[Top] 10 interesting facts about Australia that may surprise you Top 10 world

Amazing Facts About Australia | facts about australian culture

[Top] 10 interesting facts about Australia that may surprise you Top 10 world

Facts about Australia - Interesting Facts about Australia

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As soon as we discover these fun facts, come with us
About Australia

See the end to see which world-famous
Actors come from Australia country.

The first people living in Australia were
Indigenous people who are guessed about

Came about 50,000 years ago.

Indigenous locals speak many languages
And all were divided into several tribes

Around the vast country.

Australia is also known as underground
And there is a huge continent that is completely surrounded

by water!

Famous for many things including Australia
Its beaches, Australian outback, Australian

Animals and vegetarian

With a modern day population of 25 million,
Sydney is the largest city in Australia

Population of 4.5 million

This country has the lowest population density
In the world with 2 people for each class


Top exports to Australia include oil and
Precious gems like coal, opal and meat

Australian coastline is more than 25,000
In kilometers and in length

Individual positions may vary significantly.

In the north
The country's upper extremity is tropical

And with damp but southern edges
Tasmania and Victoria may be more cold

Australia has six states and two states

Australia's highest mountain mount is
Kosciuso which is found in the state of New

South Wales.

Not particularly impressive with its height
2228 meters away

It creates one fourth of the size of Mount Everest and
Very easy to climb

Australia has many unique animals in the country
It is not found anywhere else in the world.

Kangaroo is a wild and big jumping team
It is found in wild and some

Australian people actually eat kangaroo meat!

Fetus, platypus, cuckoo and cucumber
There are some other animals that are unique

For the Australian landscape.

Kookaburra in a strange looking big beak
Bird which makes a unique and hilarious bird


Kukabura's call is fast and distinctive,
And it sounds similar to humans in some ways


Listen and see for yourself.


Australia is so interesting - more facts
Just coming!

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Australian has a unique way of speaking
English language

Some popular sayings in Australia are "Gday"

Which means hello!

A toilet is sometimes called "Dunne"
And the unbiased dunam means something is true and


Australian players wear thongs instead of their feet
Flip flops and this type of car is called


You may find it difficult to maintain
Australian language

There are many great tourist attractions
Can be found in the country!

Ayers Rock or Uluru is a giant rock which is a thousand
People travel per year

Visitors stare at astonishment on the vast rock
Wild Australian is found in outback.

The great obstacle rock in Queensland if A
Popular tourist sites with many nature

Ancient lovers taking a dive or snorkel
Water to admire plants and wildlife.

Perhaps the most famous beach in Australia
Bondi Beach is!

There are many other ancient beach in Australia
It is less crowded, but it is

Worth watching.

Did you know

More in Australia than kangaroos
Hey people there!

While many Australia are fit and healthy,
Obesity is also a major problem of 2

3 adults are overweight

Popular sports activities in Australia include:
Cricket, Rugby, Australian rules football

And soccer.

World famous actor from below ground
Includes: High Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Chris

Hemsworth and Margot Robby

Who is your favorite Australian actor?

We hope you like these funny Australian facts!

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