What Will Happen in the Next 1000 Years?

What Will Happen in the Next 1000 Years?
What Will Happen in the Next 1000 Years?

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dashlane in a recent episode we looked

at past predictions of the future they

got some things right and other things

very wrong and that was only over the

course of less than a century in this

episode we're going to look at what we

think the future will be like over the

next thousand years while it's very

difficult if not impossible to

accurately predict the far future we

have developed better tools to be more

precise in our predictions than the

people of the past just to be safe we'll

look at both the positive and negative

possibilities of the next thousand years

let's start with a big one humans

becoming an interplanetary species with

government organizations like NASA and

private companies like SpaceX aiming to

land humans on Mars by the mid 2030s at

the very latest it stands to reason that

our species could have fully colonized

the red planet and the moon by the Year

3018 a thousand years is a very long

time but according to some scientists

not nearly long enough to create a

breathable atmosphere on Mars so while

we could start the long terraforming

process long before 3018 humans on Mars

would still have to wear protective

suits and live an indoor lifestyle for

the next several thousand years of

course that's based on our current

technology we may discover some new way

to terraform barren planets more quickly

but at the very least will likely have

giant bio domes where humans can walk

around without their suits and live a

fairly normal life far from Earth

speaking of Earth the main reason we'll

have left our home planet is because

statistically speaking it's only a

matter of time until some natural

disaster or man-made Cataclysm ends our

species for good

if the entirety of humanity lived on

earth when a planet killing asteroid

came knocking game over if however we

managed to become a spacefaring

civilization before that point our

future would be secure

Mars wouldn't be the only planet we

could colonize either Venus as unlivable

as its surface is has a relatively

temperate climate above the clouds

we could easily establish floating cloud

cities that could drift around the

planet on the wind while scientists of

the future worked on terraforming the

surface some experts think that Venus is

an even more promising target for

colonization than Mars so it stands to

reason that by the year thirty eighteen

we could have thriving colonies on both

planets the more footholds we have away

from Earth the greater the likelihood of

our survival as a species back on earth

there are a few possibilities for the


years right now we're destroying the

earth at an alarming rate polluting the

ocean and the air killing hundreds of

plant and animal species as we destroy

their homes wrecking ecosystems and the

ozone layer if we don't get our act

together runaway climate change could

cause apocalypse level natural disasters

the likes of which we've never seen even

today we're beginning to see the

negative effects scientists have been

predicting for decades out-of-control

wildfires rising sea levels melting

IceCaps widespread animal extinctions

and global temperature rise if we

continue to be poor stewards of the

planet for the next hundred years

life on Earth may become unsustainable

if however we change direction soon and

start implementing new greener

technology and stop our destructive

consumerist practices we have a chance

to leave the earth a better place for

the people of the future at our current

rates of consumption all of the planet's

fossil fuels will be completely depleted

in less than a hundred and ten years if

we don't implement alternative energy

sources before then our civilization is

in big trouble

scientists predict that solar power

could produce a third of our necessary

energy by 2060 with added help from wind

and geothermal we could be well on our

way to a hundred percent renewable

energy by 2100 this would benefit not

only humans but every living thing on

earth as our carbon footprint would be

greatly reduced with the threat of

runaway climate change defeated we could

set our sights on amazing new

technologies to improve our lives

one such advancement we'll probably see

is the merging of man and machine this

idea is called transhumanism and could

give us abilities never before possible

by 2060 computers should be able to

perform most tasks as well as or better

than humans so to keep up will either

need to set up a labor force comprised

entirely of machines or find a way to

integrate with them many experts suspect

that within the next hundred years we'll

be able to augment our natural bodies

with complex technology visual overlays

for entertainment and information direct

download to our brains replacement of

weak or disabled body parts with

fabricated replicas this could extend

our lives provide a greater standard of

living and allow humans to become more

intelligent more physically capable and

more productive however as with every

new breakthrough there could be

unforeseen consequences if we begin to

augment our brains with this kind of

technology we could become susceptible

to hackers accessing our information or

worse gaining control of our motor

functions bodies could reject inorganic

replacement parts or

cause health problems down the line or

there could be no issues at all on the

individual level but since people would

live longer the earth could quickly

become overpopulated as artificial

intelligence becomes more sophisticated

we could end up either in an automated

utopia where humans are free to pursue

whatever they choose or we could find

ourselves no longer at the top of the

food chain outpaced by AI that far

surpasses our intelligence and abilities

then there's the possibility that we

could have everything we ever wanted

media communication games a whole

virtual life without ever having to

leave home social skills could suffer

and we might end up with a society of

humans unable or unwilling to interact

in person of course these are fears that

crop up every time a new technology is

developed sure we have people addicted

to TV or video games or smartphones but

it's not the majority of society and we

have no reason to believe that would be

different in the future in terms of

culture the populations of Earth will be

much more connected and if we manage to

survive another thousand years we'll

likely be much more peaceful than we are

today world religions will likely be

very different from their current forms

and many speculate that religion may no

longer play a central role in society

travel between countries will be quick

and easy with new modes of

transportation taking much less time

than the conventional methods of today

there will likely be fewer languages or

combinations of current languages making

it easier for people from around the

world to communicate depending on how

well we cooperate with each other we

could very well see a global currency or

if we become a multiplanetary species a

galactic currency in a society where the

majority of labor is handled by machines

the arts could flourish and we could

enjoy a new renaissance of literature

music film the fine arts and technology

with this new technology and the time to

pursue humanitarian endeavors we could

possibly end world hunger homelessness

and disease and some even speculate that

eventually we might be able to upload

our consciousness into computers and

defeat death itself this is all

completely feasible within the next

thousand years but it's impossible to

predict which path humanity will take

will we be able to overcome our selfish

nature and work towards a better future

for the generations to come will we

become an interplanetary species in time

will humans even exist in 1,000 years

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What Will Happen in the Next 1000 Years?

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