15 Things You Didnt Know About UBER | Uber car

15 Things You Didnt Know About UBER | Uber car

15 Things You Didnt Know About UBER | Uber car

fifteen things you didn't know about
uber welcome to a Lux calm the place
where future billionaires come to get
inspired hello a Luxor's and welcome to
another exciting original blog
presented by deepak today we're
revealing some lesser-known facts about
uber one of the most influential and
successful startups of all time uber
started out in 2009 as uber cab and it
was founded by Garrett Kemp and Travis
kalanick the idea came to camp when he
spent $800 one New Year's Eve hiring a
private driver......
 I wanted to come up with
an idea to bring the cost down
uber officially launched in San
Francisco in 2011 only offering its
users rides in black luxury cars in 2012
uber launched uber X which allowed
people to drive for uber using their own
vehicle they have since introduced uber
pool uber eats uber chopper uber boats
and other segments since its inception
uber has raised about eleven point five
billion dollars from venture capital and
private equity investors although uber
has soared in popularity over its short
history it has been plagued with
scandals regulatory troubles and
lawsuits in recent years that have led
to a major company shake-up including
the hiring of a new CEO Dara Castro
Shetty who was previously the CEO of
Expedia despite their many setbacks uber
is committed to pressing forward with
innovative ideas like helicopter service
self-driving cars hot air balloon
transportations and even futuristic
flying taxis if you're new here
welcome be sure to subscribe and follow
us on Instagram at a Lux this company
has also introduced an entirely
different business model that has
already started to change how different
industries operate so let's take a
closer look with the 15 things you
didn't know about uber
number one Uber's first CEO was hired
based on a tweet ubers first CEO Ryan
Graves was hired after responding to a
tweet posted by co-founder Travis
kalanick the tweet was posted in 2009
when kalmyk was working on uber
part-time it read looking for
entrepreneurial product manager slash
biz development killer for a
location-based service pre-launch big
equity big peeps involved any tips
Ryan responded with here's a tip email
me soon after Travis hired the 26 year
old with very little prior experience
and he held the position of CEO of uber
from February 2010 to December 2010 when
he handed the reins to Callen egg he had
several other positions in the company
before stepping down in 2017 he still
remains on the board of directors and
his equity in the company is currently
valued at 1.5 billion dollars number two
uber passed the five billion ride
milestone in 2017 back in 2016 uber
announced that they had offered their
two billion Thrive slightly less than a
year later they more than doubled that
number announcing they had crossed the
five billion ride mark on May 20th 2017
it was actually one hundred and fifty
six trips that started simultaneously in
24 countries on six continents that
pushed them over the milestone each one
of the drivers involved including one
lucky guy who was giving his first ever
uber ride received $500 from uber and
the riders received hundreds of dollars
in free uber trips as well number three
uber gives over 1,400 rides per minute
uber offers over 1 million rides a day
with over 1,400 rides given per minute
they also add approximately 50,000
drivers per month.......
number four they operate in at least 83
countries as of 2017
uber operates in 83 countries and over
670 cities throughout the world the
countries they operate include New
Zealand Malaysia Morocco Norway Pakistan
Poland Mexico South Korea Kazakhstan
Egypt Denmark Mexico Australia and
Argentina number five
uber has the highest valuation of any
private start-up in the world private
companies that are worth more than 1
billion dollars are pretty rare so much
so that they are referred to as unicorns
even more rare are private companies
that are worth over 10 billion dollars
and these are sometimes called deca
corns some deca corns include Dropbox
show me snapchat and Airbnb but the most
successful private startup globally is
uber with a valuation of 68 billion
dollars number 6
uber once offered a luxury ride share
service in Singapore in March of 2015
uber announced that they were partnering
up with dream drive to offer luxury
vehicles for their ride share service in
Singapore customers on the island could
either summon a Lamborghini Gallardo
Spyder or Maserati GranTurismo coupe
through the app it cost around one
hundred and forty five dollars for a
15-minute ride in Lamborghini and about
one hundred and twenty dollars for the
Maserati with a five dollar charge for
every additional minute unfortunately
the promotion only lasted for two months
number seven in 2016 uber did not make a
profit despite having twenty billion
dollars in gross bookings in 2016 with 6.5 billion dollars in net revenue uber
reported an adjusted net loss of 2.8
billion dollars in 2016.....
things haven't gotten much better in
2017 either with reported losses of over
1.3 billion dollars in the first eight
months of 2017
number eight uber is being sued by
alphabet for over 2.6 billion dollars
Google's parent company alphabet is
suing uber for trade secret manipulation
after one of their former executives
anthony levin dosti downloaded 14,000
files that contained at least nine trade
secrets and allegedly took them to over
after it acquired his self-driving
startup Auto alphabet is suing uber for
2.6 billion dollars in damages based off
of just one of the trade secrets and
it's also suing for damages of an
undisclosed amount for the other eight
uber denies that any of these files made
it to their servers and claims that
there was no wrongdoing on their part
number nine Boober merged with their
competitor in China with well over a
billion people China seems to be the
ideal market for a ride-sharing service
but ubers issue was that they weren't
the first on the scene
didi Cheng already had made their mark
on the ride-sharing market in the
country and when uber showed up it
resulted in both companies losing
millions of dollars they decided to team
up instead and ubers China division
merged into didi Ching received a 1
billion dollar investment and 20% of the
merged company which is now valued at
over 35 billion dollars didi hopes to
continue to compete with uber globally
and has already expanded to five
continents including North America and
Antarctica number 10 uber has been
banned in a number of cities and
countries not every city state or
country welcomes uber in their regions
some of these areas have regulations
that uber refuses to comply with and
others have deemed uber as unfair
competition for the taxi services others
are open to the idea of uber but have
just not made the necessary laws or
regulations change --is to make it
happen the places where you won't be
able to catch an uber ride include
Alaska Austin Texas Vancouver British
Columbia Bulgaria Denmark Hungary the
Northern Territory of Australia and most
recently London England if you want to
find out more about the last location on
that list click on the upper right hand
corner to watch our video of
fifteen things you didn't know about
London number eleven
uber launched uber boat in Croatia in
uber has had limited offerings of boat
rides in the past for special events in Miami and Istanbul
but in June of 2017 uber launched their
first seasonal uber boat service in
Croatia the boats primarily offer rides
to and from the airport but boats can
also be rented for half or a whole day
and on top of that boats are available
on demand 24 hours a day number 12
their largest single investor is Saudi
Arabia in 2016
uber received a three point five billion
dollar investment from Saudi Arabia's
public investment fund which is the main
investment fund in the kingdom the
investment represents ubers largest
investment from a single investor uber
began operating in Saudi Arabia in 2014
and the company has said that they are
partnering with Saudi Arabia to support
its economic and social reforms number
13 several celebrities boycotted uber in
2017 several celebrities deleted their
uber accounts in January 2017 boycotting
the company for their response to
president Trump's immigration ban the
New York taxi workers Alliance asked for
taxis uber and lyft to stop their
service to and from New York City's JFK
International Airport as a form of
protest against the immigration ban uber
on the other hand seemed to embrace the
situation by dropping their surge
pricing which resulted in many people
including some big-name celebrities
deleting their uber accounts hashtag
delete uber was trending on Twitter and
celebrities such as Tehran JP Henderson
Jordan Peele Jesse Williams George Takei
and Lena Dunham tweeted their support in
response the CEO at the time Travis
kalanick announced plans to establish a
three million dollar legal fund to help
drivers with immigration and to help
financially support any drivers that
were impacted by the ban and this is
only one of several Public Relation
nightmares uber has been faced with in
the last couple of years
number fourteen
uber has delivered kittens and puppies
uber has collaborated with Humane
Societies and animal shelters multiple
times to deliver puppies and kittens in
a few US cities such as Austin Chicago
and New York City on national cat day in
October of 2014
uber delivered kitten playdates in those
cities along with the District of
Columbia people paid $30 for 15 minutes
of playtime with adoptable kittens in
January of 2015
uber repeated the Alpher with puppies in
10 cities all proceeds were donated to
animal shelters number 15 uber eats
helped set a record for most packaged
tacos served in 2017 uber eats partnered
with Mexican cuisine franchise lt's on
zito to break the record for the most
packaged tacos served the record was set
in Mexico City when 1350 kilograms of
meat 40,000 tortillas 380 kilograms of
onions and 580 liters of red sauce were
used to create tacos to fulfill 10,000
Guber eats orders a total of 40,000
tacos were delivered to Mexico City
residents by uber drivers in a matter of
two hours to break that record now that
you've learned more about uber we'd like
to know is over available where you live
and if so how often do you use them let
us know in the comments
still here here's a bonus pack just for
you uber has a project called elevate
that is seriously focused on bringing
on-demand aviation to everyday people as
well as to decrease commute times and
radically improve urban mobility their
plan heavily relies on vertical takeoff
and landing aircraft or VTOL for shor
they envision that the technology and
infrastructure necessary for such an
ambitious plan could be implemented
within the next decade thank you for
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