How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - Free Course For Beginner Affiliate Marketers | how to start affiliate marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - Free Course For Beginner Affiliate Marketers | how to start affiliate marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - Free Course For Beginner Affiliate Marketers | how to start affiliate marketing

all right miles here miles Becker calm

and this affiliate marketing training is

going to be going on here in just a

second we're gonna cover three main

questions in this video the first one is

what is affiliate marketing the second

one is how does affiliate marketing work

and the third one the most important one

is how do you make money with affiliate

marketing now if you can hear me right

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you're dialing in from if you're

watching after the live broadcast know

that we're gonna go through my

curriculum first and this I expect to

take about 15 to 20 minutes and then

we'll transition into question and

answer session after that so if you see

this videos got a really long playtime

don't worry the core curriculum is gonna

come out first and then it's just

question answer you'll get a lot of

value from the question answer but you

can get through the content much more

quickly so I am getting comments right

here and now we got Donna we got Brennan

tenza everybody is seeming to get my

content here so we got the Netherlands

in the house we got Florida we got San

Diego cool everybody is able to hear me

and see me which means let's just jump

in and get started because I've got a

lot of ground to cover so if you don't

know who I am or about my past I made my

first money online as an affiliate in

2003 so I've been making money online as

an affiliate for approximately 15 years

now it's still a big core of my wife and

my main business we have I would assume

somewhere between two and three dozen

sources of income that kind of support

us currently and most of those are

affiliate income I've also built an

affiliate program for a merchant I built

a program from the ground up it was an

online retailer that did about 1.5

million dollars per year in revenue in

the greeting card world they did print

on demand greeting cards I helped them

build an affiliate program and we grew

it to over a quarter million dollars in

revenue in the first year and that

program has been running successfully

ever since so I have in one side of the

equation or the other generated well

over a million dollars in revenue as an


I still do well over a hundred probably

about three hundred thousand or so per

year as an affiliate so we're super

affiliates over here so I know what I'm


about what you're gonna learn here in

this kind of video in this course is not

the easy money promises that you'll see

in a lot of the fake guru sales letter

being an affiliate marketer takes a lot

of work and for the first few years it

probably will take more work than a

40-hour a week job but here's the kicker

you can get to a point where you've

built up enough momentum in your

business that you either keep doing the

same amount of work or you can ease off

the throttle a bit and you have so much

momentum going that your income

continues to grow whether you put in

more effort or not it also can free you

up there's no ceiling to how much you

can earn as an affiliate I know

affiliates who make millions of dollars

per year you can operate an affiliate

marketing business from anywhere in the

world I've lived in over 20 countries in

the last four years

everything from Bali New Zealand Hawaii

Thailand Costa Rica Barcelona the grand

canary islands of Spain off the coast of

Africa and you can operate this business

from anywhere and it gives you time

freedom so you got kids you know spend

more time with your kids more time with

the grandkids you want to be able to be

the soccer coach and make - every game

and currently you're stuck in the


affiliate marketing can honestly offer

that freedom but it takes a lot of work

here's the cool part it's a proven plan

what I'm gonna show you is work for me

it's worked for many friends it's worked

for a lot of people and I got a huge

network of entrepreneurs to have been

speaking at events I've been meeting and

shaking hands with entrepreneurs all

around the world this is a proven

process so with all that said let's jump

right in and I will get to all your

questions I'm getting so many kudos and

with Australia we got New York we got

California but our CEO st. Louis Houston

Texas North Carolina what's up everybody

I really do honor the fact that you're

here with me right now I'm so excited to

get into this so let's jump in so the

first two questions we're gonna go

through quick I want to spend the bulk

of the time on how do you make money

with affiliate marketing but you gotta

understand how it works right you got to

understand all the parties involved

because that's how you can really get

good at the whole game of truly making a

long term income with affiliate

marketing so what is affiliate marketing

there's two perspectives there's the

business the merchant the vendor right

and then there's you the affiliate so

from the merchant side or the vendor

side it's a customer acquisition channel

so what a vendor or an e retailer and

online retailer looks at affiliate

marketing as is a way to incentivize a

commission only sales team that's their

goal they pay on

formitz so they can bring in a lot of

affiliates and as an affiliate manager

when I ran that program I noticed about

2% or 1% of all affiliates brought in

about 90% of the revenue but you don't

know what that 2% is so an affiliate

business is gonna bring in lots of

affiliates they're gonna work with them

give them the tools and then they're

gonna find the ones who are really

performing well and those are their kind

of best paid salespeople and they make

Commission only so the business has the

upfront fee to get all the tech in place

but after that they're only paying on

performance for you as an independent

digital marketer it's an opportunity to

sell other people's products and earn

income based on your marketing efforts

without having to deal with shopping

carts without having to deal with

customer support you don't have to deal

with shipping logistics returns all of

that is handled by the merchants you

simply pre sell the product and deliver

an interested audience over to the

product sales page and get more in on

that pre selling idea in the future

because that's the big key that's where

most people get it wrong they try to

sell the products as an affiliate that's

actually the job of the merchant your

job is to pre sell it so that's what

affiliate marketing is how does it work

I won't get too techie I promise but we

got a touch on the tech here cuz you got

to understand how it works there's a

couple of key things you're gonna take

away from this so when a company an

online retailer wants to begin an

affiliate marketing program they install

two main pieces of code to their website

number one they put a cookie across

every single page of their website and

then they have an affiliate management

area now they can partly partner with an

affiliate network that kind of runs all

of this for them or they can run it

standalone as their own affiliate

program but what happens is you as an

affiliate when you sign up you get a

unique ID this ID is usually appended in

the URL on every page of the vendors

website there's a cookie that's always

looking for an affiliate ID when someone

enters the website so if someone clicks

through your link and lands on their

website you will have a special ID that

identifies you as a person who sent that

visitor when that visitor shows up with

that little special thing in the URL the

cookie gets planted on the user's

browser and the

cookie embeds your affiliate ID as the

individual who brought that visitor to

the site then there's something called

the cookie duration this can be from 24

hours to 6 months or sometimes they have

lifetime cookie durations generally

you're gonna find a 30 to 60 day cookie

duration the cookie will expire at the

end of that window if the user completes

a transaction before the cookie expires

with your affiliate ID in that cookie

during the checkout process their

shopping cart will pick up who deliver

that person and attribute the sale to

whoever that affiliate is generally they

run in a last click program which means

if I sent a visitor let's say there's a

visitor Sally and I send Sally over

through my affiliate link and then Sally

finds your blog post and follows your

link over to that same product you would

get the attribution when Sally purchases

because you were the last click event

link and some of the networks run some

pretty fancy technology that actually

tries to blend and it'll look at like it

would split the Commission's between us

but for most situations you're gonna

find that it's a last click attribution

that's all the tech you need to

understand the big takeaway here right

now is the cookie duration Amazon's

affiliate program gives you a 24 hour

cookie duration which is one of the

shortest in the industry so that means

when somebody clicks on your Amazon

affiliate link and looks at a product if

they purchase within 24 hours you get

the commission for that and then every

other product they purchase on that

order if they don't purchase within 24

hours if that purchase happens and that

transaction happens 48 hours in two days

because they had to think about it you

don't earn the commission and Amazon

still makes a sale so when I big kind of

plums with the Amazon program but the

other side of that is they sell

everything so you can literally sell

anything in the world through Amazon on

that in their small Commission's but

we'll talk a little bit more about that

stuff in the future so I hope this all

makes sense so far really simple you are

in commission only salesperson your goal

is to pre-sell the content and deliver

traffic to a con to a ecommerce store to

a merchant or a vendor and then the

cookie is planted on the user's browser

so if the user clears their cookies if

they're running a cookie blocker your

cookie won't actually plant so you don't

always get a

hundred percent of the sales of what you

deliver and then as long as they make

the purchase to transaction they

complete that transaction within the

window of the cookie duration you earn a

commission oftentimes there's there's a

waiting period it's like a refund period

so sometimes it'll be 30 days after the

sale or like the first of the month

after 30 days is when you actually get

paid it could be like a two-week rolling

window and that's if they have a return

window they want to make sure they don't

give you a commission on a product that

gets refunded because they're not gonna

eat that that refund they're gonna take

your Commission back as well so that's

how it all works and now we are moving

right into the meat and potatoes how do

you make money with affiliate marketing

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whole goal I'm not pitching anything at

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marketing so hit that thumbs up button

for me if you wouldn't mind and onto how

to make money with affiliate marketing

so I've got two broad formulas that are

theoretical and then we're gonna get

into like a five-step plan like a really

solid like step one step two all the way

to five step plan but you gotta

understand this theoretical side first

because it touches on that pre selling

idea that I talked about because your

goal is not to sell the product the

merchant is there to sell the product

and a merchant who runs a quality

affiliate program they have sales data

they know what their conversion rates

are they have a high converting offer

Amazon converts like crazy most people

go to Amazon end up buying something

that's that's how Amazon works so you as

an affiliate can trust that Amazon knows

how to close the sale that's their job

your job is an affiliate is to really

kind of build that individual up their

interest and their desire so they know

that this is the right thing for them to

solve their problem or to achieve their

goal and then when they click through

they're already ready to buy because

they're pre-sold on the item and then

all of the do I trust this merchant do I

have a refund window am I gonna be taken

care of

all that is done by the actual merchants

themselves so how to make money with

affiliate marketing the first one it's

three letters I'm gonna draw this on the

board I kept my whiteboard in here I

didn't know if we were gonna use it but

we will today so let's jump in

so the first one is TT Oh right now TT o

stands for traffic trust and offer now

this is your job as an affiliate

marketer number one you drive traffic

number two you build trust number three

you make offers a lot of people who get

the affiliate marketing game wrong think

it's just T oh it's just traffic to

offer traffic to offer quick story for

you when I first started making money as

an affiliate

I was direct linking people from MySpace

over to an affiliate program this was in

2003 and it started earning me some

income I wasn't building trust I was

neglecting the middle T in this

situation it worked fine for a few

months but one change in the myspace

algorithm when they got bought out by

Fox News my links were no longer able to

be published on their platform and my

income went to zero overnight it was a

day of reckoning for the miles bechler I

was out on my own I was living in Santa

Monica 20 blocks from the beach very

expensive location I thought I had it

all figured out I thought I was riding

an easy street all the way to the to the

hammocks and the mai tais on the beach

making money doing nothing and that was

my first slap in the face by the world

of if I'm not actually adding value and

getting people to trust me myles Beckler

the intermediary not the third party

product not the blog post I'm talking

about they actually get to trust me

I wasn't building a lifetime asset that

I could rely on so that's ultimately

your job as an affiliate is to build the

trust and how do we do this well it's

always through content and generally

it's through content via an email list

I was not building an email list if I

were to go back today and kind of enter

that same business model that I had

going in 2003 instead of direct linking

them from MySpace to the actual

affiliate website I would have been

sending them to an opt-in page just like

my DIY sales funnel video series teaches

exactly like that that's why I teach

that now that's why I preach that now is

because I failed and I had this all

collapse down to zero so you don't have

to so really here my words when I say

you must build a list because that list

that is your asset my friend that list

you own

list and you own the right to market to

that list as long as you got that

unsubscribe and they actually opted in

you can market to them for the lifetime

of that list they can unsubscribe when

they want but if you give enough value

we'll talk about that in a minute that

you have gi right hook they will love

your emails they will look forward to

your emails they will be excited about

those things that you offer that's how

it works so number one is traffic number

two is building trust number three is

making offers tto that's the big picture

the second big picture you've heard me

use this analogy before if you see my

videos it's AI da now this is an old

school kind of copywriting and direct

response formula it stands for attention

interest I just totally blanked on it

but I've got a written down here so

attention interest desire and action

that's what it stands for AI da let's

get that on the board real quick

attention interest desire and action

so in this framework you and the

merchant are both working together to

get someone all the way through AI da

attention is on you as the affiliate

interest is on you as the affiliate

desire is on you as affiliate the action

that's ultimately up to the merchant and

you'll notice I interchange vendor

merchants ecommerce store whatever it's

it's the person who's actually closing

out the transaction so in this framework

here the attention is maybe that's a

Pinterest pin maybe that's a social

media post the attention starts with

that first moment they encounter your

message generally you're not talking

about the product in this face generally

you're talking about the solution

they're seeking out in their life the

the goal they're trying to achieve right

people are always searching for ways to

solve their goals they're searching for

ways to achieve their goals

that's how the whole internet works to

be honest that's why you're watching

this video right now is because you

believe that I can help you achieve your

goal or solve your problem affiliate

marketing is not work

for you you want to build a location and

financial independent business cool

this video is my content to help you you

maybe have seen my content before but

this might be the first one so we're

somewhere between attention and interest

right I've captured your attention maybe

with the help of the YouTube search

engine because I'm live so I get that

little bubble popping up and it's

getting the attention of more people

than my normal subscribers that's part

of why I'm doing this live and that's

part of why I built out such a long

description and a such a keyword focused

title before even launching this out

there so the interest is really being

built through me telling the stories and

me sharing what's going on the desire is

what's really happening through all of

this the action now if I was trying to

sell you something I would end this in a

webinar format where I sold you a course

but I don't want to do that I'm gonna

give you everything completely I'm just

trying to show you how I'm using this

framework here today now it let's say

let's use an example of let's say Diane

and Diane is a 53 year old not let list


42 okay Diane is she's got three kids

and her kids are super busy she's a

soccer mom she's all over the place she

works from home but she never feels like

she has any downtime and she eats a lot

of fast food because it's quick and easy

and Diane's feeling a little overweight

and she's not really she's not really

loving what's going on right now in her

life she was at a friend's house

recently and her friend made her a green

smoothie so chia seed smoothie had all

kinds of fruit in it and instead of

going to McDonald's for the Big Mac

midday she had the smoothie and she felt

great she had solid energy she was like

wow and her kids they actually missed

that kind of midday crash because they

all had this movie too so now this lady

she's sold on the idea of smoothies and

she wants to mix in smoothies into her

world right so the idea was built by

actually a friend so what is she gonna

do she's probably gonna turn to Google

and she's gonna search Google what is

the best blender for a large family

under $100 now this is her search phrase

and what comes up in the search results

of Google on page one are capturing her

attention in this moment that she's

decided she's ready to add on this new

thing she's already interested at this

point so that box is kind of ticked but

when she clicks on she wants to make

sure that you're not just talking about

the blender you're talking about

lifestyle benefits the psychological

wins the the losing weight the more

sustained energy that the saving money

compared to eating out at fast food the

easy to clean up because you're a busy

mom and you can actually throw this one

inside of the dishwasher then the desire

gets built through her reading all the

benefits all the psychological benefits

not the benefits of the blender itself

the benefits of using that in her life

in a way they're getting her kids to be

happier and so her kids don't throw

mid-day tantrums because they're they're

hungry or they're eating processed foods

all the time it's gonna help her lose

weight that's another huge benefit that

she wants it's gonna have helped her

have more energy and it's all quick and

easy to do and quick and easy to sell

she is ready at that point and if you've

really spoken to her as a busy mom with

lots of kids who who wants those

specific benefits the desire is there

and when you make a recommendation the

right way on this kind of page of

content that recommendation would be for

the number one blender you recommend for

that specific busy mom with a big family

who needs a fast cleanup and it's under

a hundred bucks she's probably gonna

click that and if it's an Amazon link

charity trust Amazon she's probably a

prime number already she's gonna put on

her credit card so fast cuz that thing

will be there in two days and that was

an easier transaction than going down to

the local Walmart or the local Bed Bath

and Beyond

etc etc and in that moment my friend you

just earned commissions now I went

pretty deep into some of the

psychological stuff and you have to

understand that's the difference that's

the make or break it's not about the

blender right it's not about the golf

widget that's going to help them improve

their golf game it's about the bragging

rights they're gonna get in a clubhouse

after the golf game because they finally

started beating their buddies because

they got more birdies and their buddies

did because they finally eagled some

hole when everybody else had to par the

whole type situation so psychological

things and that's really powerful for

you to get going and to understand so

the main point here in that story I want

you to take away with is you're not

actually selling the blender you're

pre-selling the blender you're helping

her understand what that specific

blender is going to do for her and then

it meets her criteria of fast cleanup

and under $100 etc etc when she gets to

Amazon she can look at the reviews

she trusts that site a lot of merchants

that aren't Amazon there's there's that

trust moment of like can I put my credit

card in on this website but we're all

programmed to put

our money and credit cards in on Amazon

already so the trust is already there

and that's how the program works that's

how it works when it when it actually

works is in that method you build you

capture their attention you create

interest or you help them stoke the

interest you build desire with them to

have that specific one and then you just

get them over to where they can complete

the checkout with someone who actually

is a solid vendor and deliver on the

promise because if they buy and that

lender doesn't show up for ten weeks

because it's being shipped from

Aliexpress you look like the bad guy

because you recommended that product and

they had a ten week lead time they

didn't know right so you got to keep

that in mind who you promote reflects

among reflects back on you as a brand

which is why I'm not promoting any

affiliate marketing courses I don't

trust any of them they're mostly scams

out there to get your money or to get

you to promote the same thing and

they're almost like multi-level

marketing and since I don't trust any of

them and I think they're all a little

scammy right now I'm not recommending

one to you and I'm just gonna teach you

everything instead this will be a

value-add from me to you and it'll put

that kind of value proposition a little

farther down the line when I do have

something I think is really gonna work

for you like my DIY sales funnel series

that has three affiliate links in it I

know that'll work for you you're more

likely to go through that process and

trust me because I gave you all this

content on the front end let's keep

moving so now we're at the five steps to

make money as an affiliate so I've got a

free course it takes a little different

path to this point because I talk about

memberships and selling your own

products selling info products so if you

don't have my free course yet you can

get it at miles bechler com forward

slash free - course it's the 7 step kind

of process and my wife and I use to

build our business that we're running

now there's massive overlap in what

you're about to learn in the five-step

process I go a little farther on that

one in how to create your own membership

program and how to create your own

products but I also talk about affiliate

marketing a lot in there too so so this

is contained in that that just goes a

little bit deeper and you'll also get my

daily emails after that which have been

on fire I've been getting some really

cool results and responses from out all


five steps you ready taking notes on

this I hope so you guys having fun hit

the thumbs up if you are so step number

one know yourself this is so key and I

had this wrong back in the day for

years you need to know what method of

communication you are most comfortable

with right so if you are someone who the

thought of doing a live like I'm doing

right now scares the hell out of you

don't do video if you're someone who

loves to write and you're just you you

loved English class you just love

writing you love reading and you love

writing and you see me doing this

YouTube thing like obviously that's the

path I got to do the don't you don't

have to do YouTube you can just write if

you like talking but you don't love the

idea of having to get all dressed up not

what I'm like dressed up or any I did

shave this morning I showered and shaved

but like for I think sometimes for

ladies it's you know it's an hour

process sometimes for my wife to get

ready to do her videos if that thought

bothers you but you love talking maybe a

podcast is the right medium for you

maybe the spoken word is the right

medium for you or if you're a good

interview or maybe the podcast so so the

first step is to know yourself because

you have to become a content creator and

you're trying to create content in a way

that's not in alignment with your DNA

it's gonna be extremely challenging and

you're probably not going to publish

enough content that's what I did with

the miles Beckler blog miles Becker com4

literally six and a half years roughly

from 2010 through 2016 I'd seen my wife

who built a massive massive brand

through blogging my wife's website today

gets over 8 million visits per year now

I saw that whole process through her

using the written word so what did I

think well I need to go right that's I

need to be a writer

but I didn't really like writing at all

and I just never published it was

difficult for me and I wandered and and

I wasn't focused enough and I just

didn't have the boobs more almost a

belief that I was a writer but I tried

to force myself to write for years

wasn't until August of 2016 that I was

like you know what I'm gonna try this

YouTube thing and I turned on the camera

and it's fun and I love this this moment

I get to share with you I actually do

enjoy this process like I've been fired

up like I it was difficult for me to

sleep last night I woke up at 5:30 this

morning stoked to do this video with you

right that's how I know that I found the

right medium for me to communicate

through now that I've been doing videos

I mean the results speak for themselves

right you can see my data I'm pretty

much at 60 thousand subscribers not even

two years at this point because I'm

having fun it's enjoyable and it's

exciting which means I'm consistent with

it and you have to be consistent with

your content marketing

or else nothing's gonna work right the

reason my wife's blog gets 8 million

visits per year right now is because

she's been blogging every year every

month every week since 2009 that's why

it's the cumulative results it's the

combined results of all of that past

effort that she's getting residual kind

of traffic from all of those blog posts

she created in the past which is exactly

what my youtube channel is doing right

now my early videos are still bringing

in new people to learn about maybe

attention level and these new videos are

bringing in more new people those

compound I'm reaching more people every

day and every day I put out a video it's

more people the reason why this is

working to get back to what we're

talking about here is because I found my

content kind of creation method that's

in alignment with who I am it's fun it's

easy so I get it done I've done three

videos a week at least for about two

years now and there ain't no stopping

this train because I love what we've got

going on so you have to find that for

yourself so if your writer right if your

talk or do a podcast if you like the

song and dance do YouTube welcome to the


personally I would say there's a small

notch up for writing the reason is

WordPress is an open source platform

it's the only platform you should be

writing on you can control the user

experience more on WordPress than you

can on YouTube or on a podcast you can

have pop-ups that offer your free thing

which we'll talk about in a minute you

can have a sidebar you can have ads

actual ad space in there that can be

affiliate products it can be adsense we

do both generally we'll put an affiliate

offer that's hyper relevant before we'll

put an advertisement in a blog post but

you have more control you put a ribbon

up top you put fly-ins you do all kinds

of stuff if you own the platform what

you do in the written word also Google

gets more searches than anything in the

world and Google picks up written word

WordPress sites best so if you are a

writer good on you like pat yourself on

the back that is actually probably the

most powerful way to move forward as a

content creator but if you're not a

writer don't worry about it you can kind

of take my approach which has been now

that I'm creating content in this manner

I'm having my content transcribed you

can use auto-pay I like like the critter

like ot te rai and that's free for like

600 minutes per month um it'll

transcribe your stuff or you can use

Trent TR int com

it's like 25 cents a minute and and you

can essentially create transcribe

versions of your spoken content and then

you could turn it into blog posts and

this is what I call my three pillar

content marketing strategy your ultimate

goal is to get to where your contents

out on all three pillars you got your

videos firing you got your audio firing

and you got your text firing if you

write it first great then record an

audio track of it great add on an image

for a video put it on YouTube put on the


you hit all three pillars so the goal is

three pillars and just keep in mind I

didn't get my second pillar going for

about a year so I did only videos for

the first year just to flex that muscle

over and over to get really good at

being a content creator then I added on

the the the written word that took about

six months to get dialed in I've got a

team working that for me and then I

added on the the the podcast version

which I have people kind of running for

me so now that all three of those are

firing I'm emailing my list every day so

I spend time with one thing and I go all

in on one thing long enough to get

flexing muscle enough to where it

becomes easy then add the next then add

the next don't try to start all three at

once get mastery of your main content

creation process first give it three

months six months I love a 90 day

challenge 90 posts and 90 days 90 videos

in 90 days let's move on to the next one

so step two who can you help most people

think what can I promote and that's the

backwards way to affiliate marketing and

most people who approach it this way

don't make much money there are a few

people who in this world are connecting

through paid ads this is essentially

running paid ads for products and

they're getting the clicks enough clicks

and they're they're doing CPA or they're

selling enough things that they're

making money and they're able to apply

scale there's also people in a world who

have won the lottery I don't put money

into the lottery and I don't bet on

things that don't have a proven track

record for hundreds of thousands of

people so building the list building the

content it's such a proven path to this

that you really need to think about not

what product can I promote but what can

I offer what value can I bring to the

world who can I best help so how do you

figure out who you can best help that's

a really good question and you need to

kind of look in a little bit to yourself

what comes easy and naturally to you is

one thing and that that's often hidden

it's hidden in plain sight for us so

what would your friends say comes easily

or what are your friends or family

members what do they call you for like

hey I need help with boom you get the

phone calls all the time hey I need help

with into you it's like man this is so

easy right so what comes easy and

naturally to you comes easy you don't

notice that you think it comes easy to

everyone but it doesn't and this is one

of those opportunities because if it's

easy and natural to you and it's

difficult for other people

perfect you have an opportunity to help

this audience of people solve a problem

or achieve a goal look back into your

education and your professional

experience if you have any look back

into your hobbies if you don't have any

the world of gaming is turning into an

absolutely insane multi multi

multi-billion dollar industry and it has

been a billion dollar industry right the

video game industry has been but at this

point we have live streaming there's

competitive gaming professional

competitive gamers are making millions

and millions of dollars a year the

eSports craze that's going on right now

is absolutely insane there is so it's

such a large audience of people wanting

to get better at games there's a huge

market there if you're a gamer but then

again everything from RC cars RC planes

drones horseback riding golfing all

kinds of hobbies right even down to like

fine scotches fine whiskeys fine wines

those kinds of things cigars there's a

million different niches what captures

your interest already what are you

already interested in the big idea that

if I could help you walk away

understanding one big idea from this

whole video is for you to shift your

mindset from how can I get money from

the internet to how can I give value to

this world of the Internet what do you

know what do you have inside of you that

you've done that you can share that will

be helpful to an audience of people most

people have it backwards and they're

like how can I get what can I promote to

get money from this internet when you're

like hey how can I give value to this

world that's when things start to work

out for you so think of my story real

quick been making money online since

2003 started building my first websites

in around 1999 when I was in high school

when I finished up high school 1999-2000

is when I built my first websites so I

spent three or four years trying to

figure the game out before I made any

money then from 2003 to 2007 it took me

that or excuse me to 2010 it took seven

years for me to go full-time online

and now from 2010 full-time online

through 2016 100% dedicated focus on my

wife and my business and also doing

client work then in 2016 right after 15

plus years of experience with digital

marketing building websites etc I began

to teach online why because I just spent

15 plus years of my life dedicating 60

to 80 hours a week figuring out this

game of internet marketing affiliate

marketing website building and all of it

and not only that I produce the results

right I've created a over a million

dollars in value if you look at my

client work I mean I've created millions

of dollars in value for all my clients

and my family included I'm talking about

revenue right I'm talking money in the

bank style profit right this is not like

intangible this is very tangible and

then I started so so my goal here is to

help you look back into your past what

have you been doing for 10 years what

have you been doing for 15 years these

are the keys to really finding out that

which is the easiest for you to help

people with so we're looking for the

easy method of communication and then

what problem can you help other people

solve that comes easy to you easy and

easy because when it's easy you do it

when it's hard you're not gonna do it so

find those easy things for you right the

if you can't find something easy what

would be fun I'm a really good friend of

mine fitness instructor she worked in

gyms she worked one-on-one with people

she had a little online gym thing she

was building all in the fitness world

she loves horseback riding she loves

dressage riding specifically which is

like horse dancing most people don't

know what it is it's actually an Olympic


she created a fitness product what she's

good at mixed it with dressage riding

what she loves and she by far has the

number one fitness for dressage riding

program in the world they have part one

part two they're crushing it they are

doing so well for themselves

there's nobody being of service that

audience she loves it her passion comes

through her horses are in the background

right she lives on her property she has

her horses there so it's that kind of an

idea what do you do so if you need to

figure that out like if money wasn't a

question what would you do with your day

right or when you're sitting on the

couch at home and you're looking on your

phone on reddit or just browsing or

watching YouTube videos that aren't make

money online related what do you

what are you what are you interested in

this world go down that path you'll find

the process of making creating content

fun and easy makes it doable when it's

doable you'll be consistent when it's

consistent that's how you grow an

audience when you grow an audience

that's how you can build the trust in

order for people to click through your

links and take your recommendations all

right so what comes easily to you that

other people seem to struggle with what

problems have you solved in your life

that you would love that other people

would love to solve have you overcome

physical ailments have you done some

sort of rehab or therapy or have you

have you quit something that was

dragging you down what have you actually

overcome in your life and how can you

help others with that what have you been

helping people or businesses with

professionally for years already

um what problems do you have in your

life right now that you're committed to

fixing a really good example of this is

this is where you get into that document

don't create idea that that Gary

Vaynerchuk talks about a lot if I was

like 240 right now 240 pounds I

currently weigh about 170 so if I was 70

pounds heavier than I am and I got

really truly committed and like I'm

gonna lose this 70 pounds I would

document the process I would document

what I'm doing from meal prep I would

document how I'm exercising what I'm do

I would I would make vlogs I would be

very real and I would document the

process and people could go back and

watch that process and they could see me

at 242 38 to 35 222 all the way down and

that that documenting of that story of

me solving my current problem in the

moment can be super powerful for people

because there's an emotional connection

to stories storytelling is so powerful

in that um then what are your hobbies

what are your passions what what can you

envision researching and fiddling with

and thinking about and building and and

rebuilding four or five years straight

this game is a three to five year plan

so that is step two in the five-step

process now we're moving to step three

so step three is give value through

content you have your core attention

content that's going to be your blog

your YouTube your podcast or it could be

paid advertisements a real quick note if

you're moving forward into affiliate

marketing and you're like Chevy you paid

ads or should I do content marketing for

free traffic which is actually earned

traffic so it's not free it takes your

time and energy do you have more time

than money or do you have more money

than time I think it would take most

people between ten and twenty five

thousand dollars in paid ads unless you

bring massive copywriting skills or

digital marketing skills to the table

but if you're completely new to this

world you have to learn number one

copywriting you have to learn number two

funnels and digital marketing and the

actual nuts and bolts of it all then you

have to learn how to run the ads on the

ad platform and then you have to learn

human psychology and what it takes to

get people to take action that whole

process is probably gonna cost tens of

thousands of dollars in paid

advertisement unless you already

dominate at one of those things it's not

easy to get a human being off of

Facebook to pull out their credit card

and to buy something after a click it's

actually not easy to get someone off of

Facebook to enter their email address

for that thing you're trying to give

them before offering that thing they buy

the whole game is really difficult so so

if you've got a lot of money and a lot

of free time it still takes a lot of

time to dial all that in the paid

approach works if you don't have a lot

of money sitting around and you've got

nothing but time go the free version

that's what I'm doing here I've never

paid a penny in advertising for the

miles Beckler brand I've generated

60,000 ish subscribers at this point on

this channel my wife we only started

paying for advertising

I think it's 2014 when I really started

to get into paid ads so we ran for what

two thousand nine two four five years

without ever running a paid ad billing

nothing but organic traffic and to this

day if I stopped paying on my ads on

that main brand that traffic goes to

zero instantly if I stop paying I'm not

paying for my SEO right we get 8 million

his deer no matter what we do we go hang

out do nothing we'll still get those

millions of visits per year because it's

based on content so content the main the

core attention content is your blog post

if you're a writer your podcast if

you're a talker your YouTube video if

you are a performer right so that's the

core then you have your indirect content

this is what links back to those pieces

this can be your Pinterest pin your

Instagram posts your Facebook your Quora

answers if you want your Yahoo Answers

your LinkedIn posts if you do LinkedIn

post your snapchat if you're in a

snapchat musically if you're you know

going towards that younger demographic

and musically my goal in separating

social in your core is that your core is

more important

social arc or my wife and I built

organically 915 thousand or so fans to

our Facebook fan page we get very little

traffic from all that effort and that

took so much effort to build that

organically back in the day

well we've also built out our organic

traffic over the years and we get 8

million visits per year

residual traffic from all the efforts we

put in so the shelf life of your blog

your YouTube and your podcast is huge

the shelf life of a Facebook post or an

Instagram post is tiny

don't rely on social media as your core

traffic let that supplement your core

traffic model which is your core content

creation method cool so then we want to

move on to and again the 3 filler

content marketing strategy so yes you're

putting out your blog but you want to

ultimately get it on all three then you

get all your social pointing to all

three you create your little web of

activity in the world search engines

will all pick it up Google knows when

you get a lot of social shares etc so it

all helps and works together but your

core content is that which is kind of

your blog post or your podcast or your

video then you need interest content

right so that's attention then your

interest content this is generally an

opt-in for a free report so I already

plugged my free report it's how we went

from side hustle to seven-figure

business right side hustle to making a

million dollars profit online it's my

seven step process so that is at miles

vector column forward slash free course

and I've created that because that was

my fourth attempt at a a lead magnet and

that I found is the most burning desire

in most of my audience most of my

audience wants to fire their boss and

generate enough money to where they can

feel like they can live the lifestyle of

their dreams well I've done that so

that's what I'm teaching and that

million dollar business idea is

something that's a really big idea for

people so that's my attention that's my

interest level content is my free

giveaway right then there's the desire

so we're just we're just working our way

through this so attention is your social

media posts and also your core content

your interest is your free item that

you're giving away via email then the

desire comes from the emails themselves

the daily emails your follow up sequence

that's how you build the stories around

the affiliate products that you promote

now I've had a couple of very successful

affiliate promotions

recently last it was last year it was

February I did a promotion on a

copywriting course and system and tool I

generate about thirty thousand dollars

in revenue as an affiliate in

approximately three days with one video

and two or three emails and that

generated thirty thousand dollars in

revenue for me now I'm profit for me

now with well there was taxes okay so

whatever anyways do the math anyways so

it generates thirty thousand dollars

into my business bank account from those

efforts but it's not the emails it's

everything I did for the years before

those emails and giving content and

building the relationship and it's all

the emails those kind of those emails

that I gave that told a story and I knew

the date that that launch was gonna

start I knew the date that launch was

gonna end I started my story about a

week and a half two weeks out in my

emails and started painting the story of

how copywriting helped my wife and I go

from zero to hero in our business like

that's the one skill that really turned

it around and my wife and I had already

purchased that product we had not only

purchased that product we had used it we

had built a video sales letter with it

we were crushing it with our video sales

letter for it so I told this big story

that led up to the point of finding that

solution then doing the work and the

results we were getting with that and

people who were at that moment of like

they've been building things they

realized copywriting is a challenge they

realized conversions their biggest

challenge they were like oh I need that

and the sales exploded it blew my mind

same with the authority hacker and the

other programs that I've promoted in the

past I've had multiple five figure

launches through a couple of emails here

and there and this miles better brand at

this point and that's because they're

all story based I tell these stories

that weave in the need and the reason

why this thing is core to your long-term

success and it is because I only promote

things I buy I only promote things that

I've personally been using that have

created positive results for me in my

business so I can tell these stories and

that builds the desire when I tell you a

story of how my wife and I we weren't

able to get this product to convert we

weren't able to sell this thing we have

this great product we built and it just

wasn't selling and then we tried this

new video sales letter formula and all

of a sudden our conversion rates tripled

and we started making weekly sales of

this thing and daily sales for

staying for a period of time afar even

like like that story is what builds the

desire in the reader and that is what

gets them to click through and take

action and he was retiring the product

so it had like a very hard deadline and

and that was really what kind of called

them to action he did all that on his

end but I did the attention potentially

years before with my videos right so

people who bought were probably on my

list for at least a year some of them at

least then the interest through all the

different videos and pieces I talked

about about how to build the game I keep

coming back to copy writing because

copywriting is a key you heard me

mention it to the person who has the 20

grand they're ready to put into

affiliate marketing copywriting is that

core skill they're gonna need then to

build the desire for that product I told

the specific story over a series of

emails I led the conversation in the

direction of I had this really really

big problem in my life

we found this tool it got us over that

problem and boom we really took it to

the next level and that with a

well-timed link at what place link

generated a lot of income but it wasn't

that one link that mattered it's

everything we did I did four years

before that actually mattered and that's

that's the big thing I'm trying to help

you understand here cool so the interest

contact grow your list again going back

to my first internet kind of success

when I was making money in 2003

had I been growing a list had I focused

on growing a list with my income stopped

I would have actually been able to keep

earning income I could have kept mailing

that list I could have mailed them

different offers so that was a huge

mistake I made that's why I'm such a

proponent now of building the email list

and you just heard a very clear story of

how that exploded for me with the email

list um so now we're on number four step

number four of the process is finding

offers your audience already wants to

buy the key here is that your are your

audience already wants to buy these

products they might not know they want

to buy these products but they do so

people who bought that copywriting

product they probably didn't know it

existed they didn't know they wanted it

or needed it but they knew they had a

problem they knew they had to challenge

that conversions and copywriting were a

big challenge for them so when I laid

that story out and gave them that offer

as the solution that I chose for my

business that I'm

having really good results with it

clicked and it meant that moment they're

like I gotta have this thing they

actually already wanted it they just

didn't know that they wanted I helped

them see that this was the thing to get

them over the hump get them to the next

level um and it is because it is

actually a great product I continue to

use it to this day

so how do you find the offers right what

do you what have you bought that they

would get value from look back in your

past purchases my wife and I just bought

a course two or three days ago we're

revamping a how can I say this without

giving it away

so we revamping a traffic channel in our

business that's done really well for us

and and it continues to perform so well

we're like let's let's invest more and

really take it to the next level so I

bought this course is about a torn $50

course and like we've sort of gone

through and is like oh my gosh this is

this is really powerful so I'm already

like where's the affiliate link right

I'm reading this we're already

implementing things like within two or

three days we're seeing our traffic come

up we're seeing our lead numbers come up

it's like this is huh finally we found

it right so now I want to go I'm like

where can we sign up as an affiliate

they don't have an affiliate link at the

bottom so I'm emailing the course

provider right like can we promote this

as an affiliate we have an audience who

would be really interested in this and

we're essentially building the

relationship with the lady who sells the

product to get the ability to promote

her product so look back into what

you're already using the hosting I

actually use the theme miles bechler

comm is built on is thrive themes that's

why I promote thrive themes because it's

what I use right like it's that it

really is that simple when you're

building a brand based on a problem that

you've solved through yourself in the

past what solutions do your audience not

know about let's go back to our green

smoothie person right there's a an

affiliate product through Clickbank

called organifi it's a green powder they

have to have a green one a red one and a

yellow one it's a morning and afternoon

and an evening supplement series and

it's like part detoxing part weight-loss

but it's like a smoothie thing so you

get the mum who's really interested in

the blender and you help her realize

which blender it is she might not even

know about these green powders which are

the shortcut so you don't have to keep

cutting and washing kale and cucumbers

and all the the vegetables that you put

into your green smoothie now you could

just put two scoops of this and it's

even faster so that's that thing that

she maybe didn't know about that you

could promote to her and help her

understand works a lot easier when she's

on an email list versus

link over to the affiliate program to

the actual product page but you could

always use a retargeting pixel and and

hitter with an advertisement if you

wanted to so what solutions do they not

know about what are the highest reviewed

items for people with their problems or

goals this just takes deep research

right you can go to let's say you're in

the audio/video space let's say you do

do microphones you can go to Amazon you

can look at the highest reviewed

microphones go to B&H photo video look

at what their highest reviewed products

are so you can literally crowdsource

through all the reviews in the world

what do people love the most and those

are the ones you start reviewing first

that's one of the ways into it and then

you can go into the different affiliate

networks the different affiliate

programs and the merchants really

googles your friends like like you

sometimes you just have to go to google

and type in golf membership , affiliate

program and then all sudden it's like

whoa revolution golf at $99 a month

membership program has a really cool

affiliate program it doesn't say

affiliate on their page it's Ryan by a

third-party system but that shows up

being H photo video if you go to B&H

Photo Video com they don't have at the

bottom of the page an affiliate program

but if you go to Google and you type B&H

photo video affiliate program you'll see

it runs on a third party you'll see the

page pull up on a third party system you

click apply and then you can promote

everything that B&H photo video has then

you can do comparisons between the

products on Amazon and the product on

B&H photo video and you can talk about

how great B&H photo videos support is

and how amazon's gonna leave you hanging

and yeah being HS maybe thirty dollars

more but you'll get better support or

maybe being h is cheaper than amazon and

you help point that out to your readers

that can be a way and then their

Clickbank is one that everybody knows

about and most people know about

Clickbank I have a really unique way of

analysing clickbank's data Clickbank is

really weird like their marketplace

their search engine within clickbank's

pretty bad and there's so many products

on Clickbank that absolutely suck

they're terrible they'll never convert

they're just they're horrible so there's

a way to weed through the Clickbank and

I'm gonna do a separate video on that

probably Monday that video is gonna come

out it's gonna be how to analyze

Clickbank offers to find good offers but

again it's not a goal to find a good

offer it's a goal to think about your

audience that you're being of service to

what do they need what problems are they

trying to solve what goals are they try

to achieve and then what things

information and physical products will

help them get there and that's how I use

Clickbank right so I use Clickbank to

find those things that my audience

already wants and desires I don't go

look broadly on Clickbank be like oh

what what offers are converting I'm like

what would my audience want that's

proven to convert so I just want to make

sure that's really important there and

then step 5 so the last step in this is

to optimize your key conversion points

now your key conversion points are

everything from the click on the search

engine page right so the the headline on

this video you notice I got the little

eyeballs on this one it's pretty full

like like what you add as excuse me what

you add as the title is probably the

biggest thing that's gonna either get

the click or get somebody to skip over

you and click on your competitors link

that click-through rate from the search

engine page has a huge determination on

how high up you rank in the search

engines if you get more clicks by having

a kick-butt title you're going to rank

higher and you'll get more attention


and if you get more attention you have

the opportunity to get more of

everything else then your thumbnail

video is one of the things if you're

here on YouTube so optimizing all those

conversion points and I'm talking all

the way from the the little things on

the front end to your opt-in offer to

the headline on your opt-in page the

layout of your opt-in page the the words

you have on your pop-up the offer you're

giving away via your pop-up you gotta

test those things so on the miles

bechler brand I tested a three abundance

meditation at one point there was a

facebook case study so I've tried

several things before I came to that

free course that was the the seven step

process from site hustle to million

dollar business that converted the best

boom now with all the traffic I'm

already getting and my attention level

the number of people making it on my

list the interest level has gone up

because the page that bridges that gap

my opt-in page converts at a higher

percentage same amount of traffic here

now I'm getting more people here because

I got a better conversion which also

means that in my email sequence here I'm

getting more people because I got more

from here to here more from here to here

so I get more people reading my emails

which means more people can take action

right so off the little

weeks and you don't need to start there

you need to start by ninety a challenge

to getting the content out getting going

and then just getting your first lead

magnet out getting your first giveaway

out your first funnel built then doing

some email you can go back and tweak

things over time the best thing I ever

did was started publishing for the miles

back to brand on YouTube and stuck with

it like if there's no big thing I've

done it's it's all these micro things

none of my videos have gone viral none

of my videos have had massive success by

any means but I put out a lot of videos

that have each done pretty well and I

build enough trust with how I deliver

content that a lot of people reach in my

email list because my offer is pretty

good they're people like my daily emails

because I'm uplifting I'm giving a ton

of value to my email list so

everything's working because I'm putting

in so much effort and so much energy

nothing big it's a lot of little stuff

um also look at your emails as ways to

test things every subject line that you

have is actually a headline and it's a

headline test and I test little short

one word in toward headlines or email

subject lines that that are very

curiosity inducing and then I do some

very direct like you will learn how to

boom in this one and I go back and I

look at the numbers like like and then I

try to analyze why did that work why

didn't that work

who split test your follow-up emails you

can look back at your follow-up emails

as well that is page two of the

curriculum and at this point wow I want

to congratulate you guys so so little

round of applause if you're still here

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so if you're not on my email list one of

the benefits is when I do these lives I

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getting the questions from the chat

right there's a lot of questions in chat

I don't know if we're going to get

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subscribers get priority so now I've

pulled up on my computer which is right

here so I'm not not paying attention to

you I'm just on my computer I've got a

list of questions and we're gonna

rapid-fire through these but I need a

little bit of water and I definitely

need a little coffee to keep this energy

up then I'm

so stoked to have you guys here that's

pretty awesome I feel like we've got a

great group of people here interesting

thank you guys very much for being here

so I'm gonna jump right in to these

questions and then all I'll see if we've

got time I can't go over to ours YouTube

does not allow my full video to upload

if it's over two hours so I gotta stop

it like an hour fifty nine or else it

cuts the front off and it's just really

confusing in the future so if you've got

questions about the tactics the nuts and

bolts the things that I talked about the

three pillars content marketing strategy

how to do SEO I just saw a question on

how do you SEO Rafi look in the

description of this video in the

description one of the first links is

going to be a new blog post to prepare

for this live stream I wrote the most

epic blog post I've ever personally

written 100% written by myself I'm super

proud of it all my emails that I've been

writing every day have helped me kind of

become a better writer i'ma talk about

that in the future and this is being

recorded so you can watch it um but the

first link is miles becker comm forward

slash make money with affiliate

marketing click on that link it'll load

a version of what we just covered and at

the bottom and throughout there's all

kinds of links to how to do SEO how do

you keyword research how to run a

Facebook ad how to build your funnel

it's those links are also in the

description of this video you'll notice

so if you click those links they should

all be set to open in a new tab you

shouldn't lose me but if you want to

wait just do that there just know it's

there my SEO videos crushing it I'm

sitting on top of YouTube for learn SEO

for SEO course and SEO training

those are huge keyword phrase I'm out

link I'm out ranking people who charge a

lot of money for courses which is why I

don't recommend you use courses because

I'm better than most of them and I teach

it all for free so just share my stuff

and help me get the word out on this so

people stop wasting their money on those

overpriced ass courses sorry

for the bomb but those the fake gurus

and even the real gurus it just kills me

man the two thousand hour course things

just so annoying little rapid-fire these

questions a lot of them we've covered I

pulled out the ones I knew we would

cover I'm gonna rapid-fire these then

I'm gonna get to you guys in the

comments I see the chat just flowin and

I love it so thank you guys everyone in

there on the comments like Cheers on you

Saturday morning whatever may be its


night wherever you're at good on you so

here we go there's a lot of courses and

digital products in my niche should I

review them on my blog even though the

search volume is often low yes because

that means the competitions also gonna

be low and you need to put out a piece

of content every day for the next three

years so get to it start reviewing

everything the best way to do it is to

review the things that you have right I

put out a lot of content that doesn't

review affiliate things I put out a lot

of content like this that gives a ton of

value so when I do make the review and

I'm like yo check out the review because

this thing was hot you're like well I

believe Myles like like he's real deal

so don't just do reviews mix in the

value also but yeah review everything go

forth especially things you bought and

used start there that's the key what's

the best way to ask for a trial of a

product to get an honest review without

having to buy ask them you're probably

not going to get it you're probably

gonna have to buy a lot of things it's

tax deductible that's kind of the cost

of doing business can you learn enough

about a product through research and

through reading reviews to write a good

review on it of course you can but it's

gonna work best when you actually get

your hands on it do a video with it do

podcasts about it do pictures of it with

you on it it just becomes that much more

believable and that's what the top

affiliates are definitely doing I'm new

to affiliate marketing but I've been

successful running Facebook and Google

ad traffic for years so I'm not new to

driving traffic awesome

is it smarter to promote a CPA which is

cost-per-acquisition with a low again

stream ads or should I go with a higher

EPC clickbank offer but it of that all

right so you know the answer to this


you gotta test it mate there's no way to

know you actually just do both see which

one's gives you a better ROI and do more

of that that's how the whole

pay-per-click game works and you know

that as a pay-per-click advertiser so do

the work test both build funnels out for

both both see what converts better what

gives you a better ROI hey maybe they're

both giving you positive ROI and you

could scale both of them boom you don't

listen to me tell you to do one when

both could work right test it let the

data guide you what kind of affiliate

marketing campaigns convert the best I

mean if you compare for example an email

core blog post and a YouTube video which

one is the most effective the most

effective is the one that's most fun for

you to create right for me my videos do

really well but my emails also do really


it's about I want you to think of a

filly at campaign as a multimedia

experience so when I did that launch on

that the the copywriting course like

it's no I did one thing it was like okay

I'm gonna put that one piece up no I did

everything I wrote a blog post about it

I did write a blog post I didn't mention

that earlier so I wrote a blog post

about it I did a video about it I did a

couple of emails my emails one of them

at least one maybe two direct link it

linked but I think one or two one link

back to the video and then one link back

to the blog post so do everything do all

of the things is the key at what point

in my new website should I start adding

affiliate links is there a traffic

number doesn't even matter it really

doesn't matter I would just make sure

you have a bunch of core content that

your website looks like a real website

right you've got about page you've got a

lot of good content I would say five six

eight posts minimum so when they go to

your blog roll because an affiliate

manager when you ask to get approved to

their program they're gonna go look at

your site they're gonna go make sure

you're real and they want to know that

you're a real person they wanna they

want to make sure you're not going to

kind of butcher their brand because when

you like let's say I'm let's say I have

a product and I'm like you can go permit

the miles Becker product and you go to

Google and you're like is miles better

or a scam right and that's how you try

to get people into my product like

you're killing my brand dog like I'm

never gonna let you do that so so they

want to make sure you're not one of

those affiliates so build out a lot of

good content but you can start day one

if it really works I'm just wondering

how long do you need to build an

audience is it just a 90 day challenge

it doesn't matter right like like what

if it takes you five years to build an

audience that generates twenty three

thousand dollars per month and you can

live on that for the rest of your life

you're not gonna do the work says five

years of work what else you need to work

at a normal job for 40 years at a desk

in a court of God like it takes as long

as it takes so the sooner you get

started and the more passion and more

momentum you can build quickly the the

faster you will get there but it just

who cares how long it takes like this

lifestyle like it took me I'm like

eighteen year I'm almost twenty years in

the internet marketing game you think

I'm like sad because it took me 20 years

to get to this point my career Hale no

it took me 10 years to go full-time

online you think I'm sad no I got

friends stuck in cubicles still they

make good money I got friends maybe two

three four hundred dollars an hour but

like they are stuck in a cubicle they're

stuck in courtrooms they're doing their

legal that like

I got the lifestyle freedom if I want to

go to Bali next week I'm gonna go to

Bali next week I'm bring my business

with me I'll bring you I'll write a

story around it I'll make even more

money through that story this way so

just do what it takes I'm is the

affiliate marketing model still a viable

business model I think we've proven

absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt

we've got to build it the right way

gotta build an audience you have to be

of service to an audience at scale that

that's the key I'm just wondering we're

here now should I sell products around

my market or niche or can I venture out

I believe this was Jacqueline to the

beauty health and what kind of posts

relevance is absolutely key if you've

built a website on writing for example

and you start talking about hair care

products people are gonna be like really

like there's gonna be no relevance so

yes relevant relevant relevant that's

part of why I made my main site miles

vector com because at some point if I

want to get into like building hot rods

and drift cars that's me that's what I'm

doing I can document that I could build

a little silo that's totally out of this

space and I could document and I could I

could actually build around that and

that's because it's me and it's person

that's why I chose the miles vector comm

name is it gave me the most flexibility

moving forward but yeah once you're once

you're in a very specific vertical

maintain relevance because everything

works better with relevance which is

better for long-term Commission's Amazon

affiliate networks I Clickbank

Commission Junction etc it doesn't

matter the network it matters the

products that your audience wants but

they already want what they are what

will actually help them get the desire

what what company they have chosen to

manage their affiliate program is

insignificant right where that affiliate

program lies it doesn't matter it's

about the product and it's about the

relevance of that product to the actual

results that they desire so it's not

about that how do I use Amazon on my

Christian blog or should I so when

you're asking me if you should this

clearly means that you somehow feel like

there's like like affiliate marketing is

kind of scammy and if you understand

that you're being of service to an

audience at scale and that's your job

and that's your goal and that's what

you're doing you're truly moving forward

being of service to them of course you

should like these people everyone around

you your network though the whole world

is spending like there is a multi

trillion dollar per day economy flowing


is transacting all around you in the

millions and billions and trillions of

dollars every day all you're doing is

connecting people who want something -

people who sell that thing they don't

know about them they want you to help

them find them Bing and you connect them

how you connect them through you through

your content through giving value

through building a list through email

etc that's how it works so of course you

should and I don't know you should

promote like what do like to me when you

say Christian bloggers I don't even know

what that means right like Christian

people make smoothies Christian people

play golf right like like go deeper

don't don't think there's this thing

that's like you know like it's not you

versus the world here in any way shape

or form like what do Christian people

that are on your blog like what do they

do or they want what kind of goals do

they have like they'll find those things

and like it's crosses for the wall great

if it's like jewelry with crucifix on

awesome I don't know like you need to

know your audience though um but it's

it's just just make sure it's of being

of service to them next I noticed that

many bloggers who live off of filip

marketing offer inferior products I

won't say the one you gave an example of

but you're right that is a very inferior

product because they bur ring high

mention the same token almost all

affiliate offers I find on Clickbank

catalogs seem questionable at the least

I've got one that I've been running for

several years it's actually a really

good item so there are some good ones

hidden in there you just got to learn

how to sort through which is why I'm

gonna do that Clickbank video Monday so

here's my question would you say it's

possible to find enough high value good

quality of affiliate info products to

make a living absolutely absolutely

hundred percent so what what catalogs

and marketplaces do you recommend

finding them again you go find the

audience you can be of service to figure

out what their needs are through giving

content answering the comments engaging

with them and then go find the products

that will help them solve their problems

and achieve their goals it's not the

network it's about the people you're

helping you have to go be a problem

solver at scale all that should have

made it in the curriculum part somebody

missed that that's the quote you as an

affiliate marketer your job is to be a

problem solver at scale that's what

you're doing you're helping hundreds of

thousands or millions of people solve

problems could be small problems could

be big problems you could have a small

amount of people solve a really big

problem and make a ton of money you

could help a big amount of people solve

a really small problem and make a ton of

money but your job is to really help

them solve their problems so that's

that's the key for the autoresponder

sequence before the daily emails how

should they

structured and how long test it really

doesn't matter I do one email after my

here's your thing that you asked for my

wife does nine emails that now wanders

them through a little bit of a segment

just test it it's if it's ever if your

autoresponder will always evolve they'll

the best thing you can come up with

today get right back to your main core

content go revisit it in three months

look at what work look at what got good

open rates look what got good click

rates look at what got that open rates

and what got bad click rates and adjust

on the fly man we've gone back to look

at ours after not looking it for six

months to be like oh god our email

series was horrible like some of the

things we said like do we really say

that like I deleted one and like one

promised something on the next email

that didn't actually show up and we

resist but we still like their business

in class like we just got to keep taking

imperfect action like that's really the

key to it all and good on you so you

you've been building your list it's up

to 50 people now that's awesome

just keep going watch monitor your open

rates and on your broadcast to monitor

your open rates look at the percentages

of opens and when you see something at a

high percentage of open don't just go

stuff that in your autoresponder take a

moment to think why first you always got

to think why what's the psychological

reason that that actually happened

because it's the psychological reasons

see emotional reasons that that trigger

people to action affiliate marketing

viable business yes it is is this

something newbies with no marketing

experience can get into with hard work

and succeed absolutely might take you

three five ten years but you hundred

percent you could actually absolutely do


well advice would you give a complete

beginner who's working full-time and

looking to supplement their income so I

kept this question and I feel like I

answered it in very clear detail so if

you're working full time niche out like

wake up earlier right if you work like

nine to five and you're currently

working waking up at seven wake up at

five o'clock everyday before the kids

wake up before the wife wakes up before

anybody else wakes up and put it to

works two hours of work every morning

before you leave it'll be the most

productive time get up hit the coffee

pot slam a big ol mug of coffee I prefer

one this size gigantic mug of coffee and

then put in two hours of solid work

creating content then when everybody

goes to bed on the other end put in two

more hours there and see if you can

sneak out a half hour on your lunch

break from work if you do that you're

putting in four and a half hours a day

multiply that by five that's over 20

hours a week if you can do that on the

weekends also you're doing about

hours a week boom you're on the path so

just niche out the time schedule the

time to create the content and do what

it effing takes it's a lot of work but

think about your reason why think about

your family think about those reasons

why you're doing it because you gotta

have a big reason why you're gonna push

through because it's hard alarm goes off

at five o'clock in the morning who the

hell wants to get up at 5:00 in morning

somebody who's ready to put in the work

to create the lifestyle freedom that

they desire somebody who's like I'm

gonna be able to go build my business in

Europe in in Australia in New Zealand in

Hawaii if you want like cheap beaches

expensive beaches I've seen them all

around the world I kind of like the more

expensive ones so guess what I do the

work so I can go to the expensive ones I

like New Zealand beaches which are a lot

more expensive than Bali beaches so I do

the work I like Costa Rica more than I

like Nicaragua it's way more expensive

so what I do I do the work so I can go

to the ones I want to go to but that's

my why I don't know what your why is so

you've got to have that why you gotta

get some leverage on yourself dawna just

said has like choke on coffee Don just

said so many people put in 60 to 80

hours at a job so why not for yourself

and that's the key and if you already

have 40 plus 1050 with commute to the

job like like you have to niche them out

for yourself it's there's like this

common the the richest man in Babylon

right save 10 percent of everything you

earn put it away for yourself pay

yourself first right do that with your

energy also don't just do that with the

money that comes in from you jail be do

that with your energy also and you'll be

amazed at what you can create because

saving money's great investing is great

I love it I do it but the time and

energy I've invested in my internet

business and in these three brands and

my wife and I run has paid off like

better than any freaking like oh I put

$100 in cryptocurrency he's like not

even close

how many affiliate offer how many

affiliate offers whoo all right Wow

we're back how many affiliate marketing

offers should one have in order to be

successful well it's at least one and

it's probably gonna be more than one so

keep going until you find that magic

number for you there's no set number how

many affiliate links should be on one

page or post I don't know how many does

it take is it a specific post about one

thing or is it a review of the top 10

blender so this is a review the top ten

blenders I would have 10 affiliate links

if it's one blender I would probably

have the link in there twice is it best

to make a page or a post about each

affiliate offer or just from a

the opt-in page through a video or

Facebook ad so if you're doing a

Facebook guy go to the opt-in page but

also put in the time to create the

content to attract people from the

search engines so do both right I use

posts on my wordpress blog for all of my

content is it how do we get affiliate

offers when your brand newbies create a

great site build lots of content go

apply for the affiliate program and

you're in how do we get good affiliate

offers when you don't have a lot of

traffic okay I just answer that

literally that same one I'm started a

funnel you getting opt-ins but your

emails are going to the spam folder how

do you avoid this make sure it's an at

your domain email address make sure that

you are using like a link redirect like

pretty links and I'll put out a video to

really make sure we talk about how to

get your e mails in the inbox because if

your emails aren't getting to the

primary inbox you're not getting noticed

and your you're missing out on the

interest and the desire because getting

no attention how am i dealing with

changes in the EU like GD P R what

changes have been made so if you go to

my website go to Mom's backer column

just notice up top affiliate disclosure

first thing I put a huge bar up top it

has all my legal documents at the very

top is impossible for someone to say I

went to Myles his website and I couldn't

see his disclosures bull the right up

top there the biggest boldest brightest

thing on my website so that's what I did

and I bought the documents the GD P our

documents I've got them reviewed on my

website somewhere I know you prefer to

build and nurture your list before

presenting them with an offer but what

is the best strategy to approach a Cole

market in your industry

well you build a list through the cold

market you turn cold people into warm

people and then warm people into sales

and that is your list so don't think I'm

saying like there's never gonna be a

point where like oh yeah okay you can

send cold traffic there no no build a

list build a relationship add value to

their lives offer them things they

already want to buy when promoting a

product is our price point high low does

it matter what step in the value ladder

it doesn't it based on the niche the

problem it's a big problem for people

and they're ready to solve it though

they're willing to spend lots of money

for that our large brands such as Apple

interested in affiliate marketing not

directly but you could sell Apple

products through the Amazon program as

an affiliate and I think Apple likes

every sale that they get is Clickbank

good for beginners no network is good

for a beginner what's good for a

beginner is realizing that you have to

give value to an audience I'm what niche

would you look at as a beginner

something you love something that your

heart is in do I recommend starting out

with promoting physical or digital

products buh

try both see what works what's the best

way to get accepted by affiliate

networks put out a lot of great content

first and then reach out you don't want

to depend just on Amazon and put all

your eggs in one basket are there any

other big enough sites with affiliate

programs that you can compete audio

recording equipment is your niche so

absolutely like B&H photo video is one

go Google the products right so let's

say you want a Google audio technica

whatever these headphones are there's

like 300 our headphones or something


so go Google them look who comes up on

Google Shopping go to every single

merchants website and then look at the

bottom see if they have an affiliate

link in the footer

then go search their domain name in

Google with comma affiliates see if they

have an affiliate program you'll be

amazed like everyone in the world has

affiliate programs on a hunch I think

augment link might actually have some

good programs commission junction

probably some good programs but yeah

just go do hit the Google and see what

the Google says how do you sign up for

affiliate marketing with a website host

or manufacturer is it a formal agreement

between both parties something

automatically picked up from online SEO

software so you you have to register

that's some way you have to go to click

a button on their website and you fill

out an application they're gonna want

your tax information so if you don't

have a business then you would use your

social security number if you're here in

the United States view a business you

probably an EIN which is an employee

identification number which is so you

can give them that instead of your

social and that's so they can report for

taxes right and generally they won't pay

you over 600 hours until you file a w-9

but they'll ask for that usually it's

what's your name what's your address

what's your phone number what's your tax

information what's your website and any

special notes you fill that out it'll

either auto approve you or they'll put

you in a queue the affiliate manager

will review and then they'll send you

access you to log in dashboard you log

in you can go get your links they'll use

the up banner ads and other things for

you to do I have a content funnel to

drive conversion from information to

warm leads and even sales so it's it's

the pop-up it's getting them on my list

and then sending them through the list

how do you research a topic in your

niche that you can provide good value to

your list as long as you can promote a

relevant product so go to the library I

get a library card go to library read

five books on the topic and you will

probably know more than most people in

the world on set topic right the best

blog post in the world your future self

will thank you it takes a ton of work I

get it yeah it's a lot of work but

you will have created the best post in

the world Google likes finding the best

post world now go do that 400 times and

tada you will have an absolute behemoth

of a website if it sounds like a lot of

work it is that's why I said it

beginning it's a lot of work do you have

to use nofollow links everywhere and

disclose everywhere nofollow links I do

all my affiliate links are nofollow

links which means the search engines

don't give my SEO value through that

link I have one big disclosure on the

top of my website to cover everything

three more questions here then we're

going in the comments I'm still with you

I promise in my videos and posts I don't

recommend the make money online

affiliate offers because it's so

competitive so do I think they're asking

if I think they should focus on health

and fitness relationships Beauty etc

instead what are good alternatives to

make money online what do you love to do

like like go deeper than that if you

want to do to make money online like

that's so difficult like to me it's

about like you you would need a subset

low so how single moms can make money

online is one of those things right but

the whole mom blog world is so crowded

already like it's so difficult so then

it's like well could you digital

marketing for real estate agents could

you do digital marketing for plumbers

that's a way to kind of blend some of

this stuff with that that would be a

little easier because it gonna be less

people teaching digital marketing for

plumbers and there are people like me

teaching keyword research I mean if you

want to go in the ring after keyword

research and like look at the keywords I

have in the title here like if you want

to go for it like give it a shot like

I'm not trying to discourage you but

like know that you're gonna be going up

against some of the best in the world

and me and I'm not the best in the world

I'm trying to be the most helpful in the

world but I am NOT ranking some pretty

good people for some pretty big SEO

keyword phrases at this point so that's

one of the big challenges here so

ultimately I just think it works best

when you find a really subset like my

friend who combined Fitness for dressage

riding like I can't even explain how

much they're crushing it like their

numbers are so big in such a short

period of time because no one was being

of service to that audience that's the

real trick they found an underserved

audience and they've created killer

content and she absolutely loves it you

could see it in her eyes

when she's with her heart like her

horses like you could just see every

aspect of her life is dedicated to that

horse and horse people are crazy just

like crazy in a good way

just like golf people are crazy in a

good way just like gun people are crazy

in a good way like there's all there's

so many of these ear

passionately passionate is actually the

better term right there they're

irrationally passionate which is a good

thing because when they start to find

you and you got tons of content they're

like I love this so so find when you

find and under serve the audience life

gets a lot easier and I think it's worth

digging into you deeper to find what you

love and where that overlaps with an

underserved audience because your future

self will thank you because you'll get

to the money you'll get to the

successful business much more quickly

with a lot less failures do you have to

have a huge email subscriber list to get

it accepted in affiliate marketing firms

no you don't have to have a list at all

they can't see your list size they don't

care often can you still make six

figures income in the fitness niche

selling Clickbank products the last one

the answer is yes of course you can

takes a lot of work it's not easy but

you can do it whoo all right so there we


um we got this going here so I'm gonna

find this Dave guys so it sounds like

Dave's causing a little bit of a ruckus

here so put him in timeout no he's done

from the channel forever so there we go

if anybody else is um causing a ruckus

in here like be sure to mark them as

spam or something like I'll swing that

banhammer fast and they'll never be able

to comment on my channel again and

that's that's just fun and easy for me

so I am now with you in the comments I'm

going back to the top on the scroll down

and we're gonna hit these I'm gonna wrap

this dude I got coffee I got some water

I got an extra backup water

I don't drink the Lacroix like this

bubbly water peach pear oh my god was my

hit right there that's mine does my job

um it's Malaysia India Nashville Italia

Biloxi yeah there we go Denver I'm just

kind of reading through the comments so

at this point I've gone through my email

list subscriber comments we've gone

through the curriculum you know that the

links in the description are designed to

give you all the nuts and bolts things

because I can't show you step-by-step

right now I've got hundreds of videos

that show you all the nuts and bolts of

how to build a funnel all the how to set

up your email campaigns all that's out

there so you got to dig in deeper so if

you want maybe you can copy those links

YouTube doesn't let you copy the

description really well but the first

link is a miles Becker com forward slash

make money with affiliate marketing I

think dashes in between it's the newest

blog post if you go to Myles Becker comm

scroll down below my headshot on the

home page

and the first blog post is not post all

those links are in that post and at the

bottom so that's all the how-to stuff

and I'm going to go into the comments I

want to answer questions I'm like I got

40 minutes more and like might as well

just do everything I can to give

absolutely as much value as I can again

no pitches no wrapping this up no fake

scarcity no need for that stuff like I'm

trying to be a leader in the sense that

I want you to watch what I'm doing and I

hope you're having a little bit of a ha

moment of like wow this guy miles is

doing things a little bit different than

most the other people who rank for how

to affiliate marketing right cuz they're

all like oh yeah look at me bro life's

cool my Porsche and my Ferrari my Lambo

bought cash for yeah man Bali like none

I don't care about any of that right

like what I care about is making sure

you get the result that you want and

when you feel that and you know that

bingo there's a new level of trust there

and when I don't end it with almost

teaching you everything and then like

okay now just now just opt in for the

real answer right then I throw you in a

funnel and when I avoid doing all of

that with you the trust factors goes up

so I mentioned this because I want you

to do this for your audience because

there's a lot of rubbish marketers

trying to be of service to your audience

but they're really actually just trying

to sell people and when you come

out as a person who's actually being

helpful and actually being like an

advocate for them and a trusted advisor

for them you stand out it doesn't it's

not a big thing my channel has never

done that at all and it won't i won't

have things go viral because of this

approach but what happens is people find

me they watch a video they're who this

guy wow that was cool they watch another

video many people go on a little binge

watch and then they're hook they are

they're like miles becker fans and then

what's really cool is you start to share

my videos you share it socially you

share in facebook groups when someone's

like hey anybody know about instagram

marketing i boom check out miles this

video and you send a link for me and

that is really my ultimate long-term

goal and that's how i'm thrilled in this

freight train of emotion or of momentum

freight trains don't get going quick but

when they're going you are not gonna

stop a freight train and that's what i'm

building and it takes a long time so i

mean 90 days I did 120 videos and 120

days and I didn't even have 500

subscribers at the end of a hundred and

twenty videos in 120 days that's an

average of like four subscribers per

video most people would have quit at

that point but I knew where I was going

I knew where I'd be in this moment now I

just chugga-chugga-chugga you know

this locomotive keeps going and just the

momentum is growing and growing and

growing getting more reach every day

from YouTube I'm getting more engagement

every day which gets me more reach again

I'm putting out more new videos which

reach more people it's just this this

big kind of upwelling of awesomeness and

I want you to do that for your people

too if you notice my channel very few of

my videos are promoting something I had

no ads it's sometimes difficult for

people to find how to help me obtain

money right like I almost hide my

affiliate stuff my affiliate links and

that's on purpose because I my goal is

to be the most helpful internet marketer

in the world and the most helpful

internet marketer in the world won't

just spam links to you they will give

you knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb

whoo all right off the soapbox let's

switch up here we're gonna keep this

party going I love all the thumbs ups

and the muscles and the emojis it's

awesome how do I build a list to use

WordPress as the destination by my DIY

sales funnel video series just search

DIY sales funnel and I literally show

you step by step in the course of the

first video show you how to make an

affiliate funnel but I've got like a

nine video funnel that will show you

everything that you need to know all the

way to building a membership program or

whatever cool we got a lot of people

answering other people's questions I

love it beginner businessman what if the

thing I've been doing the past years is

learning and reading about marketing

consumer behavior

you find yourself trapped in the make

money group and you can't find how to

stand out yeah yeah and so totally like

so a who can you apply that to this

being underserved right but be that I

mean that's that's the ultimate trap

right you go down the rabbit hole and

make money online you spend three four

five six years there then you got people

like me who've been down that rabbit

hole for like twenty years

that's the challenge in that space so

take a couple steps back what did you do

before you went down that make money

online trap like if you had a hundred

grand a year coming in as eight thousand

dollars per month eight thousand three

hundred thirty three dollars and 33

cents every single month right that's

about $2,100 per week every single week

in your bank account if that was your

life what would you do what would you

want to do who would you be of service

to what would you play with would you

build drones or their games you like

like really truly get introspective and

like what would you do with your free

time if you had a lifestyle that

afforded you more free time without

having spent all your free time looking

at how to make money

and it's challenging to break out of

that mind bubble but once you do you'll

see I mean I used to love BMX bikes

right like I got a pump track bought my

house I'm about to get a nice uh like

probably a dirt jumper bike or like an

adult sized BMX bike so rode BMX bikes

all growing up as a kid like what is

that thing were you a skater like like I

don't know find that thing you love and

that you're willing to do and play and

document and create and apply everything

that you're learning to that you can

just speed up the process so much

so Kelly Walker off topic what am I

using now the board booster shut down

we're moving over to tailwind I will put

my affiliate link if you're interested

I'm getting started on tailwind that's

for Pinterest Kile why there you go so

yeah we're migrating over to tailwind

right now and I'm I have to like learn

do teach right so I'm learning how to

operate this new software we're

implementing it as we speak and then I'm

gonna be able to teach you so I'm gonna

teach it at some point but I can't just

like put up a video day one like we're

over here now without actually giving

value of how to build it and how we're

doing it so that that's kind of where

I'm at at this point cool I'm loving all

the the capella thinking as I'm

scrolling through the comments just

looking for it I dig it you play the

long game Mike I totally do

there's huge learning curve but once you

get through it's amazing absolutely all

right I'm gonna do kind of a bigger

scroll here the copywriting course I was

talking about was called the vs elevator

accelerator it's closed now at this

point do I recommend project bla bla bla

by bla bla bla no definitely not I don't

recommend many things at all if you want

to see what I recommend go to Myles

Becker comm up top there's recommended

tools and recommended resources those

are really the only things I use and

recommend hey miles how do you show up

on Google for YouTube videos I mean just

follow the basic SEO if you go search on

youtube for learn SEO not logged in I

think my video shows up on the first

page of Google which gets a ton of

traffic so yeah just you just gotta

apply good SEO I've got several how to

learn SEO it's actually a playlist on my

channel this will be recorded so we can

rewatch it

good I'm glad you like the SEO video how

long does organic content take these

days to build an audience it takes as

long as it takes it depends on the

competition of the niche it depends on

your how eloquent you are of a writer

how good you are at keyword research and

SEO and do you have an authority side

that you're relying on so my wife can

publish a blog post for a medium

challenging keyword phrase and it'll hit

the first page of Google within a day

but she's been doing it for nine years

so like just it takes as long as it

takes it's worth it in a long time so

yeah somebody's like seriously $5,000

later and I've learned more through

miles as videos than others

so cheers it does it takes a bit of time

my my videos aren't super well organized

and if I was to take time to build

everything out in slideshows and really

organize them I'd be charging $400,000

for access and I don't want to do that

so I just let people kind of get access

to to get to the content so so those who

are willing to dig in and hustle and go

down the rabbit hole I just want to make

sure that it's there for them my cuerto

says breathe Myles breathe I'm I'll

breathe later got time for that

Jimmy Choo oh welcome to party man glad

to see you here website that takes

automated aggregated video so this guy's

saying there's a website that takes

automated aggregated videos and embeds

it on their own website no words that

they show up on first place that do

those scamming things are gonna get

booted from the search engine at some

point they're not on WordPress does that

matter WordPress was all it matters to


personally what do I think about passing

vendor and sales page straight to the

checkout cart

Andrae style so what they're asking is

so generally on the vendor website

they're gonna have like a sales page and

a checkout page and they're asking like

can you do the pre selling and the

selling and link them directly to the

checkout page and set it to the sales

page I don't know test it right use a

separate tracking ID which you should be

able to add in if you're thinking of an

advanced strategy like this you know how

to add a tracking ID to it set your

tracking setup a campaign run it see

which one converts better do what the

data says works better what tax

structure do I recommend for affiliates

so start off as a sole proprietor just

start right I only built a corporation

which is an

s-corporation eight years seven years

and a bit now yes six years into

building our business when we realized

that if we wanted to buy a house we

would need to pay ourselves that was

really kind of one of the triggers and

self-employment tax was really starting

to become a very large number for us so

you don't need to set up a structure at

first to run an affiliate business you

can operate as a sole proprietor based

off of your social security number

that's how my wife and I operate it for

many years so the goal is to move

forward and start making money and prove

that you can do it and you're gonna be

in it for the long term not spending

three grand on building an LLC on

something you haven't even proven like

have you created 120 pieces of content

yet like that's more important than

building a structure Marcus Carvalho

you've been in a lot of multi-level scam

trainings and actually for watching

these videos you've decided to learn by

yourself good man following all videos

cheers man if I could break people free

from those scam circles and there's some

very honorable ones too but man there's

too many too many scams here's the

kicker they have not made their own

videos they just repost videos yeah I

get it I know there's people scraping

I'm starting to Rafi a Matthias

there's people scraping my videos and

publishing them on their blogs and I

report them to their hosts and I get

them shut down all the time as a DMCA

which is a digital marketing Copyright

Act so if you're reposted like if you're

opposing my stuff you put content around

it you add a link to miles bechler and

you give me kudos and shouts out good on

you if you're scraping my content and

rhe publishing it without permission I'm

gonna go to your house and I'm gonna get

you banned so just know that that's

there and I think I think you should do

that too how do you create a sales

funnel on Shopify I don't I would add a

wordpress and I would create it on

WordPress I don't use Shopify I don't

like Shopify I don't think Shopify makes


Kevin Jones I like that man if you don't

do something nothing happens

like it is that simple so go do lots of

things and lots of things happen what's

my opinion on resources pages they can

work and see if it ranks give it a shot

in other words don't enter the arena

with a lottery mentality 100% Tanisha

like hundred percent we're not escaping

putting the work that's not the goal the

goal is to go be of service to an

audience and to align with the right

audience and the right niche to where

you wake up every day stoked like lit a

welcome like 5:30 or 6:00 this morning

just all like being like birds chirping

I'm like yeah I get to do my live today


knowledge bonds because my goal right

now in this moment is like literally I

want to make the most comprehensive

learn how to do affiliate marketing

video that YouTube has ever seen because

when I do that right I get a thumbs up

from you because you hit the thumbs up

right so hit the thumbs up then YouTube

will be like damn this is by far the

best video it's longer it's got more

optimized text it's got a better title

it's getting more engagement in a

shorter period of time boom we're gonna

show this to everyone in the future her

searches learn SEO or excuse me learn

how to do affiliate marketing forget

what video I'm making then I now reach

hundreds of thousands if not millions of

people over the next couple of years

with a video I did today on this day

right so that's my goal and I'm excited

to put that out cuz I hate to be a value

to you and these random people I've

never met the future they don't even

know who I am

they're finding all the fake gurus right

now they're about to find the miles back

there at some point be like whoa this

dude's real deal and it's just fun I

love it

Mike's junk zero zero I recommend Aweber

to be honest for beginners um I'm gonna

send you the affiliate link if you're

open to that and I got a video on how to

set it up how to set up so you can have

a follow up sequence that then migrates

people over to a broadcast list that's

in the DIY sales funnel video series I

Tuesday Weber as my recommendation

because it's easy to set up it's one of

the most functional and it inboxes

better than anyone I'm on active

campaign also got to move myself off I

got I got trapped on active campaign and

you'll find this when you move grow your

business at some point you you can make

a decision to align with a software you

get trapped and it's actually extremely

difficult to untrap yourself and go to

something simpler but my the miles

Becker list will absolutely be moving

over to Aweber again because of its

simplicity I tested it I got over 6%

increase in open rates and that so that

would mean if I'm get a 30 percent open

rate that means I probably got an 18

percent increase in deliverability rates

from Aweber to active campaign Aweber is

the og there's a special if you follow

my link that will get you access to it

what is your why you are giving your

heart and soul my why's me them Alex my

why is to be the most helpful internet

marketer in the world I'm leaving a

legacy on this planet I'm leaving a

legacy on YouTube and if and when I'm

not if when I'm gone so we all go at

some point right who knows when that is

like I just want to make sure that this

information is out there no one was

willing to

take the time to teach 18 year old miles

22 year old miles 26 year old miles how

to build a business online I had to

figure that out myself it was tough

and I went down the wrong path too many

times and I just kept buying these

products that were just rubbish man I

hated it like and I was like it was his

weird cycle I was in debt I had $50,000

a lot student loan debt I had a credit


I was buying courses on credit card

thinking and that was the secret and I'd

do what they said and then like the the

loophole would closed up and I make no

money and I go buy another course and I

was in the cycle for years like

literally for years and I it was such a

depressing and challenging point for me

that I had a point that I've had this

voice of like you got to teach what you

know you got to teach what you know and

it's my wife's like you're you're

teaching because for your 18 year old 19

20 year old self like on that's why I'm

putting this out because of people like

you might be getting trapped in that

that loop of psychological necessity for

these fake gurus that's all a big bunch

of baloney and they actually keep you

from doing the things that are important

so my mission is to help solve that

problem for you and I put that under the

banner of being the most helpful

internet marketing world I am NOT gonna

be the wealthiest internet marketer in

the world I'm not gonna show big ol

income reports from monthly not none of

that I don't even care those that's a

vanity metric that means nothing to me I

will be the most helpful internet market

in the world for sure that's that's why

I do this on a Saturday morning versus

hiking when I live in a very beautiful

place I could be three four six miles

deep in a canyon hanging out with cliff

dwellings right now but I chose to spend

the time here with you because that's

what the most helpful internet marketer

in the world would do that's what keeps

my going how people are like breathe nah

hell no time for breathing later this is

exciting this is my mouth sweet spot

right here y'all so I just scrolled down

and it just jumped all over the

questions so I'm gonna go to a new

section here let's see oh cool all right

found it what's your why I'm so I'm

going through we got about 30 minutes

left so if you got questions you can get

there and God can we retarget Instagram

account audience with a thousand

followers I don't know maybe it doesn't

matter like that doesn't just build an

audience give them what they want like

miles you're such great inspiration

Cheers Lee and I appreciate that

Rock the affiliate promotion for your

product Leeanne you

product what's your product are you

thrive themes huh well I'm glad I I'm

glad I rocked the affiliate promotion

for your product I don't know what

product is so and pop that in there

Liane if you're around I'm sure cash any

comment on why a to s hosting downtime

constantly I haven't had any downtime I

still run a site on a to I haven't had

any downtime I would ask them to migrate

you to another server if that's

something that you need but um I haven't

noticed anything on my end you gotta

remember that that when you work with a

shared hosting company like you're on

one of 1,000 2,000 3,000 machines so

what happens on one machine probably

doesn't happen all the other machines

and if you're driving a lot of traffic

says what happens on a shared server so

if you bought the cheapest hosting that

they offer that means they're putting

you on with the most amount of people to

get the right value for the real estate

there that they can and their numbers

they run really well the EIG they stack

like ten times the amount of people on

the server if you need the next level

look at what's called a virtual private

server it will cost you more you're in


a lot more control in that situation

cost for 30 to 50 bucks a month at that

point but there's you and there's maybe

six people on the server instead of a

hundred or so but I haven't noticed any

downtime personally so I'm not really

sure what to say on that cool I'm just

reading through the comments shirt cache

okay I see you're too busy to answer any

real questions I'll talk to you later

you don't time to waste so man that's

it's so interesting when people get

frustrated when I'm putting my time out

but they're actually never gonna be able

to comment again haha goats on the road

you shared my name channel's site with

many thank you I appreciate that that's

really what I'm after

emotional momentum that's the trick

Derek question what do I think of

buzzsumo for influence or research so

you know buzzsumo i've tried it it

doesn't work for our niche because our

niche is such like the angel meditation

space like we are the dominant force in

here so anything my search for like our

keywords it just shows us but I think

it's you know potentially a useful tool

I think just searching the hashtags

right like just go look find the people

who are creating content they're easy to

find they're on they show up really well

on Facebook you can find them through a

Google search result who dominates in

the world of organic SEO you can find

them on YouTube by just searching for

the right keyword phrase on YouTube

and looking at the hashtags on Instagram

influencer marketing is weird a lot of

people paying for influence I have a

friend who sells fake likes and fake

engagement and fake followers he makes

150 thousand dollars a month and he has

people who buy likes they bought well

they buy follows then they put up a post

and they buy likes to the post and they

buy comments to the post and they resell

that for seven hundred to a thousand to

fifteen hundred dollars and they pay 150

in all that engagement and they make a

thousand dollars and there's no real

engagement it looks like engagement and

there's there's nothing there I think

it's I think it's a terrible business I

don't know sleeps at night but a lot of

people are doing that tarik Richardson

thanks for turning me on a keyword

finder yeah totally I like them in some

ways as much as a trust so it ought to

be honest Derek like a trust is the only

other tool I would consider using it's

just too much I get lost in there I get

confused it's literally too much and the

in at this point my business I realized

and I think this is really powerful for

you watching is simplicity is actually

the key when you really boil this down

this business down simply of I create

content that's helpful for an audience

I give them something super awesome

that's even more helpful via email I

follow up with even more super awesome

stuff and everyone said I promote

something it's it like there's no ninja

there like I called the Viking approach

right and if you've watched like the

Viking is show with like Ragnar which is

badass up to season 5 season 5 sucked

anyways like at one point they were like

they needed to get to an ocean that was

like over the mountain they have these

big boats and they're like we'll carry

them over the mountain and like that's

literally my approach like sometimes you

have to pick a boat up and carry it over

a mountain and like the Vikings weren't

afraid of doing the work like oftentimes

my keyword research is me hammering on

my keyboard for three hours straight to

handwrite a list of variables and I'll

do some copy paste and this that the

other to plug that in and I might get 6

keywords out of it that I've never had

or never seen before

to me it's worth it most people will

only use a tool is gonna scrape they're

trying to shortcut because because

automation and blah blah blah but the

automation doesn't find all that thing

you can find with brute force effort it

really is small brute force effort

things overtime resources pages can work

I don't really know what you mean about

what is my opinion on them if you have a

lot of resources or somebody put a

resource page but I don't think it's

gonna rank very well

Michael Lindvall once you get going when

do you start using business banking

accounts and your own accounts that's a

good question it's really important to

like this is basic bookkeeping I guess I

would start running a separate account

from day one so if you're running on

your social security number I would set

up a separate account that only receives

money from your affiliate stuff and only

spends money for your web hosting your

email and all of that I would try to

itemize it you might need to put five

thousand dollars in there to get it

started probably could start with like

five hundred dollars in there to get it

seated for the first six months that way

your books are just easy to do at the

end of the year because you do need a

report this expense was for business

this income was for business this was

from my day job and and if you know if

it's all commingled there's a pain in

the ass at the end of the year so

immediately as my answer there alright

people asking the same question twice

cool I really appreciate all the kudos

you guys I'm kind of skipping those but

I really do appreciate it's like it's

amazing what humans will do for

appreciation of others so I really do

thank you for that making its mind I'm

presently using Facebook to share

content should I switch to creating a

blog on my website and learn SEO the

James to the aim is to generate more

traffic I sure would

so depends on what kind of content right

what are you sharing on Facebook and

like can you create long-form pieces of

content that that Facebook content could

also link back to because if everything

you're doing is on the Facebook

ecosystem you are at the whim of sucks

and sucks does not care about you the

moment he sees you in between one of his

random ass goals that he has which are

that's creating cryptocurrency or what

that dudes doing you will get turned off

I see an ad accounts band I've seen

entire fan pages deleted for no apparent

reason I've seen I've seen some deleted

for apparent reasons right like they

flat-out broke a term of service but

I've also seen it to where they get

literally eliminated for no apparent

reason so I think you need to own the

racecourse oh I got a video about owning

the racehorse you can search that if you

want but I think you do need a digital

home that you own and a WordPress site

is something that you own you also get

that long-term try

right if we were so at one point in

Facebook we were generating over 300,000

visits per month from our facebook

strategy from our fan page of nine

hundred and some thousand people right

so there was a period of time when we

were all in it was a part-time job to

keep Facebook full of content and it

made a ton of money and a ton of traffic

and a ton of subscribers but then they

changed the game

they changed the algorithm and that all

stopped right our facebook traffic is

now down to twenty or thirty thousand

visits per month roughly just off the

top of the head our Google traffic is

still like you know four hundred

thousand visits per month so the

potential for long-term residual traffic

is key and that's what I like let's see


so Ed Mosley any chance you could answer

my question we were talking about

yesterday about niching down and fitness

on here you're struggling to commit to a

niche and believe you could be heard so

you got to find that subset right like

my friends with the fitness for dressage

riding you know fitness for veterans

fitness for go kart racers fitness for

jockeys right like I you just you got to

find that next thing but it also needs

to be in alignment with you right so

like fitness for American Ninja Warrior

athletes fitness for marathon runners

fitness for like I don't know what that

thing is for you but you have to dig in

and find something to add on to fitness

so you can stand out because right now

you're not able to stand out because the

whole fitness space is absolutely

overwhelmingly saturated but fitness for

marathon runners might be wide open or

there might be three people or five

people dominating that space and you

might be able to fitness for ultra

marathon runners fitness for swimmer's

fitness for long-distance swimmers but

you have to love that right you have to

do that if you don't run marathons don't

think you're gonna step out and start

teaching people fitness for marathon

right like homegirl who's doing the the

fitness for dressage riding like she

competes in dressage riding like she's

literally like on a path to the Olympics

maybe maybe not like that's a that's a

huge that's a very tall order to be

honest but she's on a path to becoming

one of New Zealand's top to sauce riders

for sure like undoubtedly she's been

placing in local tournaments recently so

that's the kind of content that goes on

her social media that reinforces the

story of she really is

the expert in dressage and fitness she's

fit bird for sure like it just fits so

what's that thing for you right it has

to be authentic Olean you're on Jon

Benson's team yeah awesome cool that was

a great I was wondering if that was you

guys that's cool um Jon Benson's awesome

so Lee Anne if you're still around he

mentioned because my list at the time

that we did that launch was like 3,500

subscribers and I think I was like right

up there with Todd Brown and a couple

other people who promoted you have like

hundred K lists and he was like dude I

need an interview so if John wants to

interview me at any point hop on I'm

gonna be in my home studio for another

three weeks I got a real estate deal of

North actually I'm gonna be kind of

close to him I'm gonna be up in

Washington area so yeah I don't know we

could reach out I'd love to hop on do

like a piece of content with him he's

he's pretty gangster

so Solaris you're very welcome

Cheers Jack's tip yeah when miles never

only has 65 viewers on a livestream

video wow this is the only only the star

for this guy crazy so I did a video I

want to tell you like if you guys are

still with me here's some really deep

inside him site on SEO stuff that we're

doing right now

cheers lien I appreciate that that'd be

really fun so I did a video called learn

SEO and I did three target keywords for

that phrase learn SEO SEO course forget

what it was I wrote it in the corner of

my whiteboard and it was a whiteboard

video like this and I did it live and

now I'm out ranking Neil Patel I'm out

ranking the backlinko guy on outrank

ranking like the biggest names in SEO on

youtube for this really three all three

of those really big keyword phrases I'm

even showing up on the first page of

Google so I looked at that and I was

like what did i do there I wrote a

really good title which I've got here I

wrote a really long detailed description

which I've got here the tags I got that

here I did it live and I noticed when I

was looking at the search engine results

page on YouTube that video I was like

because I go back and analyze when I see

something that sticks I go and I'll just

scare it like what did I do different

here and it said recorded live or

something versus uploaded three weeks

ago or uploaded nine months ago right

like there's just that little indicator

I was like aha so now this video you're

watching is actually a test from

of instead of just doing this video

pre-recorded and uploaded do I actually

trigger the YouTube algorithm extra

bonus benefit for doing this live with

you so if this video jumps to the top

for the there's three keyword phrases in

the title I got all three of them in or

maybe yeah there's three main keyword

phrases you can figure out what those

are in the title so if I hit the number

one spot for all those and it's not

alive guess what you're gonna see me do

a lot more of live classes because there

might be that little edge I can get on

my competition by doing it live not just

recording and uploading if that isn't so

I don't know if that's true yet I have

one data point that shows like wow I'm

out ranking some serious SEO weight in

this world so I'm now like kind of in

this more like like test it again right

test observe what happened test it again

so that's kind of why I'm doing this

live and it's funny I didn't even do a

full promotion of the live stream I

email my list of course but I didn't put

it on Facebook or anything cuz because

really I'm doing this for the SEO value

and a long-term value and I hope this

actually connects I know this video will

connect with thousands and thousands and

thousands of people over the next

several weeks and if I hit that number

one spot for all three of those keywords

it could it could jump to you know a

hundred thousand two hundred thousand

views in the course of the next year or

two which would potentially be up there

with my top videos so that's that's

really what's going on here I'm really

kind of interested it's a test in one

senses cool quick comment on IG TV oh

yeah Instagram TV don't know damn thing

about it my phone battery died and I'm

just not on Instagram I don't love

Instagram yet like I don't feel like we

get some traffic and I've connected with

people for sure on it I feel like it's a

waste of time I'm these things are so

much more powerful than Instagram TV I

will never stop doing a YouTube thing

for an Instagram thing okay I just said

never and that's a quick way to shove a

foot in my mouth in like nine years or

something so with the way the world is

today I don't see myself spending any

time that I would spend with YouTube

over on Instagram for any logical reason

because this is a search engine that's a

timeline that disappears and the moment

is gone from Instagram TV and their

algorithm bumps you down to the next to

the next to the next of the shelf life

today or to the shelf life of those

videos a year

or ten so this is this is key a right

sweet if you have not done this study

can you tell the noobs just like

creating a blog site what resources are

needed so yeah like Solaris 575 in the

description of this video

I have a link that is to my DIY sales

funnel video series if you go to the

miles becker

channel here on youtube you can click on

playlists and go find the DIY sales

funnel video series if you go to google

and search DIY sales funnel video if you

go to youtube search engine and search

DIY sales funnel video all roads will

lead you to my DIY sales funnel video

series that's where i show you i

literally i'm like i show you not only

which ones to choose but how to set them

all up how to tie them all together so

you get your WordPress installed on the

host you get your theme installed so

your WordPress looks good you get your

autoresponder set up and tied into your

theme so you can do all of the opt-in

stuff from your WordPress site so the

information is out there you just got to

go find that series specifically and

then dive down probably the best

resource would be on miles becker comm i

think it's four slash clickfunnels -

alternative is actually the URL but

search DIY sales funnel on my site and

it'll show up because i've actually laid

out all the videos on one post so it

just i kind of consolidate everything

and you won't have the distraction of

youtube with all the stuff around there

ivenn go small niche and try to dominate

or get a piece of a big niche with a

strong pain point so i'm all about small

niche but you can get in a really small

subset and work your way up so my home

girl who's in the fitness for dressage

riding she could get into fitness for

horseback riders which is a larger

audience there's more people who like

horseback riding than dressage but she

might not need to she's absolutely

crushing it and she's being of service

to the small niche so I always think

niching down makes really really good

sense my wife's main brand is in the

channeled angel meditation space the

reason this is working for me on a Myles

Beckler brand which is very broad which

is countered to a lot of what I teach is

what I'm bringing 20 years of experience

to the table and a willingness to share


free where everyone else in this space

is trying to charge for the same

information I give away for free I'm in

a position to be able to do this because

I don't need the money because I have a

very successful business most people

aren't in that position so what I'm

doing is like Gary Vaynerchuk gets it

right like I'm just being patient as eff

that is literally what I'm doing here I

know I'll get mine when I write a book

and I hit the New York Times bestseller

and also feel like Miles Beckler who's

this dude all right I come out of the

woodwork for many takes a long time to

create an overnight success so that's

literally what I'm building up to and I

might have to do YouTube videos for 10

years before I hit that New York Times

bestseller so here we are almost almost

a year to just chugalug and that's my

thought and you're very welcome

Otto posting the latest news along with

100% original content is bad for SEO for

your website

all right so Raffy auto posting is bad

is that clear like I don't think I'd be

more clear than that if your auto

posting anything that's a recipe for

disaster could it work temporarily yes

but could it be doing something else in

the code so could there eventually be an

algorithm change to Google that gets

your entire website D index and all that

work you put in for however many months

it worked for or years gets totally

collapsed and destroyed yes and that is

why I say auto posting anything is not a

good idea I can't be more clear than

that like no scraping no reposting no

Autobots or Auto Blog BOTS none of that

stuff that stuff will kill you

eventually might work it's a very

short-sighted move and I'm trying to

help you think long term how do I know I

live through 2012 right through the

hummingbird update the Panda update the

penguin update my website is still

around kick in generating millions of

visits per year when I was alive before

those days - and I saw friends who were

making 20 30 40 grand a month their

websites went to zero because they got

hit by the Google band hammer I've seen

what that can do to a business and I've

seen what I did to their emotions people

committed suicide over that I got

heavy and I'm serious right now like

they played on a very gray area and it

bit them in the ass right so don't play

in the gray area play in the in the very

clear create great content now can you

manually curate content and add to it

and build a great brand inside around it

yes but to be honest with you you got to

do it manually it takes the work don't

try to avoid putting in the work so Alex

saw my number one rankings not surprise

tears glad to hear that so new key

especially with Facebook Instagram auto

posting I get what you mean by Auto

posting Rafi I think you I think we're

clear here Kevin I'm glad you caught

onto this one looking forward to watch

the whole thing later cool it'll be up

soon Rafi I got you chill everybody

chill like I'm going through this one at

a time

ninja Pinard of interest I don't I won't

use ninja Fenner personally great

explanation of YouTube's long-term value

versus Instagram cool glad to hear that

so Mike I'm Tinelli

your company provides local news to a

population of a hundred thousand people

so even if they have even if you have a

hundred percent of your demographic

following us that's a pretty limited

audience any advice yeah be the absolute

only source that they go to and make

your content so good that they share it

with everyone they know because if you

think that's all you have then you're

you're thinking way too micro and you're

not realizing that all those people are

probably connected to 150 to 200

separate people so let's multiply a

hundred thousand by two hundred what's

that number it's a big number right so

that's how you grow it you just have to

write that epic of content that's not

good enough for them to read right

that's probably what you're doing now is

like okay and we're getting the

readership how do you make it so good

that they actually share it like who

broke the news for the Panama papers

right and this is I'm not being super

literal I don't really know enough about

it but like journalists break right

like small journalists at small like

Erin Brockovich there you go like that I

don't know there was an old movie about

that like she was just some small-town

lawyer right like like like people in

small areas can do big things right

don't think you're limited just because

you have that audience right now you

can't do something big and global and

write these opinion pieces that get

picked up by Drudge Report or Zero Hedge

or if you're the other side of the the

platform like The Economist could

mention you in something like I don't

know what those are for you I don't know

your niche but like remember that you're

not actually limited that is a false

belief that you have right there so

write epic content and then sell more

stuff to the same people right

how do you J bruh ham there's only three

ways to grow a business on some more

things make more per sale some more

things that new people make more money

for every sale sell more to the people

you already sold stuff to that's it's

the figure out which one of those levers

that or needles or knobs or dials or

switches is easiest for you to trigger

and go do that but um I really think

creating excellent shareable content

could get you well beyond that number

that you think is your current ceiling

how can you find give free content that

you can use to bait searches men like

Raffi's stop baiting people like don't

bait people don't try to get PLR like do

the work if you can't write great

content that gets people interested hire

writers to do it if you're not money to

hire writers go get a job locally make

money locally and invest that into your

internet business through great content

there is no shortcut you're looking for

the shortcuts man like you're not to get

blocked on the channel if you don't

change that mindset you can go back to

the spammer websites Pranay how long do

you think it will take to get successful

three or four hours of good work a day

you know that that depends man like I've

heard a thousand days at three or four

hours a day is the way to get there

that'd be four thousand hours there's

the 10,000 hour rule that we what six

years or something like that I don't

know what skills you bring the table

like who cares like my my question to

you Pranay instead of like how long will

it take is like is it worth whatever it

takes to get your desired result because

your doesn't sound like you're there yet

right like if it's not worth it to you

in the end to create a total lifestyle

freeing business keep waking up your

alarm clock and doing your commute and

doing your normal job it's okay to do

that our world needs employees right

like when I go to Whole Foods I want

people at Whole Foods to check me out

like our world needs those two I like

people who clean houses so I can hire

somebody come clean my house and the

lady loves cleaning houses like it's

awesome she does what she loves she's

stoked that pay her I do what I love

which is with here with you stoke I

don't do that thing I don't love which

is cleaning perfect like our world needs

all people you don't have to be an

entrepreneur I'm not here to convince

you to be an entrepreneur it's okay for

you to work a traditional job but if you

are interested like isn't it worth doing

whatever it takes for as long as it

takes to create the lifestyle that you

truly desire like that that's really the

the point in my personal opinion Rafi

I'm glad I'm glad you got I'm glad

that's clear I'm glad we got that here

man um Google banhammer was that about

plagiarized content so the banhammer was

swung for people doing link wheels link

pyramids it was a lot of like

backlinking strategies that got people

banned it was some plagiarized comment

the the auto blogging software got hit

really hard there like so

panda penguin hummingbird all focused on

different things and here's something

important to keep in mind about Google's

algorithm right now so of the thousands

of people who work on Google's algorithm

that code base it is Google algorithms

of the thousands of engineers software

jurors who work on it zero were there

when it was written so nobody actually

knows how this thing works it's now this

behemoth a hodgepodge this duct-taped

together and and so they'll be like ok

we're tired of seeing these scraped

content showing up on the first page of

Google how do we get rid of it and some

engineers gonna go look at it me like I

don't know what do we got taken out that

part like I think so I'm gonna ask

another engineer and they'll come

they'll do their meetings and so just

yank one piece out and that creates all

kinds of collateral damage and if you're

on a gray area somewhere over here

they're trying to fix this over here

they change the code they think fixes

that but you just got hit that's how it

works today so that's why I'm like

squeaky clean at this point all right

10:57 if you made it to the end hashtag

bad ass throw in the comments real quick

hashtag bad ass to you so hit the thumbs

up if you haven't yet already I couldn't

believe you made at the end didn't hit

the thumbs up but hit that helped me get

the word out on this I hope you liked

this if you know of anybody who could

get value from this know that it'll pop

up live here on my youtube channel or

it'll pop up like forever on my youtube

channel here in about 30 minutes or so

and wow we did it yay to get it does it

make sense like that's affiliate

marketing get value get valued be nice

be helpful get value no shortcuts do the

work do the work do the work do the work

find a way that the work is fun so I do

youtube videos because I get charged up

not to walk out of here my wife I'm

gonna be like yeah you know I'm stoked

I don't go flop on a couch after this

like I'm ready to take on the day

at this point so find the medium that

gets you charged and then find the

audience that you're just like so

passionate to be of service to right and

like I'm so passionate to be a service

to you somebody who's looking to do the

work you want to find the right way and

you just don't want to keep throwing

money at these fake-ass gurus because

they are just they're just trying to pay

for their Lambos out your pocket and

then the more people I can help realize

that to stop funding these Lambos and

that BS and all that fake vlog lifestyle

look how cool I am and Photoshop income

reports and show you that doing the work

is the key man that's my life goal right

there so so find that that mission that

that Drive of being of service that

audience and that medium of creating

content and everything else we'll figure

it out grow a list help people get that

which they want to get them the results

they desire achieve the goals they

desire everything's gonna work from

there it's really cool so thank you all

very much just so many like chats coming

in comments coming in I really

appreciate you guys I'm gonna do another

live probably next week I might do like

a fun review or something but until then

I don't know share it do what you do I

appreciate you I'm gonna go say hey to

the wifey and just go explode an

excitement for how fun this was so

thanks for sharing it with me I really

do appreciate it.......

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