How To Remove Facial Hair (Demonstration) KATORI WAX - In 10 Minutes

How To Remove Facial Hair (Demonstration) KATORI WAX - In 10 Minutes 

today i vil tell uh how can uh make natural  wax easily at home . lets start the blog:

in a bowl add

now mix them well . now transfer it to a steel bowl

now heat it until the sugar melts n stir it while heating.

uh can add more water to this if uh think it is too thick.

this is a perfect katori wax to remove ur facial hair or body hair.

make sure uh haven't applied any moisturiser on ur face while using it,

now remove it from flame n let it semi cool.

it also removes tanning from ur face .

we will use paper strips with this.

now i vil tell u how to apply this , firstly use a butter knife to apply this n immediately apply a paper strip on it n press it.

now from the opposite direction of hair growth, remove this .

since we made it by ourselves n it has all natural ingredients so it vil not harm ur skin.

uh can see that using it once it  removed the hair .

so this was my home made wax video n do like my videos

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meet uh in my next blog till then take care bbie.

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