Top 3 - Best VPN in 2019 | top best VPN

                       Top 3 - Best VPN in 2019 | top best VPN

Top 3 - Best VPN in 2019 | top best VPN

hey guys how's it going in this blog

I'm going to be breaking down the top

three best VPN providers on the market

this year I actually narrowed it down to

the top three based on going through

over a dozen different both paid in free

VPN providers and came up with this list

right here I try to narrow it down so

whether you're looking for something for

your smartphone for your laptop for

general protection to watch Netflix in a

different country to protect yourself

well torrent in whatever you need

they'll be a great option for you on

this list both paid and free options as

well so regardless of budget they'll be

an option for you this list isn't no

exact order to be sure to watch till the

end so you don't miss anything but with

that all out of the way let's get right

into the video

so notice all we're taking a look at

expressvpn this is one of the consistent

highest ranked VPN providers on the

market and for a good reason there's

over 2,000 different servers and I think

148 cities in 94 countries obviously

Europe and America have the best

coverage and the best speeds another

great thing is that you can use it on

pretty much every single device you can

think of so whether you're looking for a

fire TV SiC Apple TV your laptop Android

iOS Chromebooks

even Kindles and things like that it

works on everything super intuitive

super easy to use quick to install in my

personal favorite thing about it was

their service in their customer support

they're now getting into some of the

specific features and make expressvpn

such a good VPN and some of the

downsides as well is the fact that it

has no logging which is pretty standard

and it's encryption is ridiculously

complex I won't get into the

nitty-gritty of it but just know the

information is completely safe like

nobody's going to be able to hack it any

time soon so on top of that you're able

to connect and use Netflix I tested this

out if not 100 percent Netflix is

constantly updating costly trying to

prevent people from doing that so it's

not like every single server just gonna

work the other issue is that there's

only three connections allowed per

account that's a little bit less than

other VPN providers other high end

VPN providers I should say other ones I

mentioned on this list here you can get

around that by connecting directly to

the router that kind of solves that

problem make sure everything in the

house is all good to go

now if you're curious about how

expressvpn looks and works it's actually

very simple very intuitive as you see

here on the screen it's very basic you

kind of just turn it on you can change

location choose location down there it

just connects takes a couple seconds and

boom voila you're good to go

your information secure and you can pick

from again over two thousand servers 148

cities and 94 countries very easy you

can turn it off disconnect and you're

good to go okay so I just pulled out my

laptop right here this is on a wireless

connection I'm just gonna do a quick

speed test and show you guys my original

speed versus the expressvpn speed

alright so as you guys saw that the base

internet speed that I had just off of

Wi-Fi was about 300 up 300 down I know

it's pretty fast I fell off of that but

either way I went down to about 70 up 70

down it's quite a significant drop-off

I'm not gonna lie but that would just

quick base simple test turn it on no

like best showing the best is honest

kind of review kind of thing so that's

what it was in that case um big

disclaimer with regards to that you can

definitely see different speeds with

regards to the service that you connect

to so that's rather significant when I

looked up other reviews and kind of

things and seen other speed tests I saw

a much less significant gap there all

the way so every other VPN along with

the expressvpn is in the description

down below along with links up every

single deal that I mentioned so be sure

to check those links out for those

people who are tripping out or whatever

this is a paid VPN right here I bought

it on a six-month thing or I've access

to it on a six-month thing here so yeah

for those people every single VPN that I

talked about in this video is on

something that I have right now so yeah

let's just go on to the next product so

next up on our list is probably the most

popular VPN provider out there and

that's Nord VPN it is very popular for


reason is definitely one of the best VPN

providers out there and it's pretty much

everything that you would want and could

need in a VPN provider at a rather

reasonable price so with regards to

security all the information is

absolutely secured just like an Express

VPN they actually have a kill switch

basically what that means is if for

whatever reason the VPN disconnects but

you were connecting doing something like

that it will just cut out all the

internet so you don't expose yourself

halfway kind of thing if you're

downloading something of your watch is

something they don't keep any logs of

any information the encryption obviously

is ridiculous I'm going to get into the

nitty-gritty of that but just know that

again the information is safe and

obviously one of the great features is

they allow for geo locations with

regards to things like Netflix allows

you to watch YouTube videos I may not be

available to you and your specific

country so all those things combined

really make it in terrific service got

some key differences between expressvpn

and noir VPN comes in the number of

connections so there's up to six

connections versus three there obviously

that's beneficial with regards to the

pricing this is actually priced at only

a hundred and seven dollars only three

dollars a month on a three-year plan

which is actually one of the cheapest

amount out there for almost any paid VPN

especially with regards to the quality

that you get in there so that's awesome

there's three 5200 servers there but the

downside is it's only in 64 countries

which is obviously 30 less of just about

30 less than expressvpn they're just

showing you guys another quick little

speed tests on Nord VPN again going off

that 300 up 300 down came out at about

75 down in about 54 on the up so it's

similar to express VPN but if you're

looking for something that has a great

price good connectivity good speed good

functionality good security pretty much

everything that you could look for for a

reasonable price Nord VPN may be a great

option for you now if you are instant

signup for Nord VPN they do have a

30-day money-back guarantee again I'm

not being paid to say any of this they

have a 7 day free trial so you guys can

cancel get your money for free at that

point try it out it's all good and again

three dollars a month it is solid

pricing there you can't really go wrong

alright so before I tell you guys about

a great free VPN option for those who

are on a very tight budget I'll take you

my third and final entry into the best

VPN on the market this year and that is

ipvanish I put this on the list because

it has up to 10 connection that thing is

very intuitive very nice easy to

maneuver easy to connect and very user

friendly it's just a great overall VP

and it does have that ability to have

those kind of geolocation so you can't

connect to Netflix in different

countries you can't watch those YouTube

videos and do that kind of stuff it's

just a little bit more spotty than the

other ones the real difference is up to

the 10 connections and then the

overarching layout I think is the best

hands down I think it's very easy very

nice really hits the point of what

somebody would want to be doing when

they connect to a VPN so as you guys see

on the screen right here this is just

quickly what it looks like when you log

into ipvanish I really really like it

because it has the best city and best

server and that's really what people are

looking for you can connect very easily

if we see right here you can see how

quickly it takes to connect just about

little like 2 seconds now with regards

to speed the numbers I got for ipvanish

really really jump off the page we're

talking 300 versus 270 so that is just a

slight drop on the down and then it did

drop all the way down to 110

approximately on the up but that's still

very good versus what I saw on or VPN

and what I saw on espress VPN big

difference here is that I had my local

country and I just had best city and

best server I was kind of curious about

it I tried to connect to a few different

servers so different speeds there but

again in the interest of what first

connection just like I did with

expressvpn and like I did with Nord VPN

that is the number that I got there so

it is very very

good but don't expect to get those

numbers regardless that's kind of like

more your local number versus just what

ipvanish is all the time so just like

expressvpn in north VPN they do offer a

30-day money-back guarantee so you do

have that security there and you do have

that backing if you try it out you don't

like it

they aren't offering a sale right now

for four dollars per month on a two-year

plan which is pretty solid again great

option for somebody looking to have a

kind of family or friends group and

looking for simple easy to use intuitive

that works on a lot of devices now if

you're only a very tight budget I put in

an extra little option here for somebody

looking for a free VPN I would recommend

tunnel there it's quite a good VPN for

the fact that it's free however the free

service does have vast limitations for

example you're not gonna have that same

speed that you would have with the other

ones you don't have the ability to

connect to Netflix and I'm gonna have a

lot of these other options a lot of

these servers and all these other things

but overarching it does mask your IP it

does keep your information rather safe

so if you have no other option I would

recommend tunnel bear for a good free

VPN option so just to give a quick

summary and my personal recommendations

of who I'd recommend each of these for

again I recommend Express VPN for an

individual look for something maybe on a

shorter term because it's only that

one-year term and really looking for

that high-end VPN provider that's gonna

give you no issues with the great

customer support and then I would

recommend Nord VPN as a great overall

option for the average person if you

don't know too much about VPNs or

anything like that I would recommend

Nord VPN for you only downside is it

does have that three year term but it

does have that $3 a month pay which is

very very easy to stomach and then

ipvanish is a great option for somebody

looking to connect with more than one

person to have something for their

family have some for the girlfriend

their boyfriend their friends whatever

or even just be a good person give it to

a few of their friends or split the cost

with their friends that only costs four

dollars a month based on the promotion

they're running right now but that is on

a two-year term so we have a one-year

option three-year option and two-year

option really can't go wrong with one of

those three options all right guys

that's all for this video if you guys

didn't like the video please go ahead

and give it a like it really helps out

the channel I love listening description

to everything that I mentioned in this

video and I do keep the description up

today with any new or updated

information so be sure to check that out

I recommend that I kind of got any VPNs

because I've been traveling the world

for the last couple of years doing

online marketing and then I kept having

these foreign languages and everything I

just wanted to watch my local youtuber

and I look on that foot and all that

kind of stuff so that's really how I got

into this whole space but either way I'm

gonna be coming out with other Internet

service based blog as well as online

marketing based blog so if you guys

are interested in any of that be sure

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