When They See Us Official Trailer HD Netflix

When They See Us Official Trailer HD Netflix

Is my mom here?

It's just us. You and us.

Who were you in the park with?

I don't know names. I just got lost.

-Where did you see the lady?
-What lady?

The female jogger
was severely beaten and raped.

Every black male who was in the park
last night is a suspect.

I need all of them.

What's going on with my son?

Your son was involved in a rape
in Central Park.

-No. No, that's not possible.
-No. Wait a minute. Wait a second...

-They saw you rape the lady.
-I didn't see a lady or hit anyone.

I didn't see any lady.

-I didn't see any lady.

I wanna see my son right now.
Right now.

-Whatever they said I did, I didn't.
-I know.

Nothing these boys state
matches the central facts of the crime.

All we need is for one
to tie this whole thing together.

These tapes are not as clean
as the state would have you believe.

There is injustice happening here.

There is not one shred of evidence...

Imagine the frenzy of these teenagers,
ripping off her clothes.

-They are innocent of these crimes.
-They are guilty.

...to the count of assault,
and to the count of rioting

and to the count of attempted murder...

-Why are they doing us like this?
-What other way they ever do us?

I've been having these dreams.
I keep hearing these footsteps.

And they're coming closer and closer.

That's me, coming to bring you home.

They said if I went along with it,

that I could go home,
and that's all I wanted.

The police will do anything.

Lie on us. They will lock us up.
They will kill us.

This is my life.

I don't think we should admit
to something that we didn't do.

Okay. We keep fighting.

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