half a lime in there and two tablespoons of preferably raw organic honey so and then you just let it sit on the stove till it cools down once it's completely cool you want to run it through .

I would say a sieve but if you run it through a sieve um you're still going to get a little bit of grit so if you can get something that's extremely fine mesh and you can like this is a nut bag you can actually put it through that and get it all nice and clean and then you I just it in a little mason jar and I put it into my refrigerator for the evening and then first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that your kidneys aren't having to process anything else or having to deal with any other toxins at the time you want to drink two cups of that actually you I'm sorry one cup of that so this amount is going to make it's going to make you two cups of liquid so you're going to drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening now it is highly suggested that you do not drink more than four cups a day if your kidney function is extremely bad if um if you're having a lot of swelling in your legs and your lower legs if you're having a lot of lower back pain from your kidneys if you're on dialysis it is okay to drink up to four cups a day um you know ..

this one's going to be one of those you you guys are going to have to judge yes you can make more than one day serving but you should never make more than a three day serving and that this will only keep in the refrigerator for three days like any other seat if you've seen any of my out pista videos if you've seen any of my other seed videos you'll know that seeds will only it's just like the green juices they only hold those enzymes that your body needs for those for three days so after three days this is no good so if you are going to multiply the recipe that's fine but you do not want to multiply it more than three days you need to make this every three days so and that is for your kidney health you can actually look up on the internet you can google this recipe I'm going to put it down below but if you want you can always Google um a barley barley water for the kidneys and it helps with kidney stones kidney inflammation kidney swelling leg swelling removing the toxins the Candy's getting the felt that filtration through your kidneys better so this is this is actually unbelievable it's it's one of the best things I can share with you to do for your kidneys any day I just had some this morning I'm gonna be drinking some again tomorrow I I try to do this every so often every time I remember I sit there and I think wow you know I haven't done it in a while my kidneys are kind of a hurting a little bit maybe.

 I should drink some because you know taking care of your kidneys excuse me taking care of your liver taking care of your digestive system taking care of your thyroid I mean taking care of your glands is a life long process this isn't something that you just get in one day and say well I just think I'm going to clean my kidneys this week and you know to hell with it the rest of my life you can't do that you know this is something that you constantly have to be you should be cleaning your liver you should be cleaning your kidneys I mean there's there's a maintenance just like your car needs maintenance your body also needs a certain amount of maintenance in order to run at optimum you know at the best of the best of the best you you want to run at optimum performance you want to so that's it for today I hope I have helped some of you guys a little bit with your kidneys and please if you haven't subscribed if you're not one of my followers please stay tuned at least till next week I'm going to be having I'm going to be telling you why all that nutrition that you're eating from your food isn't doing you a damn Pitta good because everybody believes that their body runs on nutrition but that's a lie your body does not run on nutrition so next week I'm going to tell you what your body does run on and I'm also going to tell you what you can do to make it run that much better one last thing before I end this blog. I do a lot of videos such as the one today with products I've had a lot of people that have contacted me through emails and I've had a lot of people have contacted me over the phone and they're telling me Marie I'm taking this and I'm taking this and I'm taking this and I'm doing the baking soda and I'm taking the shots and I'm doing the you know the tincture is enough okay doc detoxification is an art you can't I don't want you to think that you know you need to take everything that I tell you in every single one of my videos and incorporate it into your life you know if you do not have an ulcer why are you taking CMOS if you do not have kidney disease why are you taking the baking soda if you do not have you know diabetes why are you taking you know so basically you know if you want there's some of you out there..

 I have consultations if you want I even have five-dollar questions where I and I actually give you a lot of information in those five dollar questions you don't have the sixty dollars to do the one hour consultation with me do the five dollar question and . I will be more than glad to answer any questions that you may have but don't go out there you know like a crazy person and just start putting everything into your body, because what's gonna start happening is when you start putting all this stuff into your body you don't know what you're doing and your body is gonna start detoxing and all of a sudden you're gonna call me going Marie I'm laying on my back and my my back is killing me and I can't stand it but I don't know what's wrong with me and it's like because you push your kidneys too hard because the minute you start to detoxify your body is going to show you your weaknesses trust me and you know that's that's just to give it and if you don't believe me just a couple of years ago and Ashton Kutcher try to do a movie where he was trying to portray the guy from Apple and he ended up I believe it was a pancreatitis attack he had horrible pancreatitis he had to be rush to the hospital with that well guess what Ashton you have a weak pancreas it wasn't all the fruit you were eating wasn't the diet that you were on that was crazy and stupid it's that your pancreas is weak and your body showed you your weaknesses so til next time don't just go putting stuff into your body you know figure out what it is that you need if you don't know what you need contact me and we'll get you on the right road where you need to be so till next time stay happy stay healthy and remember next week I'm going to show you what your body really runs on until next time bye bye ...

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