Best Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2019) | make money online 2019

Best Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2019) | make money online 2019 

Best Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2019) | make money online 2019

 What is going on you
guys, deepak here

with another blog for you

and today I want to show you the best way

to make money online as a
complete broke beginner.

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On this channel I teach
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So first of all, I'm going
to show you the proof

behind this strategy

and then I'm gonna lay out this strategy

for you step-by-step.

So we're gonna forget
the fluff and filler,

we're gonna dive it right into
the content of this video.

So you can see that I'm logged here

into my ClickBank account.

I use this specific ClickBank account

for this specific strategy

and so what I'm going to do,

is I'm going to go back to custom range.

We're gonna go back to the
beginning of the year here

because this is when I
implemented this strategy

and I'm going to scroll down here

and I'm gonna zoom in right here.

This is a program known
as Parallel Profits, okay

and this program made me
18,003 dollars and 98 cents.

Now, you notice that I logged

into what's called my ClickBank account.

ClickBank is a marketplace,

just like Amazon is a marketplace

where they house digital products

and some affiliate products

as far as physical products as well.

Now, with affiliate
marketing and with ClickBank,

what you could do is you can
go through this marketplace

and you can choose specific
affiliate products to promote

and so the way that we could do that,

if I zoom back out here
and we go up to marketplace

and I go to for example,
cooking food and wine

and it will show me all
these different products

that I can promote.

Now, you could click on
the product themselves

to view the sales page but
essentially I can click

on this promote link,

and you can see my
account nickname is here

and then I can select generate hop links

and you will see that my
secret affiliate link,

not really secret anymore is right here.

So when somebody clicks that
link, they go through it,

they decide to buy, the sales
will be tracked back to me

and that's where you saw
all my sales right here

in the reporting tab, okay.

So this 18,000 dollars that I made,

I'm just gonna go back
here to January once again

and let's scroll down.

So this 18,000 dollars
that I made all right,

that was the gross sales
amount, the net sales amount.

So I had some some refunds here,

was still 13,549 dollars and 15 cents.

This was all without paid
traffic, this was all 100% profit.

So if you're somebody that has an excuse

that you don't have money
to start a business,

great, this video is for you

because I'm literally gonna show you

in every step of this video
that you can use nothing

but your laptop computer if you have one.

If you don't have one

and you're like completely
broke then you know,

you can probably borrow
somebody else's laptop

and use that, but
essentially what we're doing

is we're implementing a
process known as launch jacking

and launch jacking is
essentially piggybacking off

of new product launches
that are being released

to the marketplace and what
these product owners do,

is they have an army of affiliates

that will promote these products for them.

So on the day of launch what happens is

all these affiliates create
buzz in the marketplace.

They'll email their lists, the people

on their email lists
will receive the emails,

they'll click the email,
they'll go to the product,

so in this case it was Parallel Profits

and then before they buy the
product, they'll go to YouTube

and that's exactly where
they find my video.

So what I'm doing is I'm launch
jacking or launch sniping

or piggybacking off of
other people's efforts

to build an income and
make affiliate sells.

Now each product owner will
use a different merchant.

In this case, this specific product owner

used the ClickBank marketplace.

Sometimes people will use like JVZoo

or some other private merchants out there,

but you can see they use
to ClickBank right here.

So that's where you're
seeing the earnings here

in this account.

So let me outline and show you

how you can actually create these videos,

how you can rank at the top of YouTube

for these very low hanging fruit,

less competitive product
name keyword terms

and obviously you can rank

in Google search engine right here,

I'm right at the very top

and this was all without
spending any money.

You can do this with a brand new channel

and the reason why you can do this is

because there's no competition.

With each search phrase that's
typed into YouTube or Google,

there will be a given
level of competition.

So if I just typed in like for example,

how to lose weight, right,
people have been typing that

into the search engine for years.

There's tons of different searches.

There's tons of different
competition out there

but for example, like a new product

that's being released like let's say,

I'm just gonna throw
something random out there,

Facebook Blaster 3000 XD.

Let's say it's a marketing product, right

and I'm gonna just type
in like, all in title

and what this does is it tells us exactly

how much competition
there is and I entered,

I believe this is a colon
and then the quotation marks.

What it'll do is it'll go through

and it'll find all the videos

that have the title
Facebook Blaster 3000 XD.

As you can see, there's
no competition out there.

So you'd be the first to create a video

around Facebook Blaster 3000 XD.

So this should tell you

that these products are fresh new products

that are being released
to the marketplace,

you're the first to hear about them,

the customers are the
first to hear about them,

other affiliates are the
first to hear about them

and what you could do is you
can create content around them

so when the product is released

and people are blasting their email lists,

the potential customers

that are on these big
affiliates email lists,

they will actually go to YouTube.

They'll go to Google and they
will type the product name in

plus review and that's
where they find my video.

I do a comprehensive review,
put an affiliate link

in the description and
boom, they click the link,

they buy, I make money.

So the way that you could
find these products is

through a few different sites.

One is called

and another one is called

What's really cool about
Muncheye that I love

that JV Notify Pro doesn't offer is

it separates the big
launches from all launches.

Typically, a launch that's bigger,

is gonna have a lot more buzz.

It's gonna create a lot more traffic.

More people are going to be searching

for it on Google and YouTube.

When there's more like
big-name affiliates promoting,

that means these big-name
affiliates have big email lists

which again, is gonna create more buzz,

more traffic for you in return.

So it's good to start
with the big launches

if you want to make a
lot of money quickly.

Like I said, I did almost 14,000 dollars

in about two weeks using
and leveraging this method

and you could just go down here

and you can actually see all
these different products.

So for example, Fred Lamb,

he's actually going to
be launching on ClickBank

which is this site that I
showed you right here, right.

So he's gonna be launching on here.

You've got a Simon Green on Warrior Plus,

Dave Gindin on JVZoo and the way

that you guys can actually
learn more about these products

is you can click on the actual product

and then you can go and scroll down here

and there should be a link to sign up

as an affiliate somewhere.

I'm gonna click here,
okay here's a JV page,, I'm gonna click here

and it looks like it took
me back to the home page

so it's not quite active yet

because it's either already been released

or it looks like it's just May 9th

so it hasn't been released yet.

So let me go ahead and
try and click this again.

Sometimes you'll click on some of these

and the JV page is not available yet

and so chances are sometimes
it'll show the launch date,

like in this case is May 13th

but then they'll push back the launch date

so we're not even gonna mess with this one

since it's not even directing
us towards a live JV page.

So you guys are seeing this
live, uncut, raw, in action.

Let's go further down and
let's find something else

that looks intriguing.

Let's go ahead and let's
check out Content Gorilla.

Okay, there's no JV page
there, let's keep looking.

Let's try another one.

Let's see, let's do this Chris Munch.

It's a high ticket product,
it pays 1,997 dollars

which we always love.

Again, this one says it's
to be announced as well.

Not a JV page there and
you kind of just have

to keep looking, right.

You have to keep looking

to see which products
actually have a JV page

and which ones don't.

So in this case this Klippyo
looks like it is live.

So what we would essentially do

is we would request an affiliate link

at the top right hand corner here.

Okay, and what you would do
is you would log in to JVZoo,

create an account and after
you create an account,

you can request to become an affiliate

and it'll take you know, some time.

Might take some 24 hours,
it might take a few minutes,

it just really depends on how
fast the merchant approves you

and the approval process is
different for each offer.

So sometimes they just have
you fill out an application,

sometimes they have you sign
up through like ClickBank

or through JVZoo and then you know,

you have to request to be approved.

It's different for every single
offer that you're promoting.

Now in this case, what
we want to do is now

that we get approved
to promote the product,

we want access to the actual product.

So let's see if we can find

like a contact page here somewhere.

I'm gonna scroll down, it
tells us about the product here

which is what you want to know.

We'll keep scrolling,
scrolling, scrolling.

What I want to do is I
want to find a contact page

or somebody I can email at support.

So what we would do is
we would email Jasmine

and we'll say, request for
access to product for review.

Basically, I would like
to review your product

on my YouTube channel.

Is there a chance I can get a review copy.

So I'm going to change this.

Request for access to review copy.

Okay, is there a chance I can
get a review copy of this.

I would love to share
it with my following.

Boom and then I would click send

and I would just wait
until I get a reply back.

Sometimes you have to do
this with some you know,

a few different products.

After we get a reply back,
everything is good to go.

What we could then do is
shoot our actual review video

and it's very, very simple.

Let me go back here and
see if I can get back

to my Parallel Profits review right here.

So essentially what I
would do is very easy.

I would just do a
walk-through of the product.

Show people you know, the
features, benefits of the product,

what you like, what you
think could be better

because you want to be
as non-biased as possible

but you don't want the
negatives to get to a point

where it's like a
deal-breaker for people, right

because they won't end up
obviously purchasing the product.

So you want to make sure
you're purchasing ethical,

good products from the get-go.

So you want to do your
research, go through the product

before you actually do a review on it.

If it's a good quality product,
go ahead and do the review

and you'll feel more good
about recommending it.

But all you do is you show
people the back office,

you share your screen.

You can use software like the
software I'm using right now

which is, it's created from TechSmith.

It's called Camtasia,

you could also use
Screencast-o-matic which is 100% free

for going the free route.

You just go to google and type
in Screencast-o-matic, okay.

So let me just show you real quick.

Screencast-o-matic, cast-o-matic and boom,

it is right here at the top.

You can download that for free.

So after we do that, we record our video.

We then go to upload our video.

So again, we're showing people the inside

of the members area, what you
like, what you don't like,

your final verdict

and then how they can obviously
get access to the product

and then you simply just say hey,

click the link below and you
can get direct access to it

and there's other things that
you can offer like bonuses

that complement the product

and that will greatly help
improve your conversion rates.

So you can see that my
actual link is right here.

Another big thing is to make sure

that your video title has the product name

that you're wanting to rank for.

So in this case it's
Parallel Profits Review,

got that in the title,
got that in description

and I also have it in the video tags.

Once you do that, you write
out a quick little summary

about your review and then
you're pretty much good to go.

And what you can actually
do is you can have

like three phases where you
create like a pre-launch video

where you show people like the JV page,

what the products about, that
you're gonna be reviewing it,

that you're gonna be going through it

and that you'll let them know
what your final verdict is

and you can rank that video

then you can rank your review video

and then you could also
rank a bonus video.

So I think I have two videos right here.

Yeah, two separate videos
that I ranked here and here

which gave me more chance of ranking

and this didn't cost me any money to do

out of pocket whatsoever.

So if you want to make money very quickly,

if you want to potentially have the income

that I've been able to have
in a short amount of time

and you're a broke beginner,

you want to get start
with making money online,

here in this day and
age, this is a process

that will work this year,
next year, many years to come.

I've been doing this

for the past eight years on the internet.

I learned this first in like 2010

and it's worked really well since.

So with that being said, hope
you got value from this video.

If you want to learn more
about how to make money online,

how to build an income from home,

feel free to check out my
top recommended system below.

It's the same system that's
allowed me to earn a six

and even eventually a seven-figure income

from the comfort of my own home.

So, take care, have a great day.

If you got value from this
video, give me a like,

comment below if you have any questions

that relate to this blog.

What other blog would you
like me to create in the future

and I appreciate you guys.

Have a great day, night,
wherever you're tuning in from

and we'll talk to you soon........

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