How To Increase Height In 1 Week | how to increase height naturally

How To Increase Height In 1 Week |  how to increase height naturally
How To Increase Height In 1 Week |  how to increase height naturally

What's going on guys, This is deepak & welcome back to my blog. Well you were asking for a long time

that how to increase height & as you know that i make blog as per your requests. So here it is.

And those who were asking me about vegetarian diet, don't worry i'll upload that video too in next week.

So without wasting any time Let's start today's video.

So friends i would like to give some information about height, that our height basically 90-95% depends upon

"Genetics" - meaning that whatever our parents or grandparents had/has the height, our height will also be

according to them. Maybe your height will be similar to them or maybe your height is more than them.

And in some cases children's height doesn't match up with the parents. So today's video is specially for them.

As i told you earlier that our height 90-95% depends upon genetics, so we are left here with 5-10%.

So what should we do to increase our height in this 5-10%.

So to increase your height you have to focus on these 3 points - Exercise, Nutrition and third - i will tell you about

the mistakes that we make that effects our height.

So let's talk about the mistakes first. So the major mistake that we do is about our "POSTURE".

meaning that we don't know how to walk properly, how to sit properly. Some people walks by leaning towards

front or sits like this. So this posture is absolutely wrong. We should not walk or sit like this.

So what should we do now? While walking our back should be straight and chest should be little bit elevated

and we should walk straight. So this is how we should walk. Now when we talk about how to sit, so the chair

that we have, it has a support in the back. Why we have provided that support ? so that we can easily sit by

leaning our back towards that support rather than leaning forward. If this was the case then the chair

makers would give us the base only? Why they give us the chair like that? so that we can comfortably sit, so

that there would no stress in our back and we can do our work comfortably.

So make sure you walk and sit properly.

So the second mistake you make is of Nutrition. If you guys think that eating this junk food will help you to

increase your height, then i don't know that in which world you are lost. And i've also noticed that children

desperately needs to increase their height and also needs to eat the junk food. So this is absolutely wrong.

Unless we provide our body with good nutrition how would our body grow? So make sure we are providing our

body with plenty of carbs, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and all nutrients.

So what should we eat to increase our height? So the food that helps us to grow our height is

If we eat all these things then the probability of increasing our height increases.

So this was the diet now lets talk about our final formula which is "EXERCISES". So which exercises should be

done to increase our height? So now i will tell you 5 activities or exercises that will increase the possibility of your height growth.

People who do swimming have very flexible body, they have really stretched muscle and they are really tall as well.

So people who do swimming is really good. People who don't do, don't worry the next 4 exercises can help you.

So the 2nd exercise is basically is not a exercise, it is a yogic asana called as tadasana.

Most of you guys must have heard of this term and also may have practiced. So people who dont know about this

I would post a picture here. So what we have to do in this - we have to fully stretch our arms at the top and

and we have to lift our feet as well and then walk a little bit. So Tadasana is really a great exercise and must be

performed early in the morning, so it opens our pressure points in the foot the blood circulation increases that

ultimately helps in increasing our height.

3rd exercise is Forward Bending - in this exercise first we are going to take our hand up towards the sky, legs

should be straight & stiff, and then slowly slowly bringing our hands back and try to touch our feet.

I will post a picture here so that you'll get an idea about the exercise.

4th exercise is Skipping. It is scientifically proven that skipping helps to increase our height. As I've told you

that doing Tadasana helps to open our pressure points of the feet and helps in circulation of more blood so if

we perform skipping barefoot anywhere whether at home, park or anywhere - it really helps a lot.

And our final exercise is hanging exercise like Pull ups. So what happens in pull ups is while we are hanging

gravity tries to pull us back with which our body is fully stretched at that time. With the stretch of the body means

stretching of muscles which ultimately helps in growth of the height. So these are the exercise that will help

you to increase your height. So if you follow these steps that I've told you then I'm sure that your height will increase.

And if you want that i should demonstrate these exercises then comment "WE WANT EXERCISES" below.

So that's it for today. I hope you find this blog  helpful. If you find this video helpful, Please like and lets aim for

Share this blog with those who are unable to grow their height. I'm sure that this video will also help them.

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