Face Waxing! Everything You Need To Know | full face waxing

Face Waxing! Everything You Need To Know | full face waxing
Face Waxing! Everything You Need To Know | full face waxing

hi guys so I think about a month ago I

washed my face and they spoke to you

guys but everybody was really keen that

I do a blog so this is the second time

that I'm going to be waxing my face and

I thought it would do a video for you

guys so far I was really happy with the

results the last time I didn't see a lot

of a reaction just some very mild

reactions here on the side and I think I

updated you guys on social media about


the only drawback IPS that after you wax

it and if you're someone who bleaches

your hair because you are fine hair like

I do it becomes a problem good as the

hair is going out it's really hard to

kind of bleach I'm going to show you

because your hair swing GPD are a so if

you believe like five days ago or six

days ago starts to sprout and you can

see the black base which is the only

problem also now I've kind of gotten

addicted to this puffy face and now this

little puffiness or illusion your really

annoys me and I want to wax it again so

let's not waste more time and let's head

to the channel so now we are here at GPB

and I'm about to start people


so it was great from now family took us

to in two and a half weeks to grow and

it's still fine it's not wrong or any

article or royal and there is a slight

like ways like mild rash on your when

you enter to get whatever you like we do


should I give me a little tool like look

at it match your last time I think that

is the best there so this is it so this

is a peel off back so that you're using

a house is better than the normal axe

very quick climb okay it is not sticky

right it covers both of a area when is

next night and it is less painful the

pain doesn't change that it is less

painful a typical episode okay the sized

ones are really the worst part after bad

it's not so bad

against the Dafina

so there is some slight redness right

now but that will subside and it

actually doesn't hot after it's just

that immediate well that sediment is

where is this bully yeah and I feel like

it's less the second time like the first

time I probably felt it more than I

appeal is now they are giving it a lot

less this time even less than nothing

can you see the difference between

asceticism yeah

like the side is looking penal and

fresher this kind of does


and Becca this is the wax and we want

some hand on Infinity Mahan yeah

so we are done I do look like either

edge right now but it was the same case

last time as well and it will subside as

we get home and this is the lovely

butters I did my face waxing and she's

the only person I trust to do it thank

you thank you come back for all my edges

wash off the chair I can feel a lot


it's super smooth and it is any rash now

just some redness which should say

tomorrow but now any doesn't is no

please note though none of it was of

nothing I'm just gonna keep watching it

with cold water and I will see you guys


so thank you and the skin is completely

normal it's as smooth as a baby's bottom

and there's absolutely no reaction

whatsoever last time I had like a few

little dots here but nothing this time

when all of you

Aska where is my waxing it attach on for

begin they use a special peel off French

wax that's what was used and it reduces

the sensitivity and makes it less

painful I hope this video helped you

please give it a thumbs up and comment

below with any more questions you have

about face Roxy and I will answer as

many as I can see you guys bye..........

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