15 Things You Didnt Know About Eminem | Eminem fact 2019

15 Things You Didnt Know About Eminem | Eminem fact 2019

hello a Luxor's this is a special series

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rap music today we're looking at 15

things you didn't know about Eminem

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hello a Luxor's today we're talking

about the talented and one-of-a-kind

rapper Eminem one of the first white

rappers to come on the scene in the 90s

was Marshall Mathers otherwise known as

Eminem he was raised in a trailer park

known as eight mile near Detroit he had

a really rough upbringing but managed to

make a career for himself as a white

rapper he put out a few top performing

records and then started collaborating

on other projects and he appeared in a

biopic about his own life although he's

been in and out of the limelight the

last 10 years he's still very involved

in the world of rap and hip-hop if

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a Lux okay how about we dive in and get

a closer look at this mega producer

shall we with the 15 things you didn't

know about Eminem number one Eminem was

bullied as a child although he comes

across as a badass and his music Eminem

was bullied as a child when living in

Detroit a young boy beat him so badly he

suffered severe injuries to his head and

even had some brain damage

his mom filed a suit against the school

for letting the boy beat her son so

badly the case dragged on for a year and

was finally dismissed because the judge

said you can't sue a school Eminem went

on to be beaten up by young black men in

its neighborhood all through his teenage

years as he was one of very few white

kids in the neighborhood number 2 Eminem

was the first white rapper to be taken

seriously Eminem was a fan of rap and

hip-hop all through growing up

he listened to the music and made up

rhymes with his good friends in high

school his first album was a commercial

failure he actually had to go back to

washing dishes after the record came out

because it sold so few copies

finally when Eminem created his

alter-ego Slim Shady in 1997 his success

took off his first single Slim Shady was

a big hit and got him an invite to sign

with serious record labels it was the

first time a solo white rapper was taken

seriously aside from the success founded

by the rap group of the Beastie Boys in

the 1980s and 90s number three

Eminem lived in pretty rough conditions

as a child and teenager the star's

parents broke up when he was young his

dad took off to California with his two

older brothers and he stayed behind in

Detroit with his mom and one other

brother they had no money and his mom

never kept a job they moved at least

once a year and finally ended up in a

beaten-down trailer park in eight-mile

the young rapper had to work as a line

cook and a dishwasher to help put food

on the table number four it wasn't until

he came second in the rap Olympics in

1998 that Eminem was signed by a record

label in 1998 Eminem or slim shadey as

he was called went out to Los Angeles

California to compete in the RAF

Olympics this was a rap battle like the

ones he had back home in Detroit but on

a much larger scale

he didn't win but he did come in second

a local talent scout at the battle saw

him and sent a tape of his rap to dr.

Dre Dr Dre listened to it and realized

this white kid had Talent dr. Dre said

it was the only time in his career he

had found someone with real talent on a

demo tape he made them go find Eminem

right away so he could bring him to his

label he was criticized for signing a

white rapper but he said it was

absolutely worth it

number 5 Eminem has a net worth of one

hundred and ninety million dollars

eminem earned most of his money early in

his career he made multiple albums and

starred in a hit movie 8 mile but rather

than squander his money like so many

others he saved a lot of it and invested

wisely he's continued to make about 10

to 15 million dollars a year from his

old music and continues to record music

to this day he said to be worth at least

190 million dollars a lot of his music

came from touring with each album he put

out he would go on a world tour earning

millions every time he's also started

his own record label Shady Records which

earns him a nice sum every year as well

number 6 the rapper was once fired from

his job a week before Christmas before

he got his big break Eminem was working

at a local restaurant called Gilbert's

Lodge he was a cook and a dishwasher

when his baby Hayley was born he was

working over 60 hours a week to make

enough money to pay for diapers and

formula when his daughter was only six

months old he got fired from his job a

week before Christmas he only had $40 to

his name to buy her Christmas presents

he was surprised he was fired and so are

we when reporters spoke to his old boss

he said Eminem had a great work ethic

and was a great employee number 7 Eminem

was a drug addict until 2008 after

celebrating ten years of sobriety in

2018 the star finally admitted to just

how bad his drug addiction had been

early in his career for over 10 years

the star used just about any substance

he could get his hands on his addiction

was to prescription pills all of them he

started using vicodin but moved on to

oxycodone xanax and anything he could


he said his drug addiction was out of

control friends and family would tell

him he had a problem and he'd tell them

they were crazy he said that since he

never used heroin or cocaine he didn't

think he had a problem but it wasn't

until he overdosed and nearly died in

2008 that he realized he need

help he went to rehab and has been clean

ever since number eight in 2001 Eminem

was charged with assault with a deadly

weapon back in 2001 Eminem was charged

with multiple felonies when he attacked

a man outside of a Michigan nightclub

the rapper saw another man kissing his

wife Kim and he attacked him with a gun

he didn't shoot him but he did beat him

with the pistol he was charged with

assault with a deadly weapon and illegal

weapons possession most of the charges

were dropped but he pled guilty to the

possessions charge and was sentenced to

two years probation

he got off lucky though because he was

initially facing up to five years in


number nine growing up Eminem wanted to

become a comic book artist when he was

in middle school and in high school

Eminem was a big fan of comic books he

wanted to be a comic book artist when he

grew up he loved English class and he

loved rap he realized that by reading

and using the dictionary he could come

up with some really good song lyrics so

he abandoned his hopes of comic books

and went on to try his hand at music

things didn't turn out too badly for him

in the end we think he made the right

decision number 10 the musician gave

away a four hundred and fifty thousand

dollar diamond necklace

Eminem enjoys buying nice things in

addition to his many Porsche and Ferrari


he likes nice jewelry he had bought

himself a diamond necklace for four

hundred and fifty thousand dollars he

was wearing it onstage at a concert once

when he noticed a fan admiring the

necklace out of nowhere

Eminem took the necklace off his neck

and gave it to the fan he didn't plan it

and she had no idea he was about to do

it can you imagine not a bad trophy to

get from your favorite rapper a necklace

worth more than most people's homes

number 11 Eminem recently put out a song

criticizing Donald Trump

in 2018 on his latest album titled

kamikaze Eminem wrote his second song

attacking Donald Trump this was a

follow-up from his album a year before

where he made a lot of shots at Donald

Trump and Trump supporters when he first

posted his song online it got over 49

million views in no time at all he even

pissed off some of his fans who were

Trump supporters a year later on his new

album he said he meant everything he

said but he did apologize to his fans

for how he said it he said he feels bad

for people who are fooled by Trump

clearly he's no fan of the president

number 12 in 2018 Eminem engaged in rap

battle warfare with fellow rapper

Machine Gun Kelly over the years rappers

always go back and forth with other

rappers making fun of each other and

calling them out one rapper that Eminem

has had long-running problems with is a

rapper named a Machine Gun Kelly

ironically Kelly is probably the most

successful white rapper aside from

Eminem Kelly called Eminem out for being

old and washed up but then Eminem made

headline news last year when he released

a song in response to Kelly's rap the

battle actually topped posts on Facebook

for days with people saying which

rappers side they were on number 13 in

2014 Eminem set the world record for

most words in a song rappers are known

for singing fast and working a lot of

Rhymes into their songs Eminem took this

to a whole new level with his song rap

oh God the song is six minutes and four

seconds long and has 1560 words that's

an average of 4.28 words per second with

this song Eminem actually broke the

world record for most words ever

recorded in a song he was one of five

different musicians to make the Guinness

Book of World Records for that year

number 14

he doesn't allow cursing in his house

despite the fact that most of his songs

include many curse and choice words

Eminem the father does not allow any

cursing in his home he doesn't curse and

he doesn't allow his daughter haily to

curse either he said if you come into

his house obey this rule because he

doesn't want anyone cursing near his

daughter when asked how he feels about

the lyrics to his music being so profane

he said it's other parents jobs to

decide what they want their kids to

listen to not his number 15 Eminem is

involved with a lot of charities

although he plays the bad boy of music

deep down Eminem has a huge heart he's

involved with numerous charitable

foundations including Save the Children

9 million org and the Marshall Mathers

foundation he's involved in 15 other

charities as well there are just too

many to name here he dedicates his time

Fame and money to these causes that are

important to him he knew what it was

like to grow up with nothing and he

wants to do all he can to make sure

other kids don't go through the same

well a Luxor's that's a wrap on Eminem

before you go we're curious what's your

favorite Eminem song let us know in the

comments and of course for sticking with

us until the end here's your bonus

number 16

he failed 9th grade three times and

dropped out of high school Eminem is a

very smart man and he was a smart kid

however he had trouble in school and

failed the ninth grade three times after

that he gave up and dropped out he

started working and helped to put food

on the table clearly he's great with the

English language that's how we came up

with so many awesome lyrics for his

amazing songs thank you for spending

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