How To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 Windows | multiple desktops windows 7

How To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 Windows | multiple desktops windows 7
How To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 Windows | multiple desktops windows 7

what's up guys crane here from logic

lounge comm bag with you the nether

windows10 how-to video today we're going

to be looking at multiple desktops this

feature is great and easy to use if you

want to organize multiple windows and

create a nice working workflow for your

desktop to do this and start this

demonstration let's open up some

applications maybe chrome the edge

browser the store maybe an explorer

window as you can see we have four

applications open but it's starting to

look pretty messy we can now separate

these windows out into their own

desktops and make it just a little bit

easier for our workflow to do this we

need to go into task view we can open

this up in one of two ways going down to

the task bar you can click the little

three boxes icon or you can use the

Windows key and Tab key combination to

open up task view from here we have two

options to create a new desktop we can

go down to the bottom right and click

new desktop or if we have an application

that we want to throw right into that

new desktop we can right click on it say

move to and new desktop if we had

multiple desktops in there we can then

choose from there if we wanted to move

it to one of our existing desktops so

you can see that it automatically moves

it to its own desktop and we can then

have a nice workflow this is great if

you want to separate out multiple

applications maybe have one desktop for

work-related stuff one desktop for home

related stuff and it's great and

fantastic and really easy to use I use

this like I said on my Mac for working

in a mail application on one virtual

desktop and then maybe web browsing and

another desktop from here we have other

options that we can use within this

virtual desktop if you want to preview

any of the desktops that you create so

if I create multiple desktops here and I

want to preview let's say what's in

desktop one I can just hover over the

desktop one preview at the bottom and it

will then show me a overview of the

applications opened in that tab which is

great because we can then see

a quick view of what's there now let's

say you wanted to close down an

application that was in one of the tabs

that's pretty simple you hover over the

application and then click the X in the

upper right of its preview and it will

close out the application just like that

the process works very similarly if you

wanted to close down a desktop hover

over the preview and then click the X

button and you can close down as many

desktop as you like now if you get to a

desktop that has applications in it it

will consolidate any of those

applications to the first desktop so if

I have this Explorer window here and I

close it will consolidate it now to the

one-and-only desktop that I have there

you guys go

virtual desktops a great way to increase

your productivity within Windows 10

thank you guys so much for watching I'll

see you guys next time


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