Meet 87-Year-Old Instagram Sensation Baddie Winkle | meet 87 old Baddie Winkle

Meet 87-Year-Old Instagram Sensation Baddie Winkle | meet 87 old Baddie Winkle 

I've always been a rebel all my life

somebody tell me I can't do something

I'm sure I can

fatty Winkle is in hell and do wild

things that she hasn't been ever able to

do I'm batty Winkle sometimes and

sometimes I'm just me Helen Dan Winkle I

was born in 1928 it was during the

Depression I thought I was the poorest

kid in the country it taught me to

appreciate what I have I sleep till

about 8:30 turn the TV on make my coffee

and smoke my cup of cigarettes

I've been going to my church for 40

years I've tried to wear any four outfit

every Sunday I think I'm going to wear

this today......
my style it's always been keeping up

with the times my life was very hard you

don't know what's going to happen to you

you're not supposed to lose your son he

died and I husband died on our 35th

anniversary I blamed God for ever I've

miss him every day you do for the rest

of your life and I still talk to him at

once Wow....
I cut cement for that but that's life

you take what you get

I cried all the times I couldn't come to

terms with it so I made myself over into

body Winkle this new chapter in my life

I'm looking forward to it it's got more

interesting as a matter of fact but

right down deep I don't think I've

changed all that much

where'd you get my mail...

I knew lots of old people and I thought

they were ancient I'm not no person I've

never been an old person I just do my


my birthday's next door

don't make me not until I get in there

so what's the plan like yeah you should

post something marijuana pays me no

pasty he bought so every period one day

I was laying out in the Sun and I'd put

on some tie-dye shirt and pair cutoff

shorts of my granddaughter Kennedy's she

came home and she said Oh Franny you

look so cute let me take a picture

oh yeah that's that's good and you have

887 wife and 116 Yukon

oh my gosh Maddy Winkle has helped me a

lot in spirit anyway the lessons that I

have learned is live and let live

you're only here once in your lifetime

so have fun

#Meet 87-Year-Old Instagram Sensation Baddie Winkle 

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