South Korea 4K. Interesting Facts About South Korea | south korea culture,

South Korea 4K. Interesting Facts About South Korea | south korea culture,
South Korea 4K. Interesting Facts About South Korea | south korea culture,

hey guys what's going on

in this blog we're going to talk about

South Korea this country is equally

known for its competitive modern economy

and centuries-old Buddhist temples green

hilly countryside and high-tech cities

welcome to South Korea let's get started

South Korea occupies the southern part

of the Korean Peninsula

it has a predominantly mountainous

terrain the country has a humid

continental climate in the north and a

humid subtropical climate in the south

summers are relatively hot and humid

with monsoon rains beginning near the

end of June and lasting until mid to

late July winters can be very cold Korea

prides itself on the vividness of the

four seasons

the population of the country is fifty

one point six million Korea's modern

history is anything but simple it was

annexed by the Empire of Japan in 1910

and at the end of the Second World War

the country was divided into Soviet and

American zones of occupations after the

Korean War the country was dirt poor

something had to be done they had to

curb corruption introduced central

planning and begin producing everything

that was required by the external market

shoes clothing toys and so on but all

this took place under the leadership of

military dictators and it wasn't until

the 1990s that the country became a

truly democratic state

today it's the world's 11th largest

economy by nominal GDP and the world's

fifth largest exporter the fact that

Korea was able to get to this point in

just 50 years as mind-blowing especially

knowing that the country has a rather

poor supply of natural resources today

is the sixth largest car manufacturer

the world's largest shipbuilder the

world's largest manufacturer of memory

chips and the list goes on and on some

of its giants such as Samsung and LG

Electronics are known worldwide by the

way Samsung Group is so big that apart

from electronics and home appliances

it has automobile production the

chemical industry finance insurance and

even construction did you know that it

was samsung group that built Petronas

Towers in Malaysia Taipei 101 skyscraper

in Taiwan and the grand Burj Khalifa in

Dubai one of the biggest challenges

today for South Korea is how to get

along with its unpredictable neighbor

North Korea because it possesses nuclear

weapons and it seems like it's not

joking poverty and prosperity on the

Korean Peninsula a divided by the strip

of the Demilitarized Zone one of the

most explosive borders in the world

there's an enormous gap in living

standards the average salary in South

Korea is about two thousand and six

hundred dollars a month and in North

Korea just 40 dollars

most Koreans have great work ethic you

can say that Koreans live to work and

not work to live companies are legally

required to provide just 15 days of paid

annual leave but surprisingly according

to a study conducted by the Korea

Culture and Tourism Institute most

employees only took an average of 8.6

days off out of those 15 days there is

currently quite a high demand for native

English speakers in South Korea and many

expats opt for jobs teaching English as

a foreign language Korea is known for

its intensity starting at a young age

many children are forced into this

hurried culture and there's no turning

back they're raised to study multiple

hours a day at schools of all kinds art

English math science you name it Koreans

take education very seriously comes as

no surprise that funding of science in

Korea is one of the highest in the world

South Korea is one of the most

ethnically homogenous countries in the

world most Koreans are peaceful and

friendly crime is at a very low level in

most parts of the country it's

absolutely safe to walk at night even

for a girl and if you leave your bicycle

in front of a store you don't have to

worry about it being stolen on top of

that this video surveillance everywhere

respectful one's elders is a huge part

of Korean culture

now let's take a look at different parts

of Korea Seoul is the capital city with

a population of 10 million people a huge

metropolis where modern skyscrapers

Street markets and pop culture meets

Buddhist temples and palaces

it's a city surrounded by mountains

great public transportation and plenty

of shopping malls Gangnam his Seoul's

best-known neighborhood

thanks to psy a popular Korean rapper

and his hit song of 2012 Gangnam style

Busan Busan is the summer capital and

the second largest city it's also the

country's largest port and one of the

most modern cities of Asia the city is

known for its numerous skyscrapers

majestic mountains fabulous beaches

steaming hot springs and fantastic

seafood ancient ancient is a city

bordering Seoul you can actually get

here by subway it's best known for its

ultra-modern Incheon International

Airport with railway connections to

Seoul which features a casino a spa and

even a golf course apart from that this

city is an expanding metropolis and an

industrial port during the Korean War

the city was the site of the Incheon

landing by American forces

daegu daegu is the fourth-largest city

known for its festivals and a

fascinating traditional medicine market

this city is famous for being the center

of the nation's textile industry and the

hammond downtown that's fun to explore

allison allison is a seaside

metropolitan city in the southeast of

Korea with a population of 1.2 million

it has the world's largest automobile

assembly plant operated by the Hyundai

Motor Company the world's largest

shipyard operated by the Hyundai Heavy

Industries and the world's third largest

oil refinery owned by SK energy Young

Joo Hyun Joo was once the capital of the

1,000 year lon silla korea kingdom and

is possibly the foremost location in

korea where many ancient buildings

burial grounds and artifacts can be

found driving through this city you will

notice a lot of temples the eighth

century bull ducks a temple features two

stone pagodas a series of wooden

staircases and a large bronze buddha ask

any korean to name a city with the

greatest historical value and the answer

will likely be hyun joo there are about

3,000 islands around korea mostly small

and uninhabited the largest island is


about a hundred kilometers of the

southern coast it's known for its beach

resorts and volcanic landscape of

craters and cave like lava tubes

Callison Mountain a dormant volcano

features hiking trails a cradle lake at

the 2000 meter summit South Korea has 20

national parks and popular natural

places like the bossy auntie fields

Suncheon Bay ecological park and many


one of the most popular national parks

is Zurich Sun National Park not only

does this part offer hikes for any level

of expertise but it offers some of the

most beautiful sceneries of Korea there

are many parks in the cities that

feature outdoor gyms given local

residents the chance to workout for free

some equipment uses a person's body

weight to act as resistance similar to

equipment found in many gyms the

machines have just gotten that much

better domestic travel is incredibly

efficient one of the most convenient

ways to travel between cities in korea

is by train the KTX train which is

similar to japan's bullet train is able

to get you from seoul to the resort town

of busan in just two and a half hours

there is an extensive road rail and

ferry transport systems South Korea is

one of the leaders in many fields of

medicine especially plastic surgery

according to studies for 2011 South

Korea has the highest number of

surgeries per capita given ahead of the

u.s. a lot of Korean girls like to

correct their eyelids making their eyes


have you ever heard of the Korean Wave

or k-pop this is the penetration of

Korean pop culture to other countries as

well as cinema food and martial arts

with this level of popularity the trend

might be reversed and European girls

will want to look like Korean then

there's the weird side of the Korean

culture at least for Europeans in South

Korea poop has long been a popular icon

why did poop become such a beloved icon

maybe it's because of its associations

with wealth and good fortune and all

superstition states that a person will

be prosperous if he or she dreams of

poop Korean cuisine is largely based on

rice vegetables and meats kimchi is a

pretty healthy side dish and a staple in

Korean cuisine it is a traditional side

dish made from salted and fermented

vegetables most commonly napa cabbage

and Korean radishes with a variety of

seasonings in a red chili pepper sauce

much like beer in Germany wine in France

and vodka in Russia makgeolli and soju

are traditional Korean alcoholic

beverages makgeolli has a milky opaque

color and the low alcohol content of 6

to 13% it's low in calories and high in

protein also it contains high levels of

yeast and lactobacillus given it a nutty

and sweet flavor another adored drink in

Korea is soju with an alcohol content of

about 20% so Mac a mixture of beer and

soju is ever-present at most dinners

with Korean businessman soju a clear

Korean liquor similar to vodka is much

milder and cheaper and the choice of


Koreans are very fond of coffee and

there's a coffee shop on every corner

Korea is basically a note tip culture

which means cab drivers don't expect any

reward for their services and is pretty

much the same way for staff and local

restaurants as well as hotels South

Korean apartments will often come with

the washing machine floor heating and

air conditioning this is specially true

of newer buildings Korean buildings are

also very safe even though the crime

rate in South Korea is already very low

most Korean apartments will require a

gate friend or key or a combination as

well as the individual door key today

baseball is one of the most popular

sports in South Korea nothing comes

close to video games they're considered

to be the major social activity

teenagers are hoping to become

professional players they flocked to a

growing number of private after our

schools coaching them how to play video

games better and they even broadcast

major video game events on national TV

summer in Korea is hot and humid

fortunately there plenty of beaches here

South Korea has come a long way from a

poor country to one of the most powerful

economies in the world what do you think

about Korea have you ever been to Korea

let me know in the comment section below........

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