Next Generation: Made in China 2025 | made in China 2025 explain

Next Generation: Made in China 2025 | made in China 2025 explain

Next Generation: Made in China 2025 | made in China 2025 explain

hello welcome to next generation we look

at how long-term trends shape our future

this time we're going to look at an

initiative launched by the Chinese

government quote made in China 2025

which should help China move its

industry up the valley chained alberto

peru kini my colleague from next

generation Research Analyst is here to

tell us why China's new initiative

presents an untapped investment

opportunity now about to welcome to the

show you just published recently a

next-generation study on made in China

2025 but the label made in China is so

common in the society today but why 2025

well they mean quite correctly made in

China is nothing new China has been the

new workshop of the world for the past

few decades what is new is this

government policy which was formulated

two years ago by the Chinese government

which is called made in China 2025 the

idea behind this policy is to put

innovation at the center of the Chinese

economy in order for China to overcome

the middle income trap and become an

advanced economy and it identifies

innovation as the key enabler of this

transformation the policy focuses on 10

strategic industry which range from

semiconductors to you know electric

vehicles you know it sounds very

ambitious but how likely can join us

succeed really we actually find it

increasingly likely that China will be

able to deliver innovation all the

preconditions are there there is ample

government support especially with

innovation friendly taxation ample

venture capital funding there is a large

cheap and educated workforce are in the

research and development and IP

intellectual property production are

both increasing and are elevated levels

so we believe the preconditions are


and to a large extent we see evidence of

that already coming through China leads

the world in some industries such as

digital Commerce or financial technology

FinTech and digital payments or

artificial intelligence AI and big data

analysis and we also see household

appliances manufacturers being extremely

globally competitive and innovative

additionally another piece of evidence

is that China has consisted consistently

moved up the global smartphone supply

chain and is now at the high end of the

production rather than at the low end

what should investors take away from all

these you know we believe that investors

should build exposure as I mentioned

before in the in the competitive areas

of Chinese innovations such as AI

digital commerce big data analysis this

is given for us additionally we think

that investors could monitor the

semiconductor space in particular in

China for catch-up potential with the

rest of the world and additionally we

also think investors should monitor the

new energy vehicle space as this

industry is particularly supported in

China and particularly so at the sensors

level thank you about to made in China

2025 as a blueprint for China to move up

the value chain and overcome the meter

in contract it is vast in the interest

of the Chinese government to continue

supporting innovation which will be a

major driver of future growth we

recommend that investors gain exposure

to a meet in China 2025 theme as some of

the winners and dominant firms

especially in digital commerce FinTech

and big data may have already emerged we

have now come to the end of this podcast

and we reached all our Chinese viewers

and everyone a very happy Lunar New Year

2018 cine Inquirer.....

Next Generation: Made in China 2025 | made in China 2025 explain

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