Successful Business: Dominate Your Local Market with Google Adwords and

Successful Business: Dominate Your Local Market with Google Adwords

hi it's Carol

talk about what is Edward

and how you should use Google AdWords

first of all the difference

AdWords SEO people get this mixed up so

Google AdWords is pay-per-click so when

someone comes onto Google they type in a

keyword like divorce lawyer in London or

divorce lawyer in Chicago then serve up

one of your ads or one of the company's

ads at the top of Google where it says

add and green at the minute and it says

to come play there that is a Google Ad

and people pay-per-click to be there

they bid above other companies to be at

the top or to be second or to be third

of to be fourth when someone clicks .....

they go to a page and then that's the

journey from Google to the page first of

all the most important thing is to map

out a budget at the start you can afford

but give enough to the campaign for

Google to work its magic ..... because when

you start in Google Ads you're at the

bottom of the pile everyone that's been

there for a while they've what's called

a quality score and other factors that

helps them rank high up Google AdWords

so when you're starting out it is a

little bit of a slog to get up to the

top if you haven't got the right budget

so again it comes down to the budget and

setting out the right budget to make

sure that you give the campaign enough

and I'll scope and give it a chance

because I've seen far too many people

set up Google AdWords they've got as out

should they set it up and then they run

it for a few days and it doesn't get

them any any conversions it doesn't get

them any phone calls or inquiries and

then they think because that hasn't

worked and then they just scrub Google

AdWords for good Google AdWords is such

a powerful tool that you need to give it

the right budget so maybe it's six

months down the line after you've set up

your business or maybe it's not right

for you now but you need to try it

because the power of someone typing in a

keyword and then you being at the top or

you being second next to a competitor is

unbelievable the way that that can

convert and depending on the industry......

you're in sometimes you can pay a really

high cost per click really low cost per

click for example as I said earlier a

divorce lawyer is a very expensive

keyword as opposed to cut my cut my car

key in wherever so it really varies and

it can change as I said earlier the most

important thing is

to give the campaign the length or to

find the right person to manage your

campaign ....... because I've seen people set it

up they've set up the wrong country

they've got cliques from the wrong areas

Google AdWords is so specific and it

changes so quick that you want to make

sure the campaign is so tight that

you're getting the right customers and

the right postcode zip code and then

they are coming to your landing page

they're coming to your website rather

than getting clicks from different

countries and people don't even realize

that they're playing for clicks or

keywords or their cell what's called a

broad match so when someone touched in

car you will come up rather than rather

than car lot in America or car lot in

Chicago wherever make sure that you've

got the specific campaign set up

properly because I've seen that far too

many times and that's a huge mistake you

can make so that's a basic overview of

Google AdWords as I said earlier please

find someone to manage it or read some

guides in-depth or go on a course or

just make sure that you don't go into

Google AdWords blind and you and you set

it up and you get it going and then you

the money comes out and then you think

that doesn't work for me because trust

me Google AdWords 99% at the time works

for every business if it's given enough

much if it's given enough time...

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