7 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally | Naturally way to control blood pressure

7 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally | Naturally way to control blood pressure

7 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally | Naturally way to control blood pressure

so today we're gonna talk about seven things you can do to lower your blood pressure an extremely high blood pressure would be we have the systolic and the diastolic and by the way systolic is the contraction of the heart diastolic is the relaxation and it has a lot to do with something called the autonomic nervous system where you have the flight-or-fight
it's called sympathetic and then the
rest and digest parasympathetic..

1) which is the recovery in it's an active type of
system that helps calm things down so we
have a balance of those two parts of the
nervous system that are on automatic so
we're looking at here extreme high would
be 180 systolic or greater than that or
greater than 110 diastolic high stage
one would be 160 to 179 systolic and
diastolic would be 100 to 109 high stage to be 140 to 159 systolic 90 to 99 diastolic
normal high 139 to 121 systolic and 81 to 89 diastolic in normal 120 to 80 the important thing to know is that if you get high blood pressure just one time it's not very valid you want to check it through the day and see if it's consistent so the worst situation is that if your blood pressure is high all the time it never comes down and that just means that your arteries are very
stiff and they're hardened versus it fluctuating here and there that's a better situation to handle there are seven things that.

2) I would recommend starting with you guessed it alpha keto Y carbohydrates in general retain a lot of fluid and what's one of the most common medications that they use for blood pressure diuretics they're getting rid of excess fluid you go in keto you're going to dump a lot of fluid and there comes the blood pressure just by
going on a low-carb diet in a minute
fasting vital to decrease inflammation
in your arteries okay also the combination is very very important to take the stiffness out of the artery itself

3) decreasing cortisol wets cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone from the adrenal and if the adrenals are
involved and the cortisol is too high what's gonna happen is the systolic is
gonna go high first before the diastolic
conditions of high cortisol like Cushing's syndrome is high blood pressure...

4) but you'll normally see the systolic go high first and you just want to lower stress okay go for long walks eliminate as much stress as possible I have blog on this in fact I'll put a link down below for one of them that involves a stress webinar that I did that will really help you reduce your
body stress number for taking vitamin d3
vitamin D actually will help lower your
blood pressure your vitamin D deficient blood pressure tends to go up they don't know exactly why it does that one theory is that the regulation of calcium supports the
sympathetic nervous system in a certain
way but

5) it actually will lower your blood pressure now increasing vitamin k2 what is vitamin k2 it's different than k1 and this vitamin helps to remove excess amounts of calcium from your arteries and puts it in the bone so these two together combined are really important in lowering blood pressure can

6) this is probably one of the more important ones increasing your potassium there's an incredible article written by several medical doctors that involve taking larger amounts of potassium to drop blood pressure with incredible success if you're low on potassium your blood pressure will go up one of the main functions of potassium is its ability to be a physiological tranquilizer and just calm the nervous system right down so it's a relaxer so..

7) if you're deficient of potassium blood pressure goes up and guess what creates potassium deficiency refined sugars in carbohydrates all right last one is increasing magnesium if you're deficient
in magnesium your muscular system the
muscles within the vascular system are
going to be tight and the blood pressures going to go up and it just so
happens that the foods that are high in magnesium are also high in potassium
like in leafy vegetables okay so these are the seven things that you can do to lower your blood pressure..

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