MOST DANGEROUS Dogs On Earth | top 10 most dangerous dogs

MOST DANGEROUS Dogs On Earth | top 10 most dangerous dogs

MOST DANGEROUS Dogs On Earth | top 10 most dangerous dogs,

from the bat-eared alertness of the
Doberman Pinscher to the deceptively

dangerous fluff ball ciao ciao

today we look at the most dangerous dogs

on earth..........

number 11 Italian Mastiff with a

bloodline that traces back to roots in

ancient Rome this sturdy thick muscle

breed has the lineage of a protector

running through its veins even the

common name for the Italian Mastiff cane

corso loosely translates to bodyguard

dog in latin because of this the

defensive and extremely alert behavior

of this Mastiff can turn for the worse

under poor supervision or an

irresponsible upbringing they're highly

protective nature can also reveal itself

through a bid for dominance in the

household and if left unchecked can

become a major issue when your cane

corso feels their alpha position

threatened one statistical report called

the Clifton report for its author

Merritt Clifton researched the number of

dog bites as reported in news media from

1982 to 2014 the Italian Mastiff racked

up 21 attacks in the Clifton report as a

breed number 10 Doberman Pinscher

fearless sleek and smart this German dog

breed has earned a reputation through

popular media as the quintessential

guard dog....
yet the noble Doberman Pinscher can be a

pretty loyal pup with its need to please

its owner and family far outweighing its

personal wants as such it requires

either an inattentive or irresponsible

owner to produce an individual pincher

pup that poses a danger to the general

public what may initially be seen as

adorable insistence can shift to

aggressive pushiness if proper steps

aren't taken from an early age its

slender physique doesn't lend itself to

an exceptionally strong jaw as shown

through its bite force high of 228 psi

but it still has its share of reported

attacks in the Clifton report with 23

incidents reported across the 22 year

span of the data number 9 English

Mastiff though kind faced and a bit

Dobby looking when docile its kind

hearted expressions can't distract from

the sheer size of the heavy bone English

Mastiff the modern iteration of the

Mastiff as it's known by the American

Kennel Club is descended from an ancient

breed of mass

canines in Britain records as far back

as the 1415 Battle of Agincourt between

the British and the French and the 55 BC

invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar

tell of this dog's role as a combat

hound but as ferocious as they may be

the British population of the Mastiff

dropped down to only 14 individual dogs

in the mid 20th century eventually they

were bred back to prominence with the

help of American breeders and today's

version of the Mastiff is a bit more

docile but still packs a mean bite with

a force 552 psi on top of that according

to the Clifton report English Mastiffs

are responsible for 28 reported attacks

17 of which resulted in brutal maimings

number eight great dane said to be a

people pleaser especially friendly and

good with children it's no wonder Hanna

Barbera would choose this majestic beast

to be one of the most famous cartoon

dogs of all time in scooby-doo similar

to the prior entry of the English

Mastiff though the Great Danes friendly

demeanor can be deceiving

the first dog on this list to break 30

reported attacks in the Clifton report

this breed weighs in with 37 total but

given its common position as a guard dog

there are probably many more bites off

record though most likely at an

intruders expense with males reaching up

to 175 pounds the man-sized Great Dane

is not the pooch to mess with

socialization and training classes early

in life however can lead to raising the

plucky best friend you see on television

or at least something close number 7

Labrador renowned for their playfulness

athleticism and sociable personalities

Labrador retrievers are some of the most

popular dogs in America ranking number

one in registered adoptions since 1991

but its eagerness to play tends to

outweigh its friendliness at times as

the Labrador is typically more energetic

than easygoing and that anxiousness can

get out of hand quickly making the leap

to the 50 mark the Labrador comes in at

56 reported attacks on the Clifton

reports with an astounding 37 of those

attacks targeting children with

popularity comes the higher chance of


unfortunately as 1 million dogs per year

enter animal shelters without an owner

and with an increase in the adoption

rates of labs so increases the

possibility dogs of that breed are

mistreated or abandoned fear is one of

the largest driving forces behind

aggression in all dogs so it's not a

stretch to think these incidents to be a

result of a poor adolescence in these

dogs their reputation does them no

favors either as many are sure to see

the breed as more approachable than most

but as with all dogs at the end of the

day it comes down to their individual

upbringing number 6.......
Chow Chow one of the odder looking dogs

in the world the honorable Chow Chow is

a dignified Chinese breed recognizable

by its wrinkled face thick furry mane

and trademark blackish blue tongue as

the Lion of the dog world the gorgeous

mapa fur wrapped around this pooches

neck isn't the only similarity is shares

with cats its personality

resembles a house cats at times with

cleanliness and independence taking

priority for the chow chow because of

this they can be difficult to train at

times and may not take kindly to

strangers or other dogs during the years

the Clifton report followed Chow Chows

were responsible for 61 total attacks

providing why you may want to think

twice before hugging this cuddly lion

dog number 5 boxer a strong chin and

lean muscles help personify the boxers

namesake along with its iconic dukes up

playful stance but this sleek fit breed

has its origins based in being a German

hunting companion during medieval times

they were often used to hunt game such

as bear deer and wild boar this side of

the pups ancestry comes out at times as

the boxer doesn't let its paws do the

fighting but rather its ferocious bite

and according to the Clifton report 64

people learned that the hard way between

1982 and 2014 its outgoing and

intelligent nature however keep the

boxers safely positioned as one of the

most popular breeds in America today

number 4 Akita Inu as Burley as they are

bubbly the dense boned dog breed known

as the Akita is another strong winter

ready hunting

to add to the list this powerful breed

hell's from Japan and is said to be the

result of an exiled nobleman's attempts

to provoke a dog breeding competition

between local barons the result is this

majestic canine that was once restricted

as a royal dog of the imperial family

and is capable of hunting such game as

the yeahso bear today though the dog

breed is split between the Japanese

incarnation and the American variants

supposedly first reaching the States as

a gift for famed historical figure Helen

Keller their popularity in America has

risen in the last six decades but

unfortunately so have their reported

attacks the Clifton report lists the

Akita with 70 attacks 52 of which

resulted in maiming number 3 German

Shepherd loyal and confident the black

and gold German Shepherd is possibly the

only dog that challenges the Doberman

for the spot of the iconic guard dog

resembling a blend between a wild dog

and a wolf the German bred canine was

originally meant to be a sheep herding

breed as demonstrated by its name but

the concentrated efforts by Germany in

the late 1800s to create the perfect

shepherd resulted in the highly

intelligent agile and responsive dog we

know today as herding fell to the

wayside in terms of major concern the

new suggested route for the German

Shepherd was as a police dog and sure

enough the German Shepherd has become

the leading canine breed frightening

would-be criminals with its 238 psi bite

force although not all German Shepherds

are under the leash of the law as the

breed was responsible for 113 dog

attacks according to the Clifton report

number two Rottweiler the black and tan

brawny beast known as the Rottweiler can

trace its lineage all the way back to

the great Mastiffs that marched with the

legions of Rome while the modern-day

descendants may have become a bit more

aloof than their great great

grandparents current Rottweilers still

have the stocky build of a soldier

hitting up to 135 pounds of muscle

combined with large heads and strong

jaws this breed can exert a bite force

of up to 328 psi today this dog ranks in


eight on the top breeds in America but

in the Clifton report Rottweilers take

the number-two spot thanks to more than

500 reported attacks and almost 300

maimings it suggested that new

Rottweiler owners begin obedience

training and socialization at a young

age to prevent any such occurrences.......
number one pitbull

this catch-all term that includes

American breeds such as the pit bull

terrier Staffordshire Terrier and the

bully pitbull has become synonymous with

nearly all breed of dog descending from

both Bulldogs and Terriers as a result

of becoming such a common label for all

dogs resembling this archetype as well

as a wide variety of temperaments and an

outstanding history of abuse in

dogfighting rings pitbulls come in at

number 1 on the Clifton report with

nearly 3,400 attacks attributed to this

dog type pitbulls beat out the rest of

the breeds in a report combined these

results as well as their persistent

portrayal in all media as the most

vicious dogs have led to highly

prejudiced public sentiments and even

pushes for mass euthanasia from various

activist groups including PETA

in reality though pitbulls are the most

victimized of all dogs as they must

often be rescued due to negligence abuse

and irresponsible ownership thus like

all breeds these so-called aggressive

dogs are most often simply the product

of their environment..........

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