INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS Top Tips - How to use s to get more IG FOLLOWERS | how to get more followers on instagram

INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS Top Tips - How to use s to get more IG FOLLOWERS | how to get more followers on instagram 

INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS Top Tips - How to use s to get more IG FOLLOWERS | how to get more followers on instagram

hey what's up in this blog I'm gonna be

talking to you about Instagram hashtags

and some tips on how you can use them to

grow your following on Instagram in 2019

and actually I'm going to be sitting on

those steps back there because I think

that's a aesthetically pleasing looking

environment so let's sit over there

before I actually sit down I want to

tell you why hashtags why do hash tag

matter and why do I even care about

hashtags or why am i sharing this

strategy with you today and I really got

interested in the idea of hashtags when

I was rebranding my account when I just

sorted out on Instagram I wasn't a

social media marketer I wasn't a stories

marketing coach none of that I was just

a high school football player most of my

followers were my classmates my

teammates my friends I wasn't really

having a targeted fall and I wasn't

trying to grow my brand to make an

influence or an income or to build a

business off of my Instagram but when I

decided that I did want to actually use

my Instagram as a platform to grow my

influence income and impact I had to go

through a rebranding I decided that my

ideal follower wasn't the people who

were already following me so I needed a

way to reach out to these new followers

I looked at a bunch of different

strategies and heard from a bunch of

different experts on ways that I could

grow my following or change whom I

following was made up of and I decided

to try out hashtags I decided to try out

a bunch of different strategies and

tweak strategies the experts had given

me and try different things and plug

things in and take things out and find

out what really works when it comes to

hashtags and luckily I was successful in

doing this I grew from somewhere around

2,000 followers to 12,000 followers in

about an eight month period so in about

eight months I grew by 10,000 followers

this was awesome I was super excited in

this and the best part was that now

these followers were my targeted

followers the ideal followers they were

highly engaged they were liking my

pictures commenting they were swiping up

on my stories and they were heavily

involved in my business and helping me

grow as an entrepreneur since then I've

continued to use my own unique hashtag

strategy the one that I developed to

have that following increase and it's

allowed me to now grow to over 20,000

Instagram followers and I want to share

some of those tips with you right now so

I'm gonna stop standing in this awkward

half squat position and actually sit on

those stairs behind me

there we go okay so the first tip that I

want to share with you pertaining to

Instagram hashtags is placement where do

Instagram hashtags go do they go in your

bio do they go in your caption do they

go in the comment do you only use how

many do you do they go

where do your hashtags go the answer for

this is plain and simple they go in the

first comment after you post a picture

of the very first comment the first

thing you need to do once you hit the

upload button on Instagram is go into

the first comment and paste or type out

your list of hashtags they should go

there because one it's more

aesthetically pleasing if you're reading

someone's caption and see a big ole list

of hashtags down at the bottom of the

caption it's not very visually appealing

and you don't want to read all the way

through to the bottom because you don't

want to get to that spammy looking list

of hashtags so we put it in the first

comment that way it's visually hidden

it's not really that easy to see the

first comment when you're reading the

caption and the second reason why it

goes in the first comment is that it

works just the same the hashtags are

applied to your photo whether they're in

your first comment the fiftieth comment

or if they're in your caption so we put

them in the first comment because you

they can't be seen that way but they're

still applied to your photo as soon as

you post it the second tip that I have

for you is pertaining to how many

hashtags you should use some experts

will say ten some will say thirty and

you're allowed up to thirty so I want to

note that Instagram allows you to use up

to 30 hashtags every single time you

post on Instagram but I recommend only

using 28 the reason for 28 is that we're

still using a lot we're still using the

maximum almost the maximum amount of

hashtags that Instagram allows us to use

but if we use all 30 we're kind of on

instagrams radar we have the potential

of getting shadow banned or just getting

flagged for spamming people with too

many hashtags so I recommend using 28

that way you get the maximum reach

you're utilizing the tool to the best of

its ability but you're still flying

below instagrams radar so 28 hashtags

so now that we know that we should be

using 28 hashtags and that they should

be in our first comment what hashtags

should we actually be using and this is

where I think my strategy differs from a

lot of the other strategies that I've

heard on YouTube on podcast and from all

the other Instagram experts and that is

specificity of the hashtags that is your

hashtags should be specific they should

be targeted they should be very niched

down you know the riches are in the

niches so we need to find specific

hashtags that we can use to grow our

brand not the huge giant hashtags like

hashtag love or hashtag beauty or

hashtag sunset but the really specific

targeted hashtags the hashtags that our

ideal audience is looking at and that

they're actually engaging in our reason

for using these specific targeted

hashtags is that we want to rank as a

top post within these hashtags rather

than just appearing in the recently

posted category we actually want to

appear as a top post think about it as a

top search result on YouTube or Google

that oftentimes is based off keywords

and AdWords we can do the same thing to

our photos and videos on Instagram

through hashtags and actually develop a

short online course it's really easy to

get through it was designed so you can

get through it in a night literally you

could stop watching this video right now

check out the course and buy tonight buy

you the time you go to sleep tonight

you'll know how to grow your following

using specific hashtags and you'll

actually know more than just that you'll

actually have your own hashtag list

custom-designed for you created that $37

course is available at help with

hashtags com there's a link down below

this video and basically help with

hashtags is a couple short video lessons

just like I'm talking to you right now

where I walk you step-by-step through

creating your own niched down keyword

hashtag list that will allow you to

optimize your following grossly you can

attract the right kind of follow up not

just some spam followers or inorganic

likes and comments but actual real

authentic followers people who actually

care about your business and are

interested in whatever

brand you are posting about on Instagram

so again that's help with hashtags and

the link is down below this video my

fourth tip for you to grow your

Instagram following using hashtags in

2019 is to have different hashtag lists

for your different kinds of posts

chances are you're not just posting the

same kind of picture over and over again

on Instagram chances are you have a few

different varying styles of posts maybe

it's text posts or videos or workout

posts or sunset pictures chances are you

post a variety of things on Instagram

and you should be using different

hashtag lists for each of those kinds of

posts and again if you want to be a

total master of Instagram hashtags and

have your complete idealized niched

down lists of hashtags done by tonight

you can visit help with hashtags calm

the link is also down in the description

of this video below it's the same

strategy that allowed me to grow from

2000 to now over 20,000 it's allowed

doodler Diane black to now grow to over

60,000 on her page it's allowed people

with extremely large followings above a

500,000 to break plateaus that they had

reached and it's even allowed people

with a small following maybe they're

just starting out on Instagram with only

two to three hundred followers to begin

gaining traction and momentum and

actually grow to over two three four

five thousand followers on Instagram in

a short period of time it's not spam

it's very organic it's very authentic

because it's real followers your

targeted ideal followers so again that's

help with hashtags and until next time

happy networking......

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