6 Unique & Exciting Ways to Eat Avocado

6 Unique & Exciting Ways to Eat Avocado

6 Unique & Exciting Ways to Eat Avocado

hey guys Deepak here so today on chica needs uh straighten my hair I saw that you liked it last time so I did it again I really do appreciate the beauty tips because you know that is not my category today I'm chiku Meade's we are playing with avocados .

I am in love with this guy he keeps me full keeps me happy and so delicious so today, I want to share with you six different ways you can have fun eating with avocados I'm not just talking about guacamole I'm talking about some really cool recipes here now before we get started ,

I want to ask you a quick question it's an avocado a fruit or vegetable pause the video put a comment below do it do it do it okay now you're back and avocado is actually a fruit and it's not just any type of fruit it's a single seeded berry whoa mind was blown okay guys ready let's get this blog start out with two slices of toasted Ezekiel bread then grab a ripe avocado and scoop out the center make sure it's nice and soft so when you spread it on it's like butter or jam or whatever you prefer on your bread you can find indeed Yule bread in the frozen aisle of your supermarket grab a tomato slice it up real max then grab one of those slices place it right on top of the center sprinkle with salt and pepper BAM you've got breakfast in under five minutes the reason

 why I love Ezekiel bread is because it's made from sprouted grains and it keeps my belly happy and not bloated let's make some baked all of egg cups first slice your avocado let them dance and then take out the seed look at those knife skills yeah yeah you bet I did that all right now take out around half of the inside so that you have enough room to place your egg inside now what you want to do is try to get the yolk in first and then cover with the white don't let us fill out try again yes perfect look at that beauty place in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes and bam here they are fresh chives and sprinkle it on top or garnish with whatever you would like grab a spoon and let some brekkie wait hot sauce I put sriracha on everything this is a healthy meal that I keep me full and satiated for a while until lunch comes around also job's gotta take a picture for Pinterest a is for avocado bees for banana .

I feel it from this side people say wrong but monkey is in me or on the same page then go ahead and add in some baby spinach and coconut water obviously I didn't squeeze that coconut water then add ice to make sure that your smoothie is nice and cold now this is excellent for breakfast there's cars from the banana to give you energy and also the banana and avocado provide a lot of potassium so if you have any inflammation this drink will really help with that this honestly tastes so good it's like a Gollum milkshake except 

it's not you've got to try it [Music] peekaboo have you ever had collard greens apparently they make a great fan filling ingredients will include some Persian cucumber some red cabbage which I always want to call purple cabbage it looks so pretty and some tomatoes but really you
can put whatever you want as long as it
tastes good to you next I'm gonna add some hummus all over the bottom so that all the ingredients have somewhere to stick to and so that the collard green wrap will not unroll 

this is where mr. avocado comes in he adds a nice full and creamy flavor then roll it up just like you would a burrito make sure to go nice and tight give it a slice this is so legit look at that lots of fresh vegetables in this cruciferous wrap can make your hair and skin and nails look real nice oh it tastes so good I want you to get to low carb soft tortillas for this quesadilla then mush and spread on half an avocado this is going to be your cheese check out what we do next and grab some nutritional yeast and sprinkle it on to give it that nice cheesy flavor then some diced tomatoes some chives our green onion place the other half on top take it to the stove and bring it back it was on the stove for a couple minutes each side or until my tortilla got nice crispy golden brown now we take pic for insta and there it is look at those Nutritionals if you don't make this I'm gonna be so mad at you oh no no no no no no wanna bite go make some first I'm pouring some raw almonds into my blender then I'm crushing it and saving it for later for the topping next add your avocado your almond milk and a tablespoon of honey for the sweetness 

you can also sub it with stevia if you would like next we blend it up we have a little dance we have fun we wait and then it becomes a creamy magical Jean top with your almonds and dip that spoon in now remember this makes two servings so you can share it with the lucky friend or you can be a little selfish and save it for yourself in the fridge
or later so what do you guys think of
that video format usually I'm talking to you I'm cooking but this time I wanted to do the voiceovers so just let me know..

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