How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Ads for CPA Marketing Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Advice | How much do you have to pay for Facebook Ads

How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Ads for CPA Marketing Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Advice | How much do you have to pay for Facebook Ads

Hii guys I am deepak this in my new blog 

is is gonna be a

real talk session I kind of like these

real talk sessions because I'm pretty

bold pretty honest and I think a lot of

people like these blog and uh today's

question for the blog it's gonna be how

much should you be spending on your

Facebook ads for affiliate marketing and

CPA marketing and I'm gonna just tell

you guys my my experience and as you can

see I've spent almost 1,750 bucks on

Facebook ads and I shouldn't tell you

guys a little bit about my experience

and maybe answer the question on how

much you should be spending on your

campaigns to ditch that campaign or what

you should be doing and what I'm doing

so stay tuned....

so in my opinion what I like to do me

personally a lot of people like to do a

$5 a day but me personally what I do is

I do $10 a day and the reason being is

because I want to aim to get my data

faster and now don't get me wrong

five dollars a day is fine but what I

like to do is do ten dollars so let's

just say I want to get into let's just

use real estate niche I have a CPA offer

that's paying a dollar fifty per lead

well what I would like to do is one

thing I like to do is I like to use

video ads video ads to me convert high

compared to posting a picture and going

that way video ads you can get cheap

clicks and high quality cheap clicks

because people are engaging with your

videos so that's one tip I want to talk

about is utilizing video views for your

campaigns and whatever niche you're in

so that being said me personally I like

to do ten dollars a day to gain data and

let me tell you guys a little bit of a

story so I was in Clickbank I'm still in

Clickbank there's not many offers in

there that I like but there's one in

particular I wanted to promote and I

knew other people were promoting that

offer and what happened with this offer

is I started to promote that offer I

learned got some techniques from other

people promoting the offer so it ended

up getting tips from a couple friends of

mine who were all promoting the offer

and what happened was when I was

promoting this offer they were getting

sales they were getting conversions on

this Clickbank offer me personally I

wasn't getting any sales I ended up

spending about $200 on the campaign and

I didn't make anything back but I want

to tell you what I was doing during this

$200 respect I didn't just spend this

blindly so one thing I was doing was I

was requiring people to opt-in to my

email list so I ended up getting about

400 leads for the offer that's one thing

I was doing now keep in mind building

your email list is critical for the long

term gain so I thought I created about

10 emails to follow up with the people

for this particular clickbank offering

by the time people got to nine I would

say 50% of the people were converting

but remember I had expect this $200 in

the beginning to get this campaign going


data and I wasn't making any money on

the front end so now keep this in mind

so I wasn't making any money in the

front end and I'm already $200 deep into

this campaign so I told myself there's

no turning back so this is exactly what

I had been doing well once that my pixel

your Facebook pixel gets enough data you

can create look-alike audiences and

that's exactly what I did I started

creating my custom audiences my

look-alike audiences I changed my ad

copy I tweaked it and I was just saying

what was getting me the most clicks what

was converting the best and I just

touched it you're gonna spend money to

test you're not gonna win every single

time with a campaign but now this is

where my campaign started to scale I

actually changed it up and ivory

targeted people who had watched 50% of

my video or more you can set that up

it's pretty simple but you can set that

up but with this particular campaign

what Clickbank IRA targeted people who

watched 50% more of my video because me

because to me that let me know that they

were engaged and then after I did that I

stacked my audiences same day I started

running that same offer I got a sale in

that offer so that's just a short story

I wanted to tell you guys that you may

not make your money on the first day on

a $5 add your net you may not make your

money the first day on a $10 ID but the

whenever you have a fresh pixel for that

Facebook niche page or the niche website

you have you have to get data for that

pixel so then you can retarget and scale

that whenever you only have 50 people on

a hundred people on your pixel Facebook

doesn't have enough data so you can

retarget people who have similar

interests and make money from it so

that's just one tip or another tip I

want to give you guys and I hope this

helped anybody who's curious on how much

did they be spending on a campaign what

you should be doing when you're testing

so for me personally what I what I do is

about 50 bucks and some people may do

more some people may do less but I try

to keep my niches pretty broad

so let's just say if I have health

insurance well I'm gonna try different

campaigns in health insurance so maybe

that particular CPA offer isn't


but and I can swap that out with another

health insurance campaign to run and

that may convert better than the other

campaign so keep your niches similar so

your pixels can target similar people

and that's just one way you can do it I

mean so many different ways you can do

it with Facebook Ads and that's what's

worked for me and so what I like to do

is set up four campaigns and when I set

up these four campaigns two of them had

the same exact audiences but different

ad copy and the other two now have

different target same ad copy as one

just different targeting audiences and

same for the other other one so two of

them are the same different ad copies

and different targeting audiences um so

you know narrowing down their targeting

make sure you're doing that and yeah so

that's just my tip and my realtalk

session I wanted to give everybody so if

you made it this far in the video make

sure you go check out entrepreneur

affiliates on Facebook and I'm looking

forward to anyone who's hungry for and

wanting to learn CPM marketing affiliate

marketing and I'm posting private

content and the Facebook group so I'm

excited for that so stay hungry stay

humble and see you guys next time....

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