10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia | scary facts about indonesia

           10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia | scary facts about indonesia

10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia | scary facts about indonesia



Yeah, indonesia actually doesn't have that as like an anthem, but that would be pretty cool. If they did so [alright]

Here's the thing me

I am going forward to this whole video

And I hope you guys are too because first of all we've had some people being like oh

You should talk about indonesia like all these guys

Thank you so much for giving us because your comments have been amazing but for those who don't know a lot about indonesia

You guys are gonna sit there and go man that place is one beautiful place because I mean look at that look at it like

Look at your [car] [know] those beaches. I mean Valley like man

Don't you just want to live there like seriously every single day not before in this video

I just got [ask] you guys. How is your day going?

What do you guys been up to today?

[also] for all you guys that are new here on fTD facts just [to] let you know we like to do

Requests from our audience and as you just saw we like to give shout [outs] to our followers who give us awesome videos

Now guys you're looking at the map [of] Indonesia [now]

It is made up of a lot of islands

But there's been a lot of arguments of how many islands indonesia is made up of well according the national

Coordinating agency for survey and mapping they say that indonesia is made up of [thirteen] thousand four hundred and [sixty] [six] islands

Holy crap. That's a lot now that data was taken from 2007 to 2010 however

2002 study disagrees with that this was done by the national institution of aeronautics and space agency

And they state that there is eighteen thousand three hundred and seven oh yeah, [and] the cia world Factbook states that there's actually

[17,500] and eight, so looking at this. I'm like how can all of these be so incorrect from each other well

this is because some [of] these studies have been taken during low tides and when the water goes down, so

Sandbars appear as Island

However, the Indian Asian government says that the whole country is made up of eight thousand eight hundred and forty four [islands]

That's because those islands have been named and about [940] four of them actually have people on it now

Have you ever heard of Java Men no?

I'm not talking [about] guys that are like yo man, and me my mother [freaking] copy right now

They were actually a form of homo erectus that lived in indonesia

1.5 million years ago

[235] thousand Years ago now they were the first form of human-like life on the islands the homo sapiens. They didn't come [in] [till] about

45,000 years ago the Kohala Gen Volcano in East Java Indonesia is one of the rarest

Volcanoes on the entire planet this is because the volcano

Spews out blue flames now. This isn't some Magic trick

[no] voodoo crap going on and no aliens ain't doing anything

It actually has to do with Sulfur the Volcano is filled with it

And that's why the flames come out blue even some of the Lava looks blue - real cool - see now if you thought blue

Flames were out [of] this world [-] check this plant out. [it] is huge look at it

It could eat that person's head in one giant bite. Oh

this form of flour is called a

Reflecting and it is found only on the island of Samata it is their largest

Individual flower on the entire planet, and it's actually called the corpse flower. This is because well. It smells like rotting flesh

Now that flowers whisper [smell] really nice mmM now

Let's just crack this one you guys probably already know that indonesia has a lot of people although indonesia has a landmass of 1.9

Oh five million Square miles compared to the United States which has well over nine million square miles

Indonesia is two hundred and Forty-Nine point nine

Million people living in it has got to be crowded as a matter of fact it is crowded

They estimate that there's a hundred and thirty four people living per square mile now during the second world war

Indonesia was occupied [by] Japan and during that occupation the united nations reported that over four million people had died from forced labor and

And famine now unfortunately here's a fact that is not going to make indonesia look amazing

But it is a true fact

Indonesia is one of the highest

polluters of Co2 emissions as a matter of fact it's about

Third in the entire world the reason for this is [because] they have the largest metro area of population

With no metro system

So no public transport and without a good public transportation system everybody practically drives everywhere

I don't know about you guys, but you put this thing on your french fries

You know ketchup by the way if you guys put ketchup on your french fries [hit] that like button

Because I know I do and [I] love it [mmM]

But the name for ketchup comes from in [indonesian] words as a matter of fact

It's an indonesian delicacy called Blue [Tap] which is

Sweet soy sauce and we put that stuff on a lot of dishes [as] a matter of fact

It's one of the most popular sauces in all of Indonesia now lastly

They call the area of indonesia the ring of fire [now]

It's nothing to do with the amount of spices and sauces that they use in their food

But it's because in that location there are four hundred

Volcanoes with at least a hundred and fifty of them being active in

Indonesia [the] [news] go all the way from the east pacific to the west pacific

Ocean and because of all these volcanoes they cause for earthquakes a day that would suck balls

Like Los Angeles don't even have it that bad speaking about Volcanoes

Let's talk about one of the biggest ones the Toba Supervolcano

[it] was a super volcano that erupted around seventy five thousand years ago now where the volcano is

It's considered Lake Tahoe

But not only at that time but even to this day it is one of the largest volcanic explosions in Earth history

This eruption created what they call the toba catastrophe theory and it was so big that it created a six to ten year

Volcanic winter now for those who don't know what Volcanic winter is it's where the volcano throws up so much dirt Debris and ash that

It causes the sun to reflect a lot of its heat thus making the earth a lot cooler although they think that Volcanic winter

Lasted six to Ten Years it also created a possible thousand-year cooling period How big was it well?

It was so big after the explosion there was about 15 centimeters of ash all over

South Asia and some of that even went into the Indian ocean well that is it guys that is our facts on indonesia

I hope we're actually getting some people who are indonesian watching this video and for

[all] you viewers out [there] if you guys know some facts that we missed

I mean, there's got to be tons of facts on indonesia. That's why I'm thinking just like our india videos

We're going to get like a part two or three out of indonesia because there's so much about this country that I don't even know

About and I love learning about other countries

And I hope you guys do too other than that be sure just like these guys back behind me to recommend blog....

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