A Dentist Friend Told Me How Whiten Your Yellow Teeth in less than 2 Minutes

A Dentist Friend Told Me How Whiten Your Yellow Teeth in less than 2 Minutes
A Dentist Friend Told Me How Whiten Your Yellow Teeth in less than 2 Minutes

hey guys welcome back to my blog my

simple remedies today I'm going to teach

you how to lighten your teeth to a

pearly white shade you'll only need two

ingredients the first ingredient we're

adding today is baking soda

make sure it's baking soda not baking

powder baking soda contains sodium

bicarbonate and calcium which are both

whitening agents too much baking soda

will actually make your teeth weak which

is why we're only going to be using this

remedy once every two months at most the

second ingredient that we're going to be

using today is coconut oil coconut oil

is full of antioxidants and it also has

the ability to protect the gums and make

our teeth nice and strong before we get

started with our simple remedy be sure

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beauty tips and tricks first I'm going

to add three tablespoons of coconut oil

next I'll add two tablespoons of baking

soda make sure to get the measurements

exactly right or you won't get the

results that you want

now go ahead and mix the two ingredients

together with a spoon many people ask is

baking soda dangerous for teeth the

answer is typically no obviously too

much of anything can pose a risk

similarly if you use baking soda daily

it could weaken your gums but to use

this remedy every two months is totally

safe there's actually plenty of

information online regarding this topic

particularly the safety of using baking

soda on the gums and teeth

now it looks like our paste is ready

make sure the consistency looks similar

to what you see here it shouldn't be too

thick or too runny I promise after

one use you'll notice a drastic

difference in the color of your teeth

with continued use even the most

stubborn yellow stains will lighten

several shades for our next step we're

going to apply the paste to a toothbrush

just like I'm doing here and apply it to

your teeth for three to four minutes

don't leave it in your mouth any longer

than that right after you rinse the

product away you'll notice an immediate

difference this mixture can reverse the

look of even the toughest yellow stains

caused by smoking or drinking sugary

colored beverages this remedy will work

on those stubborn stains as well

although it can whiten your teeth

unfortunately it can't reverse the

damage done to your health caused by

smoking cigarettes if you quit smoking

now it will be easier to maintain a

healthy smile and your overall health

will improve as well so that's certainly

something to consider be sure to share

this video with your friends and let us

know in the comments below if you decide

to try this simple teeth whitening

remedy give this blog a thumbs up and

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for watching....

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