7 BEST Weight Loss TIPS - Lose Belly Fat FAST | FAT LOSS TIPS

7 BEST Weight Loss TIPS  - Lose Belly Fat FAST | FAT LOSS TIPS
7 BEST Weight Loss TIPS  - Lose Belly Fat FAST | FAT LOSS TIPS

so how to lose weight simple and easy obesity and being overweight is a huge issue and it's an issue around the world it is even considered a disease .

because it leads to so many medical issues such as diabetes high blood pressure stroke heart disease and not to mention the physical disability and our pride is in the pain in the joints that people eventually end up developing earlier on their life people who are obese and overweight now losing weight will help you feel better look better and get you the compliments that you want obesity is preventable in the first place and also credible and if you follow this simple practical and doable steps coming up in
 this blog you will keep the weight off.

hello my dear friends call me do you have high blood pressure or are you worried you may have a risk factor for it who wants to die early if they can live longer by 15 20 or even 30 years of healthy life and more active long life and be able to pick up the grandkids or simply be around to see your children basically prosper and admire the fruits of your hard work .

while basically you were raising them in their childhood well but if you don't have any kids and not planning on any that skip this blog but , I want you to promise yourself today that you will apply these methods and I promise you you will be seeing results you will be losing 10 20 30 40 or even a hundred pounds and you will keep it up you will love the way you are eating you will love the new lifestyle and you will keep this weight off as well now let's get right into it step one no snacks you're not going to eat between meals promise me .

today that you're not going to eat between meals snacking between meals nevertheless your bodies use the stored energy from your meals and leads to deposition of fat with this extra bit of food energy coming to your body especially no carbohydrates no chips no bagels no biscuits no bread if you feel hungry drink a refreshing glass of water and water will always fill you up as well step 2 you're not gonna drink juice especially juice that you buy at the grocery store or that is packaged juice is bad for you as in your situation you need to avoid sugar now I'm gonna talk in terms of teaspoons of sugar so you can basically relate to it one glass of orange juice contains five teaspoons of sugar picture yourself taking spoonfuls of sugar as I am speaking apple juice has six teaspoons of sugar it is always better to eat the fruit instead of drinking juice especially if it is packaged if it comes in a carton or if it is bottled so avoid juices step 3 no sodas nor carbonated drinks now people must be starting to hate me by now it's okay I'm gonna say it anyways because you don't know where I am and I'm pretty safe right here in a regular 12 ounce can of soda there could be eight teaspoons of sugar now you say you consume zero calorie drinks and you think you can drink. all you want but keep in mind these usually have artificial sweeteners which basically work to fool your body and fool your pancreas and ..

I always believe that you should always be honest with yourself whether it is your health your emotions or your abilities and likewise don't fool your body nor your hormonal system nothing good can ever come out of this now step 4 eat your dinner at 6 p.m. no food goes into your mouth after 6:30 p.m. you need the food to be initially used up by some activity before your sleep so give yourself ample time because if you eat too close to bedtime all the calories will end up being stored as fat which is exactly what you don't need step 5 now do this right now after you see this video throw away your regular meal plates and go out and get smaller place half the size eat as much as you want in those plates don't go for seconds put food only in these new plates if you eat in big bowls go and buy smaller bowls right after this blog and trust me my friends you will not starve and you will only enjoy your new self in this situation now ...

step 6 no refined carbohydrates no pasta bread rice cereal cakes candy the more you reduce the quicker you will lose weight put more vegetables and salads on your plate start eating cucumbers carrots broccoli instead of bread or rice now step 7 now the final step at least for this video is fasting you heard me what better way to lose weight other than fasting if you don't put anything in how are you gonna gain weight is that simple there are many ways people do it around the world for one reason or the other especially for religious reasons but if you want to lose weight this is an act excellent way and modality for you to apply for yourself and there's so many medical benefits are fasting low blood pressure low cholesterol feeling better joints better reset your body some people do this for mental clarity as well and also keep in mind keep all my previous steps in mind when you are fasting the ancient Greeks also used to fast for mental clarity now this works best if at least 10 hours of calorie free window has been achieved so I'm gonna mention two things which you can do right now and you could do it easily eat breakfast skip lunch and just eat dinner basically no lunch no snacking drink water if you want that number one now what you can also do is skip the breakfast and just eat lunch and dinner at 9 p.m. this will basically make you sleep after your dinner at 6 p.m. and then not eat breakfast and that will give you an enough window for your bar to basically cleanse yourself this is gonna be a natural detox for you so now these two can be done on a daily basis and just make it a habit and you will get used to and you will be feeling wonderful..

 so guys I think this is good for now check my other videos for more advanced tips this is so easy you don't have to even think and put your mind to it just remember no snacks between meals no juice no sodas eat your dinner at 6:00 p.m. and nothing after that get plates and bowls half of what you use right now no pastor no bread no rice no cereals okay no candy and finally fasting fasting does your body good so you want to be around for your grandkids don't you or you want great-great grandkids so my friends give me a big yes in the comments below that yes you're going to apply these seven steps from now on to get you started skip the snack and put away that drink and if this was worth your while watching to land hit the like button cheer with those who may benefit and subscribe and follow with me in the links in the description below and as usual it is your doctor's goal to prevent you from taking medication but if you have to you must take them properly my friends stay healthy and stay safe thank you so much if I may connect live with a top online health care professional or book and office..

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