How To Use A Face Wash For Clean, Glowing Moisturised Skin Glamrs Daily Skin Care Routine

How To Use A Face Wash For Clean, Glowing Moisturised Skin Glamrs Daily Skin Care Routine

How To Use A Face Wash For Clean, Glowing Moisturised Skin Glamrs Daily Skin Care Routine

Clogged pores, dullness and many other skin concerns
are caused by various environmental factors.

But thankfully there are natural ingredients and products

that can help you fight these skin conditions.

The quality and health of your skin can only be in check

when you diligently follow a cleansing routine.

So here’s how you can step up your cleansing game

by using the right face wash, for radiant looking skin!

Washing your face just with water and no product

causes the skin to dry out.

And so using a cleanser that frees the skin of dirt

and maintains the pH level of the skin is supremely essential.

So before cleansing, thoroughly wash your hands

to get rid of all the debris.

Then splash warm water on your face

and take a small amount of the

Nivea Milk Delights Rosewater face wash.

It has a rich consistency with small granule like beads

that help unclog pores

and clear out all the impurities from your face.

Foam the cleanser between your hands

and then evenly distribute it across your face.

Go around in small circular motions

by applying normal to light pressure.

Massaging right is vital as this boosts circulation

that makes the skin glowy and soft.

Cleansing incorrectly will lead to extreme dryness

and uncomfortable tightness.

So watch out for the way you’re washing your face.

Don't ditch this step altogether.

It’s ideal to cleanse twice a day,

once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Washing your face more than twice

will strip your skin of its natural oils

and dry it out further.

Once you’re through with the massaging,

splash your face with room temperature

or cool water and wash off.

Avoid using hot water

as this will only irritate your skin instead of calming it.

So this gentle cleanser will clarify your skin of all the dirt and sebum,

keep it soft and reveal radiant looking skin.

Pat dry with a fresh towel

and follow up with a moisturiser

that’s appropriate for your skin type.

Every skin type has its own quirks

and so you should opt for a cleanser

that’s suitable for your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin,

look for something that has soothing

and anti-inflammatory properties, such as

Nivea’s Milk Delights Caring Rosewater face wash.

Someone with an oily skin type should opt for a product

that helps control sebum production

and clears out the impurities from the skin.

If you have dry skin, choose a product that has ingredients

with moisturising properties like honey.

And if you’re someone who has normal skin

then choose products that nourish from within.

So now that you know how to cleanse like a pro,

follow these tips to effectively transform your skin

for a beautiful better you!

We’ll be back soon with some more amazing skin care tips.

Until then stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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