The Health Benefits of Almonds || benefit of kaju

The Health Benefits of Almonds || benefit of kaju
The Health Benefits of Almonds || benefit of kaju

hey it's deepak from active beat and my

next grocery run has almonds at the top

of the list and I want to tell you all

about almonds so people have been

enjoying almonds for thousands of years

the almond tree is native to the Middle

East and South Asia but is now found

around the world at one point the wild

form of the domesticated almond was

actually downright deadly to humans

containing hydrogen cyanide after being

crushed and chewed somehow humans found

a way to select just the sweet almonds

that eventually became domesticated and

non-toxic the United States Spain and

Iran are some of the top almond

producers in the world so let's move on

to the health and nutritional aspects of

almonds and let me tell you there are a

ton almonds are packed full of nutrients

let's run through a few one serving of

almonds is going to give you more than

20% of vitamin b2 vitamin E calcium iron

magnesium and manganese oh and did I

mention you're also getting lots of

fiber healthy fats vitamin b6 and folate

yeah that's pretty good

so almonds can be used in many culinary

forms but in their simplest form you

can't really beat eating some raw or

toasted almonds it's a great snack that

will fill you up and get you right to

the source of all those good nutrients

for your breakfast sprinkle some almonds

over your yogurt oats or cereal sliced

almonds might be a bit easier in the

morning you can also get almond butter

which is a great alternative for those

with peanut allergies and can enjoy

peanut butter you can also get almond

milk which is a great substitute for

those with lactose intolerance this

stuff is versatile so do you do almonds

add your voice in the comments and tell

us why they are a part of your diet and

how you like them we want to hear it if

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next time

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