Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Get Free Facebook Traffic | how to promote facebook page free

Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Get Free Facebook Traffic |  how to promote facebook page free 

Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Get Free Facebook Traffic |  how to promote facebook page free

in this blog I'm going to show you a
powerful Facebook marketing strategy

imagine if every post you post on your
facebook business page or in your

personal profile could get engagement
like what you can see here on the screen

hundreds of comments lots of likes and
lots of shares that's exactly what I'm

going to show you in this video we're
going to also talk about how you can get

free Facebook traffic I'm going to show
everything step by step my name is Greg

Kononenko you might also know me as the
Caffeinated Blogger and on this YouTube

channel I publish regular tutorials
related to traffic generation affiliate

marketing and making money online make
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next tutorial alright let's get into the

detail first of all let's talk about who
can actually do this so any individual

with a personal Facebook profile can
follow the strategy that we're going to

cover as well as businesses that have
got a facebook business page if you

currently do not have a Facebook profile
or a facebook business page that's

completely fine you can just open a
personal Facebook profile or a business

page and still follow along with the
strategy next let's look at an actual

case study of a post that got a lot of
engagement and a lot of traffic so here

is an example of a post they got massive
traction on Facebook and we're going to

break down exactly why it got massive
traction and exactly how you can

replicate the same one of my friends on
Facebook has been killing it with this

kind of strategy he puts out regular
posts similar to what you can see here

in the screen and he gets a lot of
clicks to pretty much any offer that he

wants he is able to build his email list
on Facebook and by the way this works in

any niche so my friend is in the niche
of online marketing but you can do the

same thing in any niche out there in the
baby niche you can do the same thing in

health and weight loss niche and so on
let's go through one by one so first of

all the way that he gets this traction
is by offering something to give away

for free so in this example it's a
training course where he says I'm gonna

give away this training course to you
for free simply comment below now if you

do not currently have a training course
you can use PLR I'm gonna go

that in just a moment you can create
something very quick it can just be a

checklist you know with literally one
page of information but you do need

something to give away so for example if
it wasn't a health and fitness niche it

could be something like a recipe of a
delicious fat-burning smoothie and you

can have a picture of that smoothie and
you can ask people in the post would you

be interested in getting the recipe for
this delicious smoothie and give the

benefits of exactly what they were going
to get now this particular post of

course says would you like to get free
training from super a few minutes and

then it gives a little bit of a
breakdown the most important thing that

I want to point out here is the strong
call to action if you want the best copy

okay then like comment share or PM me
for details so this is the very strong

call to action that is given on this
Facebook post let me explain why this

actually works so well the reason why
this works is because Facebook algorithm

loves engagement okay and at the moment
that this post went live and some of the

friends started commenting on this
Facebook posts say information please

information please information please
the more comments it gets the more

likely it will be that Facebook will
show up this same post in the Facebook

feeds of other people it works the same
way in business on business pages the

more engagement you can get on a
particular post the more likely it will

be that the fans of that Facebook page
will see it okay and it works the same

on individual Facebook profiles if you
can get a lot of comments and a lot of

engagement you will be very likely to to
have that person to as many of your

friends as possible okay so hopefully
this makes sense let's jump back over to

the presentation so here are the
important components you need to have

some kind of an image you need to give
something away for free and like I said

it does not have to be anything
complicated it can just be a half page

PDF it can be a checklist it can be a
recipe it works in any niche then you

give a few brief benefits you ask people
to comment to get access and then once

people start commenting and asking for
access that's when you message them with

information so they can click the link

and that's how you get the traffic from
that link that you put into the message

that you send to those people okay you
then send it to them via IPM very

important do not put the access
information in the in the comments and

replying to each person you want to DM
them because if you put it publicly in

the comments that nobody else will come
and they'll just download your thing

from the comments alright so just make
sure that you message them with access

don't comment with access one of the
common concerns with this technique is I

don't want to be sharing stuff so that
my family and my friends will see this

well don't worry I'm gonna show you
exactly how to do this so that your

family and friends do not see this okay
so you can keep your business marketing

company on your personal profile
completely separate from your business

marketing and I'm gonna show you how to
do this using friends lists the steps of

this strategy in summary are firstly
you'll need to grow your audience then

you will need to make those vile posts
and then you will get the traffic let's

go through step by step and I'm going to
show you how to do each of the steps

first of all let's talk about how you
can grow your audience you will need to

find relevant groups of pages and then
you're going to need to friend everyone

in those groups and pages and some of
those people will friend you back so

your goal is to grow to one thousand two
thousand all the way up to five thousand

friends because that's going to be
effectively your marketing audience on

Facebook and like I said you can do this
with a personal profile you don't

actually need to be a business you don't
need to have a Facebook page but you can

if you want them if you if you've got a
facebook business page then it's just

basically about getting followers rather
than friends let's go through step by

step I'm going to show you how to do
this so for example if you were in the

weight loss niche you would simply go
into Facebook you would type in lose

weight click search and then you would
choose groups after you've chosen groups

you will see a lot of groups that you
can join and you can start growing your

audience in so essentially what you
would do is just have a look at this

group this one has got one hundred and
twenty-two thousand members and they

have over ten posts per day so it's
pretty active

kliklak join on the groups that you want
to join don't join then more than maybe

ten groups per day just to make sure
that you stay under the radar of

Facebook kind of spam filters but you
can join over time you can join a

hundred or more groups I'm going to give
you now an example I'm actually a member

of a few weight loss groups so I'm going
to jump into the group and then I'm

going to show you what to do so here I
am inside one of the groups that I am a

member of because I do some stuff in the
fitness niche as well and you can see

that in this weight loss group okay
there are different posts there are 79

thousand members so they are our
potential target audience now here is

what what you will want to do a lot of
these members are dead weight and

they're not actively interested in
anything okay so you want to grow an

audience of active people so go through
the posts here and check what is

happening on these posts so for example
this particular one has had 22 comments

and people here reply to the comment who
wants to lose extra weight and belly fat

and there are these people who are
saying I want I want I want I want so

you will want to friend them okay so
people who are interested in that you

will want to mouse over them and then go
add friend like this then there are some

other people that are saying me for
example okay so once again click here

and then go add friend so you will want
to friend them as much as possible

because over time a certain percentage
of them maybe 5 to 10 to 20 percent of

them will actually accept your friend
requests here is another example there's

another post by this person has had 82
comments let's see what these comments

are saying once again they are all
saying that they want these free weight

loss tips yes yes please
okay so just add all of those friends

you can see that these people are
actually actively interested in losing

weight you want to friend them so that
you can later marketing to market to

them I'm going to show you step-by-step
how to do that as well once again let's

recap so basically you find relevant
groups of pages you can also do it with

Facebook pages but groups work really
well and then you friend active people

and some of those people will actually
friend you back so over time your goal

is to get to 5,000 friends
that's what Facebook allows you to have

our next step is to separate your
friends into lists this way you will

keep your business and personal separate
I'm gonna show you how to do this right

now so here I am inside my friends list
and I'm gonna show you how you can

separate your friends into lists there
is a little trick here so if I go into

art for example and I'm also friends I
can say that I want to add art one of my

friends into another list and you can
see that there is some there are a lot

of different lists here
some are order created you can actually

create more lists you can see that I've
created a list called business so I can

add art into this list called business
if you want to create a list on your

side what you would do is you would go a
new list and then you just type in the

name of that list like this so you can
say weight loss for example you want to

create at least about weight loss you
can do that after you type that in it'll

become available in here okay so what
that will mean is you can see that I've

got a few people who are already on the
business list okay and after you have

done that these particular people will
become part of your so-called business

list and you can then in the future
create posts on your profile that will

only be visible to them so let me show
you what I mean when the time comes and

I'm ready to create posts and start
marketing the particular products or

particular links that I want to drive
traffic to I can create my posts so I

will write something like following the
same format that we discussed before and

I can actually then target who I'm
showing this to whether I want to

publish it publicly okay or if I want to
put down so I'm gonna antique public and

I'm going to go more and then say only
specific friends in under only specific

friends and the specific friends you can
see that it's

search for a friend or list so I'm going
to put down business and that will bring

up the list that we've just created
business so I'm going to take that Save

Changes and now you can see that this
post that we're about to publish will

only go to all of the friends that
attack business ok that's how you ensure

that your post does not go and become
visible by your friends and family and

everything else just to keep that
privacy and make sure that your family

don't start telling you how come you
publish all of this rubbish on your

timeline so that will help you keep your
business and personal profile separate

and that addresses that concern the next
step of the process of course is to make

those viral style posts where like we
talked about before you give something

away you can buy some PLR material for
this if you want you can just create

your own short resource that's
completely fine as well just the recap

you need to have a great image and you
can use canva which is a free service to

create your great images you can explain
what you're giving away give all of the

benefits and then ask people to comment
so that you can deliver that content to

them once you start getting those
comments make sure that you PM everybody

so just click on them and send them a
direct message on Facebook so that you

can send them that particular link you
want them to click and that's how you

market that's how you reach out to them
and then you just simply reply to them

in the comments on the post and tell
them that you have replied to it that's

the whole strategy thank you so much for
watching I hope you enjoyed this if you

enjoyed this video then make sure to
subscribe to my channel on this

caffeinated blogger channel I'll publish
regular tutorials about traffic

generation I feel it marketing and
making money online thanks again for

watching I'll see you in the next blog...

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