HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL TIPS NO ONE SHARES | how to start YouTube channel and earn money online


HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL TIPS NO ONE SHARES | how to start YouTube channel and earn money online

hey guys my channel on today's blog I'm

gonna be showing you how to start a

 Blogging this blog is going to

be a little bit different from all the

other blog because I'm actually gonna

be sharing with you oh god okay I'm

gonna be showing you guys all the

websites to use I'm gonna show you how

to start your YouTube channel with the

camera what websites to use for

monetizing when it comes to music what

software program editors to use I'm

gonna be showing you guys everything

that most youtubers are not going to

explain cuz they don't really want all

that good stuff that most youtubers

don't share and the reason why I decided

to share it with you is because if you

don't know how to start or no one tells

you how are you gonna learn before you

even start this video I just want to

make a huge huge huge huge announcement

about YouTube or you can make money

everybody knows

hey you think you can make money but you

have to know when you're starting a

YouTube channel please for your own

state you're not going to it of wanting

to make money right away

because it takes a while before you can

make money because it takes a while for

you to make money so as long as you go

onto YouTube knowing that okay I'm not

gonna get paid right away but this is

something that I really really love to

do then you're gonna have a wonderful

experience with YouTube but if you go

into it money hungry and this is just

anything if you use this for YouTube

just in life if you go into anything

money hungry you're not gonna make some

money because you're gonna stress

yourself out you're gonna get so

overwhelmed so you're gonna be like so

you don't want to do that okay so just

make sure that you have a nice Spirit

personality and it's really something

that you truly truly just enjoy doing

your heart because it takes a while to

make money let's get to the fun part and

the basics on how to even create a

YouTube channel right I'm just gonna

wait until I can afford money to buy a

camera I'm gonna wait until I like no

don't wait okay stop saying you're just

going to wait until XYZ the training is

now take your camera phone everybody has

a camera for most people we have a

higher rate the good thing about using a

I phone is that you can honestly blog a

report on your fault

the way they own their main now kind of

all the same quality as a camera so what

you wanted

when you do take your iphone this is a

really trick you don't want to record

this way so you see how the phone is

long length you don't want to take your

phone record this way anytime you're

recording this video and all you have is

an iPhone if you want to turn your

camera sideways and you want to record

this the reason why this is me

transferring onto the software editors

I'm going to play you about the picture

will come out anywhere it's not going to

be shortened it's gonna come out to fit

the screen so just make sure if you are

using your phone that you hold your

camera sunny ways not this way this way

no this way yes also so if you don't

have enough to afford it cameras that

are like I said you will need your phone

now you do have the money to get a

camera a good camera to start off with

is actually the one that means right now

this is the sony a 5100 this is actually

the first camera that i actually started

off on and as you guys can see the

quality is absolutely amazing you can

get this camera for about $40 on amazon

four hundred five hundred dollars too

much store but i actually recently just

broke my camera I had a DSLR camera and

it was a a Canon g3 X and it was amazing

so you know just to start off if you

want to get a vlogging camera even get

the g7 X which is amazing most bloggers

vlog on the g7 X if you want to start

off we can get this sony a 5100 that I'm

using right now and then also if you

want to do more videos and just you know

work your way towards bigger videos you

definitely get a DSLR camera this is

big camera sorry I can watch you're

right we can go into detail about moving

on to lighting you guys everybody wants

to go ahead and buy the big software

boxes and lights and getting yada yada

as you guys can see I'm filming with

natural light there's a whole window

behind me guys I'll show you as you guys

can see there's literally a whole window

right here that's what I'm doing on I'm

on natural light natural light is

literally like one of the best

Lighting's you can get because from one

it's natural you can't go wrong with

natural lighting it's outside so make

sure whenever you're recording you don't

want to be you don't want to have the

window like this you guys see how the

lighting just like oh it's poor you

always want to stand so in the opposite

direction of whether the sunlight is

reflecting okay so that you can get that

really nice lighting in the back of you

now another way if you can afford

lighting I'm gonna show you the very

first light that I actually purchased

when I was doing like videos and stuff a

long time ago

here's the perfect like that you can

also use what is very first like better

pictures with a bbooing light this light

is so amazing and I purchased it on

Amazon I think I paid like 198 for it

this is my second deburring like I don't

know what it is let me know the time I

don't know they just like it the first

one fell and like it just I will link it

below so that you can actually purchase

if you're looking for a really nice

beaver ring light let me show you guys

how it looks when I turn it on but as

you guys can see see how bright my

lighting got I mean it's like a really

really good light of course I didn't

position it you can you can adjust the

lighting right here so if I want it to

be a little lower

I'll put it right here so it's low lying

and if I want to like turn it up and I

get really really brighter it gets

really great again I will link the

deburring like below now I also do have

software lights really big like if you

guys look approaches your software

lights for studio they're gonna be doing

a lot of makeup tutorials you definitely

want to get stopped software a light so

that you can have that right lighting

backdrops and things like that but after

another video this is a call to start

off basing this is a really I hope you

can air and start off video you don't

need this video software lights just yet

no their Channel and then once you can

afford it move on and I'll do another

video on what Lighting's equipment if

you have natural lighting your phone use

what you have I don't feel like you have

to start when you feel the timing is

right because who the hell says whatever

the timing is right what is the right

timing this is a really really really

really important important thing that

most youtubers do not share cuz I don't

know why they just don't but one thing

that you guys want to definitely know is

when it comes to music when it comes to

music especially if you have a new

channel they are very very strict on

monetizing so you want to make sure that

you do not use copyright copy written

music such a Nicki Minaj Jason Derulo

why were you listening to you don't want

to use their music into your videos

because you can be copyright so copy

written and then they can also pan your

videos from

where every country and your video

whatever we sing the music website I'm

gonna actually give you because I had to

do my research I had to find out for


no one told me I just had to do my

research and just watching people's

blogs they will link the link in their

description box

not really ever stay where they keep

their music so here's a website right

here as you guys can see I'm gonna show

you it is called epidemic sound so this

website right here that you guys are

viewing it where you can get all your

free music for monetizing it's free

music from YouTube and most companies

that sponsor that sponsor with people or

a lot of youtubers that partner with

different companies they give them these

different websites and yes they can get

the music

me personally I paid membership among

I'm not sponsored by the company and

this is where I get all of my YouTube

Music backgrounds here's the website

right here but yeah if you wanted to

know where all the youtubers are getting

all this cool apps music it's epidemic

sound calm as you guys can see if we go

right there get your music another thing

that you guys want to know one how to

create a YouTube channel is your

thumbnail like what makes people click

on your pictures your no no so the way

to create it so now you can just pull

like this it's all the pictures while

you're recording you want to have a

really good some the way to edit your

thumbnails if you're wondering how all

of these uses words are you getting

these really cool thumbnails you go on you must have Google


Google Chrome go to I'll

show you guys right here as you guys can

see I'll just pick a random picture you

know put words on this you know dual

emoji now one thing about these emojis

you want to make sure that your apology

is when you drive a picture when you

drive a picture to the ticklin see make

sure that you have a transparent picture

so that's how you eat these pictures

with the emojis these people would be

emojis next to their face on their on

their thumbnail it's transparent so say

if you want to stand face emoji you

would put that face emoji transparent

and your Google bar drag it over to the

PicMonkey and watch as you guys can see

it's right next to my face so save that

picture you'll upload it onto your

thumbnail for YouTube and that's how you

get a really good thumb now I can do a

more detailed video when it comes to how

to edit on PicMonkey you gotta get me on

it as long as you got the website that should be able to

help I know you guys have been wondering

what software do you edit with sparkle

like what are you editing what are these

youtubers editing on it I'm so confused

like what do I do

I headed on final brothers let's be real

I had it on

but if you're just starting off no worry

if you have a laptop or a an Apple

computer just in general or even your

eyes my movie is free on your computers

so all you have to do is just one app

well watch a video on how to cut paste

copy you need to learn the basics and

that's how you pretty much get to learn

how to edit what I did was now they have

the Final Cut pros actually comes with

the new computer so they look at Best

Buy you get you like it 2017 MacBook Pro

you need a pro to put final cut in

because if you get a MacBook Air it's

not enough gigabytes on an innocent

scratchy computer so just make sure if

you're using Final Cut Pro you wanna use

see the Final Cut Pro you were to use a

macbook pro but Final Cut Pro is a

really good software editor and it's

just a level of from the iMovie but

iMovie is just as good and you can

become on that level and it's okay it's

gonna happen so don't stick yourself out

but this is start your videos off we're

gonna just recap on everything that I

said so you definitely wanna make sure

has a really cool camera if you have a

camera use your phone use your you buy a

new camera you skip all the software

editing you know Final Cut Pro iMovie

also the light is your natural light you

know until you can afford some lighting

and if you can't afford a lighting I'll

leave the links in the description box

below forward I got my software lights

or my deburring light the music epidemic

sound calm or they have other websites

but epidemic sounds a conference is what

I use for monetizing and then also how

to edit your thumbnail calm it's like a

great website so you can edit your

thumbnail and you know it's pretty cool

and also you guys one thing that really

really do want to let you guys know have

confidence within yourself do not make

the mistake of looking at somebody

else's channel and saying hey why isn't

my channel growing as fast as theirs

I want to be just like that person don't

do that guys don't do that everybody has

gone to that stage where they're like

why isn't my channel going as fast as

theirs I know I make good content what's

going on you just have to stop comparing

stuff to other people you guys we all

have our own life path we all are doing

different things in life so what's for

you is gonna be for you what's for her

look for him it's gonna be prevent okay

so don't go and really copying someone's

everyone stuff you think they're gonna

get the same result cuz what they're

doing may not be for you and that's why

it's not work the way to life is just to

be yourself if you be yourself be

yourself and everybody's gonna just

gravitate towards the hell you watch so

what are they like it

they're still gonna accept you because

you're being yourself that's not who you

are don't be that way just say hey what

up people's what the hell is up this is

me who I am and people may like you even

more so all I'm saying is be you have

fun no stress because we your self

out so just beat you and just enjoy what

you're doing and that's how your channel

is gonna grow also

how do you get your subscriber is

basically find out what's trending what

the hell is trending oh my god he's

eating a hot spicy ship so I should do a

house place YouTube challenge so you

know you just have to figure out

whatever is training what people are

doing your videos is gonna start popping

up on their newsfeed and responses come

to your tail and that's how you can

subscribers just like that so make sure

that you have fun know what you do host

these little websites in a software

program and how I close it how to hold

that camera up for you and if it didn't

give this video some thumbs up don't

forget comment and hope

you guys do the best on your channel I

really really really shoot eyes all the

best of luck

see y'all next time.....

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