I Used Fresh Aloe Vera on My Face for 5 DAYS

I Used Fresh Aloe Vera on My Face for 5 DAYS 

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this really cool blog so the
inspiration for this video was actually

my friend's downfall so my friend went
out and she fell face-first I think she

was a little too out of it to put her
hands out she got a couple of wounds on

her nose right here and on her lip so I
was like I got you girl go over to

the Asian market and get you one of
the aloe leafs so I have my own and

honestly they're massive you can get
these at a Asian market

Whole Foods she used it she was like girl
my marks are clearing up my wounds are

healing really quickly

this can be refrigerated for 10 to 15
days so you can also use it for your

hair and other things which I could make
a video about if you guys want I decided

to do five straight days of a fresh
aloe vera gel mask so yeah my goal is to

look like a badass bitch when I'm done
let's see what we morph into after five


so I'm cutting off a small piece of aloe
and then I'll wrap that the rest of it

back up into the saran wrap and put it
in the fridge I'm cutting off the edges

of this small piece as well and then I'm
going to make one slice down the center

of the gel you can go on either side
closer to the leaf but I find it's a lot

easier to just go straight down the
middle and then I'm going to try to cut

the gel from the leaf without getting
any of the leaf into my little cup here

I like to use this for face masks and
little mixtures that I do little DIY

ones the consistency is kind of goopy
and I'm just gonna rub that in on

freshly cleansed skin and then I'm going
to actually take the flesh of the gel in

a second you'll see it and it gets real
interesting real fast it's funny and it

feels really cooling and just jelly like
on your face so this is day 2 of doing

the aloe vera mask for 5 days straight I
just rinsed my face I just water rinse

water wash I guess this blackhead is so

also just was in the shower for a long
time because I was doing my hair which

is why it is like this alright I just
rinsed off the aloe mask this out of

in a row I feel like I'm getting that
glow just that natural beautiful glow

and that's it day two is complete so
first of all I hope you guys appreciate

my black girl realness you know you got
to keep your hair wrap when you need to

keep your camera all right so this is
day three of the a low-mass challenge

and I think I'm starting to notice some
differences so first of all my face is

like better my face feels so smooth this
is TMI but I had this Blackett that I

kind of showed you guys when I did the
close-up on my forehead and I never get

breakouts or anything on my forehead I
was able to kind of extract some of that

and it's healing so that's a good sign
aloe is an amazing healer I don't know

but I feel like I just have a natural
glow my skin feels just toned all the

time extremely soft so the album ascots
pretty much dried on my face there's

just a little streak of a little streak
of hour left there that's not dry but

you guys I wanted to show you how
amazing aloe is I'll put a clip of what

this blackhead situation that looked
like before the mask but look at how

close its like closed and it's less
inflamed immediately you guys that is

just amazing and it's flat like I can't
you can barely feel anything I just

can't believe it let me try get a side
shot it's freakin flat aren't you guys

today is day four and there has been
just an amazing

in my skin so my pores like the
inflammation has really gone down I feel

like I'm also noticing a difference in
my hyperpigmentation or I just rinsed

off the aloe mask and my face pills
again just hydrated very like very plump

very moist I just feel like this whole
area the color has evened out the like

pores look minimize and just more
controlled this Lord we gotta figure

that one out my skin is just smoother
especially in this area so although you

can still see the potholes they have
diminished a lot and it's kind of like

there's like this blurred screen effect
over my face okay you guys this is day

five and the excitement is because

praise everything the blackhead is gone
and I thought its scarred so yesterday

you guys saw it was like dark and it
felt textured so I knew it was probably

a scab but when I tell you guys my skin
marks so easily you can say something

mean to me and my skin will just it'll
just have lashes like literally my skin

marks that easily I have an extreme
issue with hyperpigmentation but even my

hypertension or my laugh lines
I guess the ala has just been healing it

because there's really no scar like you
can see a light little thing dark spot

so I have my
in here and I actually added one like a

little droplet of this vitamin E oil
it's just pure vitamin E oil i'll

siliceous fun ass up like who doesn't
want to just rub the gooey shit on their

face so I just rinsed off the aloe and
vitamin E mask

my face is glowing literally look at
that Fenty my skin feels hydrated and of

course toned oh there's so much
hydration so the inflammation is pretty

much gone but I can definitely say that
love has changed the game for

hyperpigmentation and scarring I cannot
even believe that this is that same

blackhead literally the next day of
course it was a scab but I just it

didn't really mark like that like that's
a miracle for my skin so yeah I

appreciate you guys if you got to this
part of the video if you got to the end

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honestly skin is in so yes I will see

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