Huawei P30 Pro REVIEW | Huawei p30 serise review |Huawei P30 Pro - Price, Full Specifications & Features at Gadgets

Huawei P30 Pro REVIEW | Huawei p30 serise review |Huawei P30 Pro - Price, Full Specifications & Features at Gadgets

hi guys it's ASP OIT and this is the

huawei p30 Pro so much hype so many

people talking about it but should you

buy it this video is my unboxing and my

first impressions review so without

further ado let's get straight to it

now before we start I do have a

smartphone giveaway coming very very

soon and all the information about how

you can enter will be coming in one of

my next videos so if you want to be in

it to win..

when I post that video you are notified

and you can watch it and find out right

so this is the huawei p30 pro retail box

and I have here the 128 gigabytes of

storage with 8 gigabytes of RAM Aurora

color variant it is my personal favorite

there are other color variants and I

will leave all of them listed and linked


so as we deliciously open the box yeah I

said deliciously and when we take off

the top you are of course greeted with

the phone and as you can see before we

unwrap it some wonderful colors shining

through from that Aurora back but we'll

come back to that also inside the box we

have a little box with a SIM card

ejector tool on the front and inside we

have the manuals there isn't a case

which is a little bit disappointing I

know a lot of people gone buy their own

but it's just nice to have one straight

from the box just in case you weren't

able to get around to buying a case and

you want it protected until that time

comes we do however have headphones

which is a nice touch and then we have

the type-c charging cable and the

charging plug which of course supports

40 watts superfast wired charging which

is of course the same as the May 20 Pro

from last year nor - 70 % battery in 30

minutes which as I've mentioned before

on the mate 20 Pro is very impressive

the actual battery cell is 4200 mah

which means you're going to have

absolutely no problems getting through a

standard days use and if you do need a

billet use that superfast wired charging

is really really handy the p30 pro also

supports fast wireless charging and

reverse wireless charging as well and

here we have it here now I'm going to

try not to bore you taking too long

talking about the specs because you

probably heard that hundreds of times

already but if you don't know very

quickly we have the Kirin 980 SOC which

is currently always latest and greatest

if he's the same SOC as the make 20 Pro

from late last year a lot of the new

hardware comes in the mate line and then

the P line borrows it at the start of

the following year the GPU inside is the


Huawei P30 Pro REVIEW | Huawei p30 serise review |Huawei P30 Pro - Price, Full Specifications & Features at Gadgets
G 76 MP 10 ip68 water and dust resistant

as I've said eight gigabytes of RAM 128

gigabytes of storage there is also

expandable storage available but it's

huawei's in-house nano memory as opposed

to your standard micro SD card so you

may find getting hold of one slightly

more difficult but on the whole I don't

really feel it's a negative thing we've

got a six point four seven inch OLED

display with a PPI density of three nine

eight twenty three forty by 1080 so it

is only a 1080p display which is

actually a downgrade from the mate 20

probe which had a quad HD display which

I think at this end of the market is

possibly an area that I'm a bit

disappointed with while we end but to be

fair on the whole most people probably

wouldn't unless side by side be able to

tell whether they're looking at a 1080p

screen or a quad HD one still think they

should have included it though naughty

qua way that sounds wrong so now that

we've got that aside how does it feel in

the hand well I've obviously been using

the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus recently

and it's similarly similarly it's an

interesting word to say similarly to the

S 10 plus it's it's very comfortable to

hold curved on both front and back

lovely sloping edges now actually

personally it's very close but I think

the Huawei p30 pro is a touch more comfy

in the hand but like I said it's very

slight they're very similar the back

design is absolutely gorgeous it's

probably the nicest finish I've seen on

a smartphone today I generally do like

the mean mix line from Xiaomi but I

think this one is commonly the one to

beat now enough weight to it to feel

premium without being really heavy and

bulky in the hand what I do quite like

as well is the really sharp flat ends to

the device which completely contrast

with the slopes of the sides I think

that's a really nice touch and at this

end of the market is the attention to

detail that really counts you also have

an IR blaster on the top as well if

that's something you're interested in of

course you have the teardrop or the

u-shaped notch on that front display for

that front-facing camera and it's

personal preference would you prefer

something like this or do you prefer the

punch I'll cut out that you see on some

of the Samsung phones for example or

even on a huawei sub-brand

what's your typical design for that

facing camera now that front facing

camera is a 32 megapixel sensor with f

2.0 aperture and in terms of video

recording you'll get 1080p at 30 frames

a second do a quick selfie test on first

impressions it's looking pretty sharp

now while we do tend to get accused of

overdoing it on the software front in

terms of beautify AI colors things like

that however on first impressions it

doesn't appear too over-the-top if we

flip to the reverse we've got 140

megapixel sensor with F 1.6 aperture

it's optically stabilized which is a

first for a sensor size this big in a

smartphone the secondary sensor is an

ultra wide 20 megapixel one with F 2.2

aperture and the third is a 8 megapixel

telephoto lens that's capable of hybrid

zoom which in layman's terms means it

can combine optical zoom and

software-based zoom to enable the

possibility to zoom in up to 10 times so

in order to artis oome or go wide for

example it's all on this little bar here

now who are we do like to indulge into

marketing hype but it's still very

impressive it's the best zoom on a

smartphone camera right now careful no

one likes a pearly P alright every peach

now of course we're not done there with

a triple camera lens setup as you think

you're getting from first glance because

we've got a fourth small little camera

lens there as well and that is

time-of-flight which is going to help

with depth perception so again we'll do

a quick test for you on the rear camera

we'll do a portrait mode shot it appears

to be quite aggressive with this focus

hunting so something to keep an eye on

but I'm sure we shouldn't have too many

problems to take one more lots of

functions available on this device now I

will be doing lots of videos on the

actual camera on here including

comparisons with the likes of the

samsung galaxy s 10 plus the iPhone

tennis max the pixel 3 XL and possibly

the oneplus 60 as well so that you can

get an idea of just what you can get on

the market right now in terms of camera

now one disappointing thing for a lot of

people will be the fact that the p30 pro

doesn't have currently stereo speakers

we are due to believe we're going to see

that with the mate 30 Pro in October

this year so if sound is your thing and

stereo speakers are important then

swerve the p30 Pro I'll just give you a

quick demonstration of the speaker so

this is full volume now Pro

essentially two features that we've been

waiting for so without further ado now

you do have an in the display

fingerprint sensor very easy to setup

it is optical and not 3d like on the

samsung galaxy s 10 plus which is more

secure but I find this one quicker so do

you prefer something that's quick or do

you prefer something that's more secure

it works nigh on every single time

downsides of an optical fingerprint

sensor is of course night time it will

shine quite brighten is a little bit

annoying it is what it is face

recognition as well it is 2d and not 3d

so it does give you the warning it can

be unlocked by an object which looks

like your face can a mug unlock it po

knows maybe we should do a video on that

but again it is very very fast and you

can choose between having to swipe up

after it recognizing the face or just

unlocking straight away I'll always go

with unlocking straight away it saves a

step now often when people talk about

huawei products they talk about how

great the hardware is but how it's let

down by the software if he's running

Android 9 pi but it does have emui their

in-house skin over the top and while

it's not my favorite skin it's something

that I can get used to you can of course

put a launcher over it and you can

actually customize it as well you can

use gestures which work very very well

swipe up from the middle to go home

swipe up and hold to go to your recent

apps and then swipe in from the right or

swipe in from the left to go back very

similar to as you would expect on earth

but also Xiaomi as well almost identical

and you can also add an app drawer if

that's something you want more like

stock Android so for my overall first

impressions review conclusion I have to

say that the Huawei p30 pro is an

amazing smartphone there are no two ways

about it

I will be switching putting my sim card

in here to test it in more detail for

them follow up full review and

comparison videos in the time I've spent

with this off camera I've been playing

around with the camera and it seems

quality design and feeling the hand

brilliant and also battery being the

same as the huawei mate 20 pro is going

to be great but and we have a but as

stated it's got the same battery as they

make 20 pro and that is just a start of

a reoccurring theme which sees most of

the design and hard

we're to be very very similar if not the

same as the mate 20 Pro which is now far

less expensive the same SRC across both

in the Kiran 980 very similar design

this one here in the UK retails for

$8.99 whereas the mate 20 pro as an

example can be found on Amazon now in

the UK for around seven six five so

you're making nearly a hundred and fifty

pound saving on the mate 20 Pro when

they're very very similar devices and in

some cases like the 3d facial

recognition it's actually better on the

mate 20 Pro yes of course you have the

larger knotch so that's another thing to

consider but certainly if you're looking

at the p30 Pro don't count out the mate

20 Pro even now in 2019 nearly one

hundred and fifty pounds cheaper

something to consider it also like that

mate 20 probe doesn't have a headphone

jack so if you're one of these people

who still is dying to hang on to the

headphone jack again don't get the p30

Pro outside of that like I said an

amazing phone here's where you guys come

in let me know in the comment section

below what you think of the YP 30 Pro is

it the smartphone to beat currently in

2019 full review video coming very soon

and also camera comparison speed test

battery tests with all of the other big

hitters currently right now on the


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