27 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy | List of 17 food avoid

27 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy | List of 17 food avoid
27 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy | List of 17 food avoid
27 foods to avoid during pregnancy

1 ) certain seafood and fish fish containing mercury mercury on consumption during pregnancy can lead to brain damage and developmental delays therefore it is advisable not to take fish that contains high levels of mercury these types of fish include king mackerel swordfish shark and tilefish fish like chunk light tuna contain low levels of mercury and can be taken in moderate amounts smoked seafood refrigerated and smoked seafood with labels such as looks jerky nova style or kippered should not be consumed as they will be contaminated with Listeria bacteria you will get this fish in the deli section fish exposed to pollutants avoid fish cultured in contaminated rivers and lakes that are highly exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls they usually include salmon striped bass bluefish walleye and trout roe shellfish undercooked shellfish like oysters mussels and clams can cause majority of sea borne illnesses cooking them can prevent some of the infections but not algae related infections therefore it is good to avoid any kind of shellfish during pregnancy.

2) raw or undercooked eggs raw eggs runny eggs and undercooked eggs are a big no-no home made desserts and sources such as chocolate mousse cakes mayonnaise etc containing raw eggs must be avoided as there may be tainted with salmonella bacteria causing vomiting and diarrhea.

 3) undercooked meat and poultry meat is vital need for any non-vegetarian person expecting women who love to gorge on meat would need some restrictions during pregnancy research has proven that raw or uncooked meat must be avoided as they contain Listeria bacteria refrigerated meat such
as goat lamb beef etc must be heated up
to 73 degrees Celsius same is for poultry such as chicken ham turkey duck geese etc due to Toxoplasma gondii parasite present in raw meat and poultry expecting mothers can experience food poisoning these can cause vomiting miscarriages and fetal damage.

4) unpasteurized dairy products no doubt everyone has been telling you to have lots of milk pregnancy and they are not wrong milk does provide you with calcium proteins and minerals however if unpasteurized dairy products are ingested you run the risk of contracting severe food poisoning therefore avoid all sorts of dairy products that are not pasteurized.

5) unpasteurized soft cheese unpasteurized soft cheese such as brie feta camembert queso fresco etc must be avoided as they may contain Listeria bacteria causing listeriosis miscarriage premature birth or birth defects are common results for having these cheese's .

6 ) unwashed fruits and vegetables if you do this during pregnancy the where besides ingesting harmful pesticides the fruit and veggie skins can also contain the Toxoplasma gondii parasite and Listeria both can cause considerable damage to the fetus rule sprouts or any unwashed vegetables especially lettuce and cabbage must be avoided 

7 raw vegetable sprouts sprouts are excellent sources of proteins and minerals but is this another food to avoid during pregnancy only when taken raw when raw sprouts can Harbor harmful bacteria and viruses which can be a cause of bad food poisoning..

8) nuts that cause allergies various kinds of nuts are available in the market which you may love to enjoy these can be a healthy addition to your daily breakfast or evening snacks discretion is while consuming nuts during pregnancy some nuts such as peanuts cashews chestnuts filbert's hazelnuts macadamia nuts pecans pistachios and walnuts can cause allergies or skin rashes on your body these are also some of the pregnancy foods to avoid as they may result in swelling of body parts...

9 ) restaurant made salads it's better to prefer a homemade salad than a restaurant 1 as the fruits vegetables meat or eggs might not be of high quality these may contain Listeria bacteria which can cause fetal problems during pregnancy..

10 ) unpasteurized juices juicing is a best habit for any healthy diet but fresh juice puts you at risk of contracting the very harmful as charity Akali and Salmonella bacteria it is said that both raw fruits as well as veggies can get contaminated with the strain of bacteria and can wreak havoc on you and your fetus ..

11) excessive caffeine related products too much caffeine is never good for you especially during pregnancy as it acts as a diuretic and is linked to low birth weight caffeine is more dangerous as it is often hidden in some product you never suspected besides coffee tea and chocolate caffeine is a part of energy drinks and some cold and flu medicines expectant mommies consuming more caffeine during this phase are at higher risk of stillbirths fetal deaths or spontaneous abortions..

12 )booties and supplements though people may be badgering you that taking high herbal tonics herbal teas and other herbal supplements is good for you some herbs can do more harm than good during pregnancy plus there is always the possibility of buying spurious herbs as you don't know how to check for genuineness avoid herbs like Senna wormwood saw palmetto as they are not thoroughly tested like medicines..

13) canned foods these are other particular foods to avoid in pregnancy canned foods are packed and stored for longer period of time these are absolutely not recommended during pregnancy these are harmful for two reasons firstly the lining in the cans often contains bisphenol A BPA which affects fetal endocrine activity secondly the tint foods might be too old and Harbor harmful bacteria due to their long shelf life..

14) nitrate-rich foods it's a known truth that chemical contained foods deteriorate our health easily Bacon's sausages diet sodas artificial sweetener saccharine etc are some of the known nitrate-rich food items usually these are not harmful to health but the low nutritional value of these nitrate..click here

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