15 Things You Didnt Know About SUBWAY | subway facts and history

15 Things You Didnt Know About SUBWAY | subway facts and histoy

15 Things You Didnt Know About SUBWAY | subway facts and history

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is a well-known fast food restaurant

franchise that you can get in almost

every country if you're looking for a

quick bite or a good deal you guessed it

it's subway subway is actually a fast

food restaurant chain originally from

America founded fifty-three years ago in

Bridgeport Connecticut USA by two young

guys named Fred De Luca and Peter Buck

back then the company had a different

name Pete's super submarines was their

first restaurant and later they changed

it to subway nowadays subway is one of

the fastest growing franchises in the

world with over 45,000 restaurants in

major cities shopping centers and

airports their sandwiches or subs are

the most popular product they sell and

it's also one of the healthiest choices

in the world of fast food restaurants

where everything is fried salty or

greasy of course we're talking about the

subs only not the whole menu with sugary

carbonated drinks and cookies that add

up calories like crazy being recognized

internationally and always adapting to

the local cultures subway is now

synonymous with breakfast lunch and

dinner or snack time since you can make

over 30 million combinations with all of

their ingredients they're following the

food trends and give plenty of options

to their customers as well as yummy

twists and desserts if you're new here

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said let's see what this famous brand is

all about in our 15 things you didn't

know about Subway number one their

best-selling sub is still the BM T if

you're wondering what BM T stands for

you'll be pleased to find out that

subway actually

one of their subs after a metro station

in New York City

the sandwich originally stood for

Brooklyn Manhattan transit station but

now stands for bigger meteor tastier and

is a well-known bestseller at Subway

nowadays the famous sub has an Italian

twist to it both in the ingredients and

the name but it's as tasty as it was

back in the day this all-time classic

sub is filled with Genoa salami spicy

pepperoni and black forest ham you can

get it made with your favorite veggies

on freshly baked bread if you feel like

and don't forget about the dressing

number 2 their bread now has less salt

and includes gluten-free options with

fitness and wellness industries growing

so much over the years

restaurants and producers have to keep

up with the trends and adapt their

products constantly to fit every

customer and dietary restriction lately

the gluten-free diets are trending all

over the internet and people swear by

them since the request for gluten-free

bread and pastry is so high

subway included special bread for those

who are gluten intolerant or simply

prefer that kind of bread along with

more variety they also cut down on the

salt in the bread by 24% making it even

healthier we're waiting for the organic

eco bio and dairy-free options to number

three every subway restaurant is

different and runs differently being a

franchise system means that you can open

your own Subway restaurant but you have

to pay a specific percentage of your

profits every month to Subway and follow

some strict rules this system allows

every restaurant to have the same

standards same taste and design in a

word the same brand and quality but that

applies only to the products and the

design the leadership style and

provenance of some ingredients can be

quite different every turkey sub may

have six pieces of meat but the manager

and his leadership skills are not the

same in every location some employers

get free drinks and subs but some don't

so next time you go to a subway don't

judge the employees they're being

treated differently in every location

number four on November 3rd national

sandwich day you get a free sub at


every year on November 3rd people

celebrate national sandwich day we eat

sandwiches almost every day so it's only

appropriate to celebrate it with eating

a sandwich

well subway jumped on this bandwagon and

decided to make the most of it if you go

to a Subway restaurant and order a

sandwich and a drink on November 3rd

you'll get a free sub cool right this

campaign goes on every year and the

profits go to hunger relief organization

feeding America for fighting world

hunger they managed to make 11 meals for

just one dollar so it's worth supporting

this cause once a year at least

so maybe watch out for November 3rd

offers at your nearest subway number 5

the chain is worth 7.1 billion dollars

found that over fifty years ago subway

is now one of the most valuable brands

on the market having thousands of

restaurants in 112 countries makes the

restaurant chain a successful story to

follow from their humble beginnings and

their PR scandals we've witnessed a

fascinating growth of the brand nowadays

the company sells their unique subs for

only a few dollars and makes 17 billion

dollars in sales every year their net

worth is over 7 billion dollars and they

own more than 60% of the whole sandwich

market in the US only most of us grew up

with subway no competition can take that

away number 6

they're famous spokesman Jared Fogle was

charged for child molestation and abuse

Jared Fogle seemed like the perfect guy

that provided Subway with the perfect

positioning on the market he started his

weight-loss journey with a subway diet

and lost 200 pounds at that time in 1999

he was just a fat guy that lost a ton of

weight but managers at Subway saw the

real potential

they made Jared the official spokesman

for Subway and he began preaching his

story on how Subway subs are healthy he

was a star for almost ten years going on

TV shows shootings and events when

police began questioning him about child

pornography and abuse they had found

explicit photos and videos being traded

by him and later convicted him

sentencing him to 12 years in prison as

well as 1.4 million dollars in

restitution $100,000 to each victim

number 7

an employer was caught mixing bacon with

cheese that was going on all subs

including vegan ones at a subway in

London a client caught on camera an

employer mixing bacon with cheese

nothing wrong here right well apparently

that mix of cheese with bacon is the

same one that will be going on all vegan

subs as well making the subs not vegan

at all the scandal goes even further

when the client tried to photograph the

employer while picking out the bacon

from the cheese mix he warned him that

he's not allowed to take photos the

whole video was uploaded on Twitter and

if you watch it you can hear the whole

fight between the subway employer and

the client on the same post the customer

warned that Muslim people would have to

avoid the chain if they don't want to

eat pork meat without knowing it

number 8 they're closing over 500

restaurants in the US this news actually

came out pretty recently that the

fast-food restaurant chain is closing

over 500 restaurants all over the US but

opening 1,000 worldwide so it's not

necessarily bad news entirely this move

is part of a bigger plan in which they

want to open more countries and regions

like Mexico the United Kingdom China or

India and close down ones that are not

that profitable in the u.s. even though

their competitors like Panera or

Chipotle have started to gain some

serious popularity subway is still the

leading brand in the sandwich industry

and closing a few restaurants is not an

early sign of problems or bankruptcy in

fact they're planning to open a concept

store and polish up a few old ones

number 9 they sued the CBC over a report

on their chicken subs fast-food

restaurants have always battled with

people stating that their products and

ingredients were not what they seemed

from meat controversies or vegan cheese

there was always a scandal surrounding

them in this case subway was

investigated by CBC News regarding their

chicken meat they did a report in which

a sample of the meat was tested to see

where it comes from

they did a DNA test and found out that

the oven-roasted chicken had 53.6%

chicken and the chicken strips had 42.8%

poultry following those allegations

subway sued CBC for 210 million dollars

and false claims however CBC is standing

with their report and subway with theirs

so the truth must be somewhere in

between number 10 you need around

$100,000 to open a subway restaurant if

you're a big fan of the sandwiches

subway serves every day keep in mind

that you could be a part of the business

and open up location through their

franchise system you're going to have to

pay them a percentage of your profits

every month and obey their rules menus

and prices but at the end of the day it

is your business and you do get some

freedom in managing some of the areas as

per how much it costs to open a subway

the estimated figure for setting up and

operating a Subway restaurant for the

first three months ranges between eighty

six thousand dollars and two hundred and

sixty four thousand dollars depending on

the location type keep in mind that

subway has only two types of franchises

traditional and non-traditional and for

each one of them you're going to need

around $100,000 or more to invest

everything else is business number 11 in

Singapore subway will not be using pork

meat anymore being the most popular food

chain in the world with more restaurants

than the giant McDonald's it's only fair

that the company adapted their subs to

every culture and tradition where they

open restaurants they change the pork

meat for Muslims and added vegan

ingredients to satisfy needs for every

individual in every country on the same

matter the subway in Singapore announced

it won't be using pork meat anymore due

to their growing Muslim community and

want to get a non pork protein

certificate as soon as possible this

announcement was made on their social

media account and is active since March

21st 2018 number 12 the footlong size

issue was settled in court when

something introduced to the world the

footlong sub it was a big thing it all

started in 2008 when they included it in

their menu the new submarine sandwich

the $5 footlong that was supposed to be

a footlong size sub meaning 30

centimeters or 12 inches unfortunately

for them Australia didn't meet the

criteria and their subs only measured 11

inches people were furious when they

found out about the sizing and it all

went to court subway ended up filing

settlements for over two years and was

required to measure every

sub to make sure it was the right size

in the end they paid out over $500,000

in lawsuit fees and possibly lost a few

clients along the way as well number 13

they removed the yoga mat chemicals

after a bloggers petition in order to

make all the main ingredients look and

taste the same every franchisee must use

the same techniques and products in

Subway's case the bread looks and tastes

the same in all of their locations

finding out what key ingredients they

use is not that hard as a matter of fact

in 2014 a blogger uncovered that subway

was actually using an ingredient called

a so carbon amide in their bread to make

the dough look white and feel fluffy

she took the story to the media and

started a petition to remove that

ingredient that can also be found in

yoga mats her action was successful and

the company removed the ingredient from

the bread but now the customers are

faced with the doubt of eating fresh at


number 14 Subway elevated a restaurant

for the One World Trade Center

construction workers we all know and

perhaps even witnessed the tragic events

of 9/11 since then New York City has

managed to rise up from the ashes and

move on as per the World Trade Center

buildings they are now a beautiful

memorial for those who died and suffered

almost 20 years ago in the same place

you'll now find two waterfalls and a

staggering skyscraper one World Trade

Center that's also a museum while

building the new skyscraper subway

helped the construction workers by

elevating a restaurant up into the air

at their level and serving sandwiches

this one-of-a-kind location for their

restaurant topped Subway's other oddest

locations of a church and a zoo number

15 the original sub cost only 49 cents

subway was founded more than 50 years

ago by Fred DeLuca was alone from his

friend Peter Buck purely because he

wanted to make some money in order to

pay for his future college tuition he

was 17 and wanted to attend med school

the first restaurant was named Pete's

super submarines and he was selling

sandwiches for only forty nine cents

nowadays you might not even bother to

pick up a 50-cent piece on the sidewalk

but money had other value in the 60s and

fifty cents would have gone

you a decent meal or a snack at Subway

which really is just a story of how

cents can add up to millions and

billions that's a wrap for today's video

I'll Xers it was a tasty journey and

we're curious to see in the comments

which sub or menu item is your top

choice for a quick healthy meal is it

the Italian BMT the turkey sub or the

footlong let us know down in the

comments and of course since you stuck

with us all the way to the end we are

letting you in on another bonus fact

about the restaurant chain that's larger

than life if I do say so myself here it

is number 16 subway makes enough

sandwiches in a year to wrap the whole

earth 14 times as we mentioned before

Subway is the largest fast-food

restaurant chain in the world with over

45,000 restaurants in over 112 countries

so you can imagine how many subs they

make every day and the tons of

ingredients they use for them

worldwide just to break it down subway

serves about 5300 sandwiches every 60

seconds which is roughly 320,000

sandwiches every hour and around 7.6

million subs every day

multiply that by 365 days and you can

wrap our planet 14 times with Subway

sandwiches now we're only waiting for

subway to actually do that at least for

an advertising campaign if not for real

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