VIVO V15 PRO Reviews | User Reviews | Prices | Specifications | Ratings V11 (V11 Pro) - User opinions and reviews

VIVO V15 PRO Reviews | User Reviews | Prices | Specifications | Ratings V15 (V11 Pro) - User opinions and reviews 

VIVO V11 PRO Reviews | User Reviews | Prices | Specifications | Ratings V11 (V11 Pro) - User opinions and reviews

 guys so I'm

excited the homie unboxed on phone at

all and I know you guys are all so

excited because it's oblong requested

Neto so finally guys and Jimena

Nathaniel vivo v15 don't worry the vivo

v15 Pro Nutella community no honey

requests Maria and oxygen athenian now

pre-order Napoleon and Pecola macho

matagalpa .. I think second to expand an

April or first way so again we have her

deliver V 15 and it retails for 17

thousand 999 pesos and actually guys

this vivo V 15 is the slightly

toned-down version of the vivo v15 flow

and the color that.. I got is glamorous

and also that's the vivo v15 that I got

humor Sonya is young 6 gig RAM and 128

gigabytes of internal storage Meriden

sham 64 gigabytes also guys it says here

that it has the altar full view display

and it also has a AI triple camera and

it has 32 megapixel elevating front

camera Neto Kapena excited telega... and

lastly it has four thousand milliamp

hour battery capacity Ian Buxton

attenti guys so inside the box of course

we have another small box inside and

inside this box guys we have of course

me Nikita from free case oh my god Kaiba

in case have made your face and coma he

tenango neato..
I am Aaron palette I young team Spanish

does not end the same card ejector and

we also have the warranty card and the

Quick Start Guide

so can you take it for a non really

brain case nothing with vivo v15 and

actually guys this is a much better

version nominal free gel it is not

cotton cap not an semana vivo phones and

actually in along vivo most of the

phones now mid range and even

entry-level smartphones mention part on

black rubber grip around it this is

definitely not a glass and also

definitely not a plastic param harder

version of plastic or angle only nickim

explained barrel

VIVO V15 PRO Reviews | User Reviews | Prices | Specifications | Ratings V15 (V15 Pro) - User opinions and reviews 

I can assure you none hitting shot glass

hi guys inside the box of course we have

to the phone and stuff for your let's

set it aside and let's dig deeper come

on a bone marrow and Sonia we have your

D fast charging brick and we also have a

micro USB keyboard sadly micro USB

parent shylack I'm not impressed with

your accessories people about it but

this one at Mi Raghava and you also have

the vivo earphones alright guys I'm so

overwhelmed super excited the whole

boxing shot I don't know where to start

actually but when I go see go to I try

and educational guys going oh my gosh I

go mad le bash until a guy come again

the Banger Daphnia so let's see in

fairness in fairness with the case guys

in Dina Dina that the gun you pick at

noon phone but to be honest ending

shagging and cuddling ichabod param lava

tacos since my own phone and then let's

try removing it with this case case my

joma here up shank panted Anika Beth but

definitely it will protect your phone

since mocha Thank You Daphne amezo

padishah Priyanka bug-like madhu

delicious AHA my wife must mahalia

mechanical keys so I can I think since

I've been adding value for money

barrow-in-furness gates our uncle Daniel

glamour head everyone Cohen Gina be

begin injustice no Kyle on call young

male traditionally code I don't regret

getting the score actually about passage

ingredient look nice abandoned as Corey

black Shah and thence abandoned Etna

mezzo but on da nasha and the neguin red

Michelle and then on the on the lower

part marination clitoris actually end up

and single guys at a lagoon wanna time

not at full view home full view see vivo

of course before anything else alanine

and uppity said I'm gonna net new

fingerprint yeah and maritime

fingerprint here at the back not turn on

a show guys

and oh my god there's Hank and Mindy

Kuala lumper burn beyond exaggerated and

so Sabrina appreciate kulonga in Oregon

day on phone and I know a lot of you

guys haven't seen or haven't even

touched the phone say

- Asha totally available semesters for

pre-order Palin guys Hopalong Carlito

young Camilla from Tamara oh my god

parent transformers guys and me Tanaka

Peron Peron Autobots Gadol I'm gonna

need a new oil

uh I guess before I get this shafted

with its front camera big the young

qualified is no overall tour and he set

up Renata young adding face unlock tapas

Tina nothing on you a response from Bob

Ellis alright guys in front we have a

six-point 53 inch IPS ultra full view

display as you can see we know more have

the nagy todo full video and best Marin

and biome maleate machine silent Perry

actually cup of malaya it's not that of

his nominee genomes in Asarco case and

also in front you can see the front


it is 32 megapixel and antonella dito is

motorized pop up camera and then on the

right side of the fundament - you have

your deep volume rockers and then c'est

la Lumia we have the power and lock

button now on the left side of the phone

um and guys we have your decent country

Noah same shy and it is expandable up to

256 gigabytes of storage so believe

Manhattan shot then sell a lemon glaze

at Tommy Bolton patio and attained

dedicated button for the Google

assistance by rochonc big city botolan

samsung case and I think perdition Babu

hands of evil / - young Hindi Google

assistance I'm not sure with dot pero

mean Abbas Allah let me know guys con

tomate then on the lower part of the

phone - we have your DT point five

millimeter audio port we have here the

microUSB port

sadly speaking microUSB pairen-chan

Rockefeller in vivo de Baca said we pop

up Cameron Asha in vivo premiere on and

display fingerprint and still micro USB

mini : poner en dick button if you've a

pair of Evo's animal

and lastly we have here the speaker

grills now on the back part number of

default you have your defender print


just the usual vivo logo and we have

your dai a tripod camera for a closer


jung-hoon alone on camera SP 12

megapixel main camera and ensign

intention on LED flash and then someone

odd none guys we have the 8 megapixel

ultra wide camera and lastly we have the

5 megapixel depth sensor okoma Poppins

in your palaeogeography on camera not

denying up and boast shibito and Masha

actually pay-per-click Manila great

supper Bell I guess I would like to

correct myself here lots of video I got

a little too excited and Mexico etosha

the vivo v15 doesn't have the face

unlock but the vivo v15 Pro has the fees

unlock so volatile face and locked I

said I realized the zoom boom announcer

settings and even a set of Napa browser

become pocketing this in a setup him

face unlock so you probably saw on sorry

in a public katusha so again I'm Erin

entire is the fingerprint scanner at the

back so it is responsive a little hot in

case it's a power button drive

a yawn so I engage responsive shot and

accurate so valeton problema but it's

you I also I forgot to tell you guys

that this is Corning Gorilla Glass 5 top

I don't know guys I'm gonna get explored

a condom fold open multiple settings

marijuana heating search option settings

attache guys yeah

Maryana tae-young search option so hindi

natanya here Evangelina comeback as a

phone or for example gallon us and then

egg Android device guy usually problema

and there isn't why I'm surprises in in

a man Shekinah goin on TiVo that day and

I'm happy ranked as a pinup applicant I

own tech reviewers and even the

consumers Yamana suggestions netted so I

guess we know more have the notch so I'm

really curious campano young whole

experience Co when it comes to watching

YouTube so let's go to youtube guys and

let's see comb and among each Iranian

operative in any case kappa second

chicane and an old mansion black border

but conclusion in full view experience

talega EP pinch Natasha yeah and

Parramatta crap now quantum video

pyramids opener and Quezada Bob we came

here with the known as full view display

by the way if you haven't seen this

video go watch it the tank pinochle

popular pad johan de baños eco common


oh it's time to finally try its front

camera i remember it has 32 megapixels

pop-up motorized camera so or less no

guys I don't you guys before we try it

may join at the taffeta hall with this

motorized pop-up cariocas I am very

clumsy are even German climb Cena

vivillon MV will be 15 Rd pro panel

panel election Andujar ganito what if ma

Patricia or Paso Canon dust must do me

Jane and you Cassie shampoo purpose

optional Optima pero I think knee step

nominal on vivo Unimog and impossible in

the money area so actually it's quite

the idea you know gonna top and very

safe nama secure path everyone it's me

Mary and I'm currently testing the vivo

V 15 and so far ok nominal output yeah

it's just that more or less along with

when it comes to the quality of the

front camera it looks good but it looks


you actually look pale and fair and not

everyone is a fan of that and actually I

guess you interesting part Sakai marina

as it has Photoshop futures

so you come up and say you can Photoshop

your face.......

bedding up up at the end and your face

top ago senior major Korean look or you

can even adjust your jawline boosting

your measurement to less yeah and you

can even enlarge your eyes is your

forehead no but step around

Neera talk about Yamaha hey young gazes

automatic Denis halimbawa young

photoshop fist go oh my god yanira like

Adele and ito sobre Naruto......

but now for the gaming download the

phenomena absentee mom McKagan dengue

effects and I must say that the

functioning is smooth and Swift and we

all noticed this as d hey Leo P 70 which

is we all know nah man an upgrade from

before in American time P 16 now with

its battery guys four thousand milliamp

hour battery is actually quite

impressive already since also it already

comes with a fast charger by the way

guys here are the few apps mnemonic a

tanaka bocas noonim phone at a amana

installed absence in a Sabina then we

have the tick-tock we have WPS office we

have we think we have lizard and we have

Facebook and let's see guys let's go to

settings come Elin Pelin at it it has

happened so again guys inversion on

phone at NS 120/80 Tobias and unitary

Sutton is 113 gigabyte so Mohammad

amoeba and expandable DeMint up to 256

gigabyte so I don't think you guys have

to worry about that the vivo V 15 has

6.53 inch IPS ultra full view display

with eighty five point six percent

screen to body ratio.......

it also has 1080 by 2048 pixels it has

the Android 9 PI advantage OS 9.0 for

its chipset it has the mediatek helio P

70 and it also has 6 League of RAM and

128 gigabytes of internal storage lastly

it has four thousand milliamp hour

capacity with fast battery charging you

know this this phone is really

impressive especially when it's

motorized pop up camera and I think my

Baba Goomer young soundness and settings

it depends on what you like and a

natural comparing a turn-off young

Holland but that's price now 18,000 we

get a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 so it

really is Madiba and also we get to have

the mediatek helio piece of antique yes

it is impressive but what more can be we

will v15 broken offer the back I think

must may impress ties a whole nail the

all three guys we will do an unboxing of

that phone on silent IO with a pre-order

of course I do buy the phones that I

unbox so that's it for our video guys if

you enjoyed watching our unboxing and

quick review don't forget to give this

video a thumbs up and don't forget...

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