How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions | how to make money on youtube,

How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions | how to make money on youtube,

How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions | how to make money on youtube,
so you want to be a super successful

youtuber and make millions of dollars

well honestly you don't really need any

of this so fun fact I love YouTube the

whole behind-the-scenes has been so

fascinating to me for years box and the

cameras here and then you can see what

it looks like

I love cameras I love editing I've

always loved that stuff but this is

gonna sound so stupid

especially years ago my channel was

first growing I would purposely hide a

lot of that to just be like straight up

and honest with you guys and super real

and blunt I realized how competitive I

used to be back in the day and I would

even notice myself hiding what cameras

and lenses I was using and not wanting

to tell YouTube or even certain friends

or like whatever just because I

genuinely like this it's like weird to

admit I felt like a lot of my value was

in my editing and my knowledge and

people would always come to me for

advice and I felt like if everyone

starts using the lens I'm using that

like my channel is nothing and that's so

wrong to think that way and you know

we've we've come a long way he's since

been we've grown a lot hence this video

if you want more videos like this let me

know also if you want to hear more stuff

like this um you should listen to my

podcast with Remy because we've actually

done a handful of episodes that go in

and we spill all the freaking tea about

like branded trips like what really goes

on I have friends who have actually had

to go to court because they signed

something and had no idea oh my god and

they just they didn't know they were

young they got taken advantage of and

someone said hey you're gonna owe me 40

percent of your earnings when like you

don't know you know you're just so

excited that someone wants you you think

is so careful management agents all that

stuff like ah I love I love this it's

just so interesting to me also we're

gonna be doing four stops of live shows

you should go buy tickets and you can

listen to us okay please keep in mind

this is coming from a very overly

perfectionist workaholic all the things

I'm gonna say goes to my own style I'm

willing to bet there are hundreds of

other vloggers who don't work this way

and that's totally fine for them so one

of the number one questions that I

actually get is people asking me what

camera and equipment I personally use

but I actually don't really like

spending too much time on all of that

because just use the best camera you

have there's so much more to youtube

than that but I'll go through it real

quick for this channel I usually use a

Canon 5d Mark 4 and I love a nice wide

lens my favorite is the Canon 16 to 35

millimeter 2.8 I use it pretty much

every single day I love it so good now a

wider aperture equals a blurrier

background so if you want that nice @

beauty guru look that's what I'll

usually do one point 250 millimeter is

butter if you didn't know I do have a

second channel which is my vlog channel

Alicia Marie vlogs go subscribe and I am

constantly trying out different cameras

but I usually always come back to the

canon m5 I love the flip down screen and

I love the fact that I can add a mic on

top now I would actually recommend it

the canon g7x mark ii or a canon 86 for

first-time vloggers because it has a

flip up screen but your girl over here

loves some good audio should I do it

which is why I sacrifice seeing myself

on a tripod to be able to have good

audio but it really just comes down to

preference there is no perfect vlog

camera out there yet so just find one

that works for you so believe it or not

natural lighting is actually like the


I recommend that more than anything

especially getting like sheer curtains

like this it kind of works as a natural

diffuser it's amazing but if I do use

all I love using a ring light a lot of

youtubers use this there you can get

like they're not that that expensive but

I love it because one it's super easy to

use and two it makes your skin look

freaking airbrush like it makes your

skin look good show it don't say it this

is legit one of the biggest secrets that

I used to keep to myself don't tell us

that you and grocery shopping show us

that you went grocery shopping don't

tell us that you went to Target show us

that you went to Target so the main

reason why I'm here there's such a

difference from just sitting in your car

saying everything you did that day to

actually showing the audience you know

your whole day I want to see you going

into this door and I want to see you

going in picking out your favorite items

if like I genuinely am obsessed I even

want to see you struggling deciding if

you should buy something or freaking out

over home decor just know okay so if

you're doing a daily vlog from the

beginning of the day to the end of the

and you leave out a lot of huge moments

that happen that was hilarious and it's

just you really explaining what you've

done already today like that's a it

works but it's not as interesting as you

showing the audience I love like

stocking people and seeing their morning

routines and you don't even have to say

a lot it's just showing what you're

doing one of the mistakes that I did

early on in my youtube career was I was

so focused on super cinematic shots that

literally all of my shots would be like

super zoomed and tight and like that was

it like wide angles wide angles show you

so much more of like someone setting and

I feel like that helps add a lot to your

story or your daily vlogs kind of like

an establishing shot of just showing

where I am opposed to literally this the

whole time literally just go watch all

of my old videos because I'm like no one

wants to see a room to her like that in

that room doing an overview that way you

can see my entire room all together

first okay so here's another little tip

that I swear has helped me so much the

hard thing about being a youtuber is you

have to constantly 24/7 keep in your

head what you've already shot and what

you still want to shoot that day so it

can be really overwhelming a lot of

times I think I shot stuff when I really

haven't what I like to do at least once

a day is just whip out my blog camera

and then skim through all the footage

that I have it takes two seconds and it

literally will help you so much mentally

and it'll honestly make your vlogs so

much better if you're thinking about

what type of content you want to upload

well the first thing I feel like you

should do is think about what type of

content you actually watch yourself what

interests you think about the videos you

actually watch on YouTube because that

is probably something that you're

interested in this is something that

I've had to learn the hard way when you

upload videos that you like you are so

much more proud of it and then you're

not using the views as a spectrum of

like success or validation really

speaking to myself right now also just

the short-term goals of getting viral

views for a few seconds really doesn't

help you in the long term for instance

short term versus long term what do I

dream goals is to work with Canon or

Apple but I don't show cameras or tech

stuff that way then

why the hell would they even want to

work with me do you see what I mean to

figure out what your long-term goal is

and then figure out the steps to get

there Kannan if you want to work with me

no don't get stuck into the trap of

uploading whatever is just gonna be

viral during the moment for instance

like I don't know something you're not

into like slime videos I don't know that

has nothing to do with your long-term

goal now if you forget love making slime

videos then yo do it and upload sine

videos but if you're only uploading

certain videos because they're getting

views yeah maybe they'll get a hundred

thousand views or maybe they'll even get

ten million views and you'll get a cool

paycheck for a second but it's so easy

and like low even like toxic just to get

in that mindset of just chasing views

that way she's okay so I think we all

know that YouTube is so freaking

saturated now so if it's overly

saturated like how do you stand out so

how do you stand out think of the

biggest youtubers on the platform okay

you have like Shane Dawson Jeffrey star

James Charles PewDiePie whatever right

all of them stand out from each other

and I think this is something that's

really crucial that people don't really

notice like let's take Jeffrey and James

for example they both do makeup yet you

watch them for different reasons they

could both upload the exact same new

foundation review and you want to watch

both of them because you want to hear

each of their perspectives and that

comes down to not just their talent but

like their personality there's so many

people who blow up overnight and in a

year they have over a million

subscribers but it's because they stand

out somehow it's not because there's too

many people uploading videos so another

comment that I get all the time is

actually from people saying they wish

they could do my vlogs but they feel

like their life is boring you know they

don't go on expensive vacations or their

life isn't super luxurious have you

watched my vlogs literally I feel like

every single vlog I pretty much do the

same thing I get ready I make coffee I

maybe go shopping that's the fun part

about YouTube is doing the same thing 20

different times but showing it 20

different ways like for instance when I

get ready in the morning some days I'll

do a chitchat get ready with me and I'll

do my makeup some days I'll do a

time-lapse some days I'll do like a

clicky ASMR thing like it's just I think

that's the fun part where you get to be

creative believe it or not my favorite

vlogs are actually home vlogs like I

love people just chilling

live in their life doing their thing

making their coffee that's just like

what I like watching okay so my next

secret is if you yourself can't sit

through your own video that you have

spent days and hours making no okay so

if you're watching our final video and

you're already bored watching it and

haven't even published it yet then

change something maybe cut that one part

out that's not that crucial or add

graphics sound effects also feel free to

ask a friend to watch your video with

them and don't watch the video with them

but watch them watching your video see

every single time they look down at

their phone because even though they're

watching they're trying to be a good

friend for you they're still getting

distracted and they're getting bored so

then they check their phone and then

literally take notes of certain time

stamps of when they're not paying

attention I have my three or four go-to

people that I always send my videos to

before him because it's so important to

have a good audience retention which is

the actual amount of time that a user

watches your video like what percentage

of the video they watch is so freakin

important to the YouTube algorithm so if

you want to be successful you need to

have engaging videos people need to

watch your videos which kind of makes

sense so yeah just like click baiting

and stuff actually can hurt your channel

because if you're just click baiting

people are gonna be clicking out really

fast and it's not good BAM so it's worth

taking your time okay so one of the

number one questions that I've gotten

over the years is just from people

asking but how did you actually get

millions of subscribers I can't explain

the whole thing like oh it was

consistent probably like no no how did

you get the subscribers it's almost like

they wanted to be this huge like secret

key or just secret that if I tell them

boom they'd have subscribers overnight

too it's just being here so which is so

cliche I know you're not wanting that

answer okay let's talk money so I think

it's not a secret anymore that you can

make a lot of money if you are a

successful youtuber keyword can I can

confidently say if you are just in this

for the money

girl there's no girl guy dude whatever

people there's no way like it's you

won't survive but if you aren't just in

it for the money and you really do love

YouTube and you have a passion for

making videos then here are some tips

that I actually give my friends who are

just starting out and they're

they're following so here's the real the

real tips the realty the money will come

it may take a while guys for me it took

four freaking years but let's be real

the way you get money is from having

good enough content to gain a following

that wants to watch that content to

growing your viewers so much that brands

and advertisers notice that you have a

following that they'll want to work with

you and promote their products that is

the T there are no shortcuts and guys

honestly if there were I would tell you

okay so yeah I just wanted to let you

guys know that you don't have to have

the nicest camera or the nicest

equipment or spend thousands and

thousands of dollars like you can still

have a very successful channel without

all of that and when it comes to making

money like don't worry about the money

because if you love what you're doing

and anything in life in any career like

if you love what you're doing the money

will come you just love what you're

doing and that is so much more important

and I'm just like I feel like a preachin

also I don't know if you guys can tell I

am so sick but yeah I hope that this

helps some of you guys out if you're

starting YouTube if you've done it for

10 years if whatever and you want more

videos like this let me know because

there is so much more that I didn't even

cover I feel like there's so much more

that I could talk about yeah I love you

guys so so so so much and yeah I'll see

you guys next week with new blogband

yeah my

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