How To Wax Facial Hair At Home! Dos and Donts

How To Wax Facial Hair At Home! Dos and Donts

hi guys welcome back to my blog as

you guys can see from the title is going

to be another video on removing hair so

I had amazing response to the blog I

did about shaving and there were loads

of people who are asking can you do an

alternative method of removing hair

instead of shaving because there were

some people who had comfortable or had

the confidence to shave or probably they

have sensitive skin so this is another

way I like to remove our hair apart from

shaving but the only problem with this

method is it hurts it has said this is

what I used to wax my face it's the

wheat natural inspiration of all skin

type you can't get the sensitive one I

don't really see a huge difference

between the sensitive and the old skin

type so I just tend to get one that's

actually offer I think it retails for

somewhere around six pence something but

I will put the exact price in the

description box below but I tend to buy

it when it's an offer I think it goes

down to about four pounds or five months

I'm not sure vaccine actually really

hurts I'm not gonna lie this is a very

cheap alternative method instead of

going to salon and getting it done

because I think in the salon you might

cost about I don't know ten pounds but

it's this one will cost you about five

pounds and I wax intends to last me for

a month like I said if I'm going on

holiday this is what I do so that I

don't really need to bother about taking

care of my facial hair

evacs was really good for you as well

just like shaving because it will remove

all the dead cells in your skin but you

just have to make sure that you pull it

in the right direction I

didn't touch my face I wanted all my

facial hair to grow back just because I

wanted to do this video so I have a

little mustache growing up and I assume

you guys in you'll be able to see that

so without further ado let's just start

the video because I don't want it to be

too long guys can see my pretty face

with all that hair so I'm sure you guys

can see just like the previous blog

that there's some hair here and

obviously you guys can see my mustache

and this more hair here you will see in

the video that I tend to have a reaction

for vaccine my face because my skin is

really super sensitive and the Vita

pocket it comes like this you get some

like a soothing oil and these back

strips need to warm these wax strips up

by rubbing it between your hands

so first I'm just gonna wax my upper lip

that's the one I'm most conscious about

trust me

eyebrows and upper lip makes a huge

difference to your face there are more

gonna do is I'm just going to peel the

apart so you guys can see the wax is hot

and ready to go on your skin my mustache

hair is for this

so I'm going to place my wax strip and

pull it the opposite direction so ready

once you place the strip just give you a

nice rug to heat up the box a bit more

so the VAX actually sticks onto the hair

so what I like to do is have this half

circle bit bit at the end so you can

grab it to pull the strips on this half

carve it facing this way

I think it's ready you can see all the

all the all the wax is actually stuck on

to the hair so now I'm ready to pull I

like to hold my skin and stretch a bit

so it's less painful I'd have to count

one to tell him for it is nerve-wracking

when you about to pull it off it's not

that painful yeah it's not people can

see my head some of the VAX is still

there and there's some remaining on the

strip as well so I'm quickly going to

put that back home and remove that wax

our lips don't really hurt that much

it's just the first time when you pull

it because your skin is not used to it

it will hurt but it's just site burns

that see people I was trading to do this

video but let's just get on right there

so I can help other sisters or brothers

out to get their facial hair moved so

for the sideburns I like to keep it

really natural so the first thing

obviously what we're going to do is

we're going to warm it up

okay this bet it's going to us you guys

see the difference I'm doing this for

you guys so hopefully this vision will

be useful so you guys can see the hair

the hair is down when you have dark hair

growing it looks a bit dark in that

section as well when you remove that

head it's nice and bright and please

don't touch this area too much you don't

want any germs getting in there so just

leave it for now we're just going to

finish this off you're gonna wax here

and here that wasn't too painful it

always but people when you do the actual

sideburn don't you do the cheek area

because that's my sensitive area and

where i don't--all record that's why I

used the strip that's already being used

so it's not too harsh on that area you

know like the little peach fluff and

that baby hair you get around here
okay my face is done and we're not done

yet though so the second step here yet

and ice today ice is a recycle ice so to

get to nice and rub it and make it kind

of numb so just rub it everywhere to

kind of numb it and get rid of that pain

third step is to use the perfect finish

wipes that comes in that box so it's

it's like a soothing oil so what I'm

going to do is I'm just going to wipe

this it immediately went really red it's

fine don't worry about it that is done

so just leave this oil for about three

to four minutes and then wash your face

so I'm just gonna do that and I'll be

back so I'm back so I just removed the

oil from my face I literally took some

like warm water and my face wash and I

washed it off my face still kind of

feels a bit warm that's fine it's all

because of the pulling and you know your

skin is kind of reacting to it and the

redness also kind of calmed down a bit I

know there's a tiny bit of a which

there's a tiny bit of redness here but

it's fine it's still like 20 minutes ago

that I wax my face don't worry about the

redness it will disappear guys it would

disappear if it's the first time that

you have acts in your face you would

definitely get some bumps on your face

because you're not used to it

I didn't get a lot of bums I just got

tiny bit of redness that's it so I'm

happy but the first time you're doing it

please do keep in do keep in mind that

you will get some redness and some bumps

on your face like mini like heat pimples

kind of thing but it will disappear

within 24 hours so the final step is to

use some organic aloe vera gel and I'm

sure you guys have seen me using

so many times this is such a great

moisturizer and cooling and a soothing

gel so I'm just going to take a tiny bit

just apply on your face especially to

this area here because that can get bit

all right at home the minute you put

some sort of gel or oil your face will

go better wet it's fine

damn panic I'm just gonna put it to my

whole face because my face is kind of

dry so if I was you I wouldn't really

put any sort of foundation or any makeup

to my face I will let this rest I'm just

going to stay like this until tomorrow

morning that's the end of the video I

was dreading this video the whole day

because I know how painful especially

this bit is going to be when you guys so

if this bit wasn't that painful it took

about ten minutes because I was

recording now she took about 15-20

minutes but if you were to do it without

all this recording you'll take about 10

minutes of your life and it's quite

affordable because I have loads of

strips left for five pounds and this

whole procedure probably cost about 10

pounds if you were to go to a salon and

you got it done with it a bit four

strips and you have enough about I don't

know one two three four five six seven

eight strips remaining and more oil

packs remaining so it's a cheap and

affordable way of removing your hair so

I really hope this video helped you guys

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today and until next time bye

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