How To Make 300 Per Day With CPA Marketing

How To Make 300 Per Day With CPA Marketing

how's it going YouTube Andrew here and

in today's video I'm gonna show you how

I'm making $300 per day with Max bounty

and CPA marketing so I'm not going to

show you the actual campaign I'm running

right now for obvious reasons because

they don't want you to take it but I

kind of made a sample campaign for you

so you guys can see kind of my thought

process behind the actual campaign I'm

running right now so let me go ahead and

refresh this just so you know that this

is real and stuff so today we've done

one thirty to sixty it's not even noon

so this I think will probably be a $400

day because it usually scales up a lot

at night yesterday we did 312 and this

month I've done about 1,900 reason being

is I actually had a decent campaign at

the beginning of them months I stopped

that because the conversion rate got

really messed up I talked to my

affiliate manager and I had her let me

know when the conversion rate was going

to go back up and so then I hopped back

on and now it's been really great so you

know always talk to your philly manager

because yeah so the sample one we're

gonna do today is this National Consumer

Center 10,000 apex legends coins apex

legends is trending right now it's

something I know a little bit about

which I do recommend you guys do a topic

you know something about so when you

come to targeting and advertising which

we're going to get to later in the video

it's going to be a little bit easier

right so you can see right here it's

like 10 win 10,000 a pax legend coins

this is the landing page we can actually

go there and click on it

so this is the landing page they're

going to come to so yeah and then

basically they answer these questions so

yes the and then basically once they put

their email in here John smokes

every once they put their email in there

they go ahead and you will get paid two

dollars and 40 cents per lead so not bad

they do have a daily cap but to get rid

of that once you get to that point you

can just ask your affiliate manager to

up that and then you should be good so

the actual landing page that I use this

is basically what it looks like this is


inside of clickfunnels I will leave a

clickfunnels I'll leave like the link to

this actual funnel and the description

if you guys do want to go ahead and get

it but you can see I've got like an apex

legends background and I say like how

would you like you know 10,000 apex

coins or something like that and yeah so

this is basically the funnel it's a

two-question funnel so basically you do

edit survey options so the first

question is how'd you hear about us

where I run my ads or Instagram stories

so I put Instagram first if you're doing

another place then put that one first so

it makes it easy for them and then I do

where are you from and then obviously as

you can see here this is a United States

so I put United States as the top one

just to make it easy for people right

and then all you do is come to the

outcomes you hit default outcome and

this is where you would put your actual

link so yeah so pretty simple it's a

really good funnel actually got this

funnel from Colin dice I did not create

this myself I got it from him so

shout-out to him really good YouTube

channel as well for CPA you guys if

you're watching this you probably

already know about him but I got this

from him as well and basically

everything that I learned I learned from

his YouTube channel so his YouTube

channel is extremely helpful and yes to

just take action on what he says on his

YouTube and take action what I'm saying

today and who knows maybe you could be

having some good success so once we have

the landing page we need to go ahead and

create the actual ads now you can create

video or picture ads I've tested both

and I've seen success with both but I

know a lot of you getting started

probably don't want to put hours into

creating video ads or have to pay for

like a video editor specifically for

creating like Instagram stories and

stuff so we're just going to do a sample

picture AB ad for this one so you can

see right here this is a sample ad that

I like to create if you guys watch

Collins channel you see it's the exact

same type of format and that's because

it works right he he's like he's a multi

six-figure a cpa marketer so if he's

telling you what's working obviously you

use what's working which is exactly what

I'm doing and then if you see that's

working for me it's gonna work for you

too so basically what I like to do is I

put you know a picture and then I put

like the big headline and then put swipe

up then always put the hand

with the little swipe up arrow and then

put like a border color that's kind of

crazy because it's gonna stand out right

so this is essentially the ad and I make

five different ads so you can test them

and then after the three days which

we'll talk about in a second you can go

ahead and cut the ads that are bad and I

usually find there's one to two ads that

do pretty well and then there's three

that do really batters that or something

so I like to test you know everything

when it comes to ads especially when I

find winning ads then I'll go ahead and

start testing stuff like this text right

I'll create a split test so I'll keep

one like this and then the other one

I'll put something like receive ten

thousand apex coins or do you play apex

question mark so I come up and just test

a bunch of different things because you

never know which one is gonna work so

even when you do find a winner

keep testing it right test the different

colors around the border so if I found

this one was a winner

maybe I'd want to go ahead and switch

these to something like white or

something actually I don't like that but

maybe like yellow something that stands

out looks kind of weird and then you

could test that and see if since we

already know it's a winning ad and stuff

it's just making minor adjustments then

to see which ones are actually going to

go ahead and work so like that you can

change the hand too and make it like a

yellow theme so like that right so it's

pretty simple this is

completely free the dimensions you need

to use to make a image for the Instagram

story are 1080 by 1920 pixels so just

make sure when you're coming to Campbell

you just hit create sign it and it'll

ask you for the dimensions it's 18 nope

10 20 by 19 I can't even speak 1080 by

1920 there you go I was getting those

mixed up and then you can go in here

create these ads I usually get like five

pictures drop them in then all of this

box stuff like these are just lines that

I brought down this is just a big box

these are just lines so it's really easy

to use and you can literally just come

over to elements and you can just like

type in graphics so like where I got the

hand I literally just typed in hand

like that and then I believe this is the

exact hand I use so you just click that

then you got this you can change the

colors up here you can rotate it you can

change the size so it's really really

simple right canva is gonna be your best

friend when it comes to to creating ads

and stuff of that nature but yes you

just want to come in and honesty like

create this exact ad and test it I have

not tested this Apex Legends campaign

yet I was thinking about doing it but a

bunch of you are probably gonna start

testing it so maybe maybe I won't

anymore but we'll see but this is like

the exact type of ads I would use so now

that we have the campaign the landing

page and the actual ads we need to get

into sorry that my nose is a bit stuffy

and we need to get into the actual

Facebook Ads method and yes we're doing

Facebook Ads no we're not doing free

traffic or any of that stuff reason

being with Facebook Ads you can set up

an ad like I set up an ad like five days

ago and all I do is every night I add

more I just scale it up and keep scaling

it but that takes maybe ten minutes so

I'm making 300 plus dollars per day

probably make over 400 today with

essentially ten minutes of work per day

and that's why I love Facebook ads

because once you get a winner you can

kind of sit back and it's almost like

passive income right you just need to

check your ads maybe you want it twice

per day make sure everything's running

as normal and if you're gonna scale it

up just create a new ad set duplicate an

ad set really really simple so for the

Facebook Ads method that I use and that

I learned from Colin what you're gonna

do is find the daily budget to find your

daily budget so how much you're going to

spend on each ad set per day you're

gonna find the CPA of the offer so here

it is two dollars and 40 cents and

you're going to multiply that by three

so you'd be spending seven dollars and

20 cents per day the the reason behind

that honestly not really sure it's just

what Colin said in his video so I just

went with it and it works so you don't

need to necessarily have a reason but

just do it now if you guys are on a

lower budget you could do something like

- but it's gonna take you longer to get

the data and you're gonna have to wait

probably more than three days to

actually touch the ads which we'll talk

about in a second so just stick with

this right

and fine so 240 times 3 just go with

that just go with that if you guys don't

have a lot of money to spend on ads

you're gonna need to do free traffic or

get a job or something to build cash

flow because you do need cash flow to do

this business don't think you can come

in to come into this business with fifty

to a hundred dollars and have success

with it because chances are you probably

won't and even if you did find a winning

campaign you would not be able to scale

it and you would run into issues with

cash flow there so please come in with

at least five hundred to a thousand

dollars ready to spend on ads and I

would say closer to the thousand dollar

range and I'm just being honest with you

guys there right because a lot of people

say oh you can get started with twenty

bucks today well you can get started but

you're gonna lose all of it so just have

that mindset coming in build some cash

flow go get a job if you don't have any


go do some freelancing on Fiverr right

and so you can build up some cash flow

because as Colin said in one of his

videos the more money you have to do

this the better chances of success

you're having so lucky for me obviously

I make a lot of money from youtube and

affiliate marketing so I had a really

big a cash flow that I could put into

this so my success was much higher but

still the same principles apply so so

what you want to do is create three

different ad sets with three different

interests right so for this one I don't

know if there's an apex legends interest

but if there was that would be one ad

set another ad so it could be like

twitch and another one could be

something like mobile gaming or

something like that right and once

you're in Facebook you can just hit the

suggestions like when you type in the

actual interest just hit suggestions and

I'll show you a bunch of the great

suggestions so yeah so I usually do

three different interests just so I can

test three different interests right

because I see a lot of people they'll do

three different ad sets of the same

interest but that's a little just

testing the same thing like three times

right so you want to get as much

different data as you can so you can see

what's working and what's not and then I

use five different image slash video ads

so five different and these guys so all

you could do is like switch out the

picture maybe change up the text a

little bit on some of them but just go

find other apex legends pictures maybe

find a picture of somebody playing video

games and just swap it out here so

create five images or if you want to

create videos I would recommend wave

video I have used videos on one of my

campaigns and honestly it wasn't too

successful I found most of my success

with images but I will still be testing

videos in the future and with my winning

campaign right now that is with images

but I am going to start creating some

video ads probably today and test those

out with those campaigns to see if maybe

that will do a little bit better so

we'll see about that but starting you

know you can just do images it's a lot

easier takes a lot less time and then

you are not going to touch the ads for

three days now this is going to be the

hardest part for you because you're

gonna have to be you're gonna spend like

a dollar and not see any results back

and you're gonna wanna you know cancel a

campaign super quickly because you think

it's unprofitable but there is no way to

tell because Facebook has not gathered

enough data or anything like that to be

able to properly target and stuff for at

least 72 hours so you need to wait 72

hours before you even touch the end so

like literally put your ads up and

honestly don't even look at them for 72

hours just so you keep the urns away

from canceling the ad sets and so then

once that happens after 72 hours you

check your ads you see which ones are

profitable or unprofitable if they are

unprofitable you can either end the

campaign and test a different one or you

can keep testing different interests or

what I would recommend is check your

breakdown tab on Facebook and see what

actual demographics are actually working

right so if you're running an ad to

people 18 to 45 and it's unprofitable

you hit the breakdown tab and you see oh

well if I would have just ran it to 18

to 25 it would have been profitable so

then you can create an ad set for just

18 to 25 and stuff like that you can do

a breakdown by a mobile device so you

can see Oh on Android my my cost per

click was super low and that would have

been really profitable but iPhone raised

the price so then you can create a new

ad set with just Android right so use

the breakdown tab because you'll have a

lot of data on there and then if they

are profitable just you can either scale

the ad sets up so you can go from seven

dollars and 20 cents a day duplicate the

edge set don't change the actual budget


and you can do like thirty forty fifty

dollars a day or you can just start

testing more interest right so if you

have three winning interests you can

keep testing more interests also so

those are the two different ways you can

kind of scale horizontal and vertical so

that's pretty much it for today's video

if you guys did enjoy be sure to drop a

like and subscribe and I'll probably

post like two or three blog a week on

this channel so definitely stay on the

lookout for some new blog....

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