How To Create A Free WebsiteBlog on | How to Make a WordPress Website in 2019 - Step by Step

How To Create A Free WebsiteBlog on | How to Make a WordPress Website in 2019 - Step by Step 

How To Create A Free WebsiteBlog on | How to Make a WordPress Website in 2019 - Step by Step

hey guys my name is Deepak from mumbai

base for comm and first of all I do want

to welcome everyone who is just now

tuning in to my channel today I am going

to actually share a step-by-step

tutorial on how to start your own blog

on for free on this

channel if you are completely new I

share a variety of ways for those that

are looking for a legitimate way to make

money from home and blogging is one of

the most popular ways especially for

stay-at-home moms like myself as well as

teens college students or anyone that is

just looking to make an additional

income from my personal experience of

being a professional blogger for the

last two years I have to say that this

is one of the best career choices that I

made so for those that are new to

blogging let me break down what is a

blog a blog is a platform where you can

be able to share your ideas about

something that you are very passionate

about it can be a personal blog it can

even be a website where you are just

sharing information about a topic that

you are very knowledgeable in keep in

mind that it does take time to make

money with a blog or a website which I

will explain the different ways that

bloggers are able to make money in a

separate video so I want to jump right

into how to get your blog up so what

you're going to do is go to

and you're just going to type in once you type in WordPress

com you're going to go right here where

it says create a free website or blog

now you are sitting right here on

WordPress coms homepage it says create

your new website for free

is the best place for your personal blog

or business site and I agree I

personally agree from being a person

that started on blogger calm

and I actually migrated my blog over to

WordPress so I'm just going to go right

here select create a website and the

first step that you will need to do is

choose a theme or website design for

your blog or website so I'm just going

to go ahead and select that one for now

the next step is let's find a domain

this has to be one of the most important

thing as far as far as finding and

choosing a domain name that is related

to your website or blog so for the sake

of this video I'm just going to select

something very simple free mommy coupons

so once I type in my desired domain name

it will give me some options here now I

can go ahead and just select the free

domain here where it will be free

mommy coupons dot keep in

mind you will have that on

the end of your domain since it is free

the only way that you can get rid of

that is if you buy your

own domain where you have free mommy that will require you to

purchase a domain from some recommended

sites like or GoDaddy calm

you can be able to purchase your own

personal domain name for no more than

$20 as you can see here this is $18.00

per year for the whole year third $25

per year it just depends on the domain

name that you choose or the website that

you go and visit but for the sake of

this video we're just trying to create a

website for free so we're just going to

select the free domain the next step is

picking a plan that is right for you

we're just going to select the free plan

the last step is creating your account

you will need a valid email address as

well as a username and password that

will be very easy for you to remember

and log into your wordpress

so I'm just going to go ahead and answer

some of my details here and I'll be

right back to guide you guys through so

once you have created your account and

put in all of your information as far as

your email address and your user name

and password you will see this screen

pop up here where you will need to

verify your email address you should

receive an email

very shortly and once you activate your

email address then you can be on your

way to basically start customizing your

website or blog

so right here you can you will see that

you can be able to customize your site

by adding a header or any type of

background image now I'm sure that many

of you guys that are just starting off

you won't have a customized header or a

background image but you know for those

that do um you can customize that right

here you will also have this option to

select a different theme or website

design so if you want to select and be

able to browse through the different

themes that they have you can do that

here next you can add features with your

plan which like I said before in the

previous screen where you were able to

change the type of plan that you have

you can you know add on more options if

you just want to create and just keep

your your free plan then you can skip

that step for now right here it says you

can start your first post so if you just

click right here to starting your post

you can go ahead and start typing out

your very first article and also if you

need to create a page you will do that

right here I'm a standalone page is

something that is recommended either an

about me page or contact page so I'm

just going to go ahead and walk you guys

through and just show you around the

site so you can have an idea of what

you're doing go ahead and click right

here where it says my site this is

exactly what you're -

or it will look like you don't have any

type of visitors as of yet so your stats

right here will be completely empty as

well as you don't have any type of

articles created so you won't have

anything listed here I'm going to be

honest it's not you're not going to

learn everything overnight it's going to

take you some time to get used to how

WordPress is set up and everything and

how to navigate through all the options

that you have right here but I'm just

going to show you some of the most

important and just explain through some

of the most important features of

WordPress now if you want to go ahead

and view your site you can click that

view your site home screen and this is

exactly what your blog or website will

look like I'm going to go ahead and

expand let me try to expand or move my

screen recorder up here as you can see

that this domain right here this is the

address that people will see and be able

to where people will be able to find you

free mummy coupons dot is

the one that I selected so I'm sure

yours will be different so I'm just

going to click right back here on my

site and it will bring up the left-hand

column here where I'm just going to

scroll down here where it says blog

posts this is where you will be able to

add your first article so once you

select a blog post you can go ahead and

type in the first article title that

you're going to use now like I said I'm

just typing in some random information

here just for the sake of the video so

you guys can be able to have an idea of

what you're doing so I'm just going to

go ahead and type a few sentences here

after you have typed in a few sentences

you can actually choose preview just to

see exactly what your article would look

like when it is displayed on your

website so this is basically how

everything and there they are showing

the mobile version right here but this

is the desktop version here so you can

be able to select these different

versions here this is the mobile version

and then this is like the tablet version

and then this is the desktop or computer

version so this it gives you different

views on how people will view your blog

posts so I'm just going to exit out of

there the next section is the categories

and tags this is very important that you

add tags or categories related to what

your article is about the tags are

really really important you know since I

have a title here that says free mommy

coupons I would want to make sure that I

add some of the main popular tags that

will help people find this article so

I'm just going to type in coupons comma

free coupons comma mommy coupons I'm

just going to type in a couple of tags

here and this will be very relevant to

people finding the information that they

need on your site also you can add a

category right here and I would suggest

you know since I'm talking about free

mommy coupons then you will want to add

something that's coupons here and then

you can add that category right there

also you can add a featured image that

is highly recommended especially for a

blog because images really capture your

readers it captures your readers

attention so it is very you know it's

recommended to have plenty of images on

your website down here you will be able

to share your content we will have the

option to either activate or enable

being able to share your content now if

you uncheck this box then people won't

be able to share your content and then

you can also disable having a like

button right here if you don't want that

but I highly recommend you guys if you

want traffic to your blog you want to

keep those checked you want people

sharing your content this option right

here will give you the ability to

customize your article whether you want

it to be just the standard article if

you want to show an image a video if you

want to have a photo gallery so that is

where you would customize what is shown

on this particular article I'm just

going to click right here back on my

site so I can get back to this left-hand

column too now right here you can be

able to create some standalone pages the

most important there are four important

pages that you need to create when you

are first starting a blog you need to

create an about me page a contact page a

disclosure policy and a privacy policy

and I'm going to explain for each an

about me page an about me page will

basically help people know what this

site is all about if you want to

actually share some personal information

about you know your background or your

family that is up to you if you want to

share any type of personal information

about this blog that would capture your

readers and they can get an insight you

know look at you know the person that is

the author of this blog then that is

highly recommended for you to do that

when you first starting a blog the

second one is a contact page especially

if you want people to reach you if you

want people to contact you for

additional information it is best to

have a contact me page you can actually

add a

contact me box where people just fill

out some information some brief

information their name and then the

message that they want to write out like

and just basically say if you have any

additional questions please reach me at

your email address here and you know you

can just provide your email address

where people can be able to contact you

the next page that is important is a

disclosure policy a describe that

disclosure policy is very important for

those that may be promoting or selling

any type of affiliate products may be a

part of any type of affiliate programs

this way you could be able to disclose

to your readers you know the different

programs that you are in whether you are

an affiliate with Amazon and you are

selling and getting a percentage off of

any type of products or if you have a

job board on your website where you earn

a percentage of any type of activity on

that job board so you want to disclose

that and to be honest a lot of affiliate

programs they require you to have some

type of disclosure policy on your

website so that is very important and

I'll make sure to leave that link below

in my description box for you to go

ahead and get a disclosure policy set up

the next page that is very important is

a privacy policy you need to have a

privacy policy especially you know for

your site visitors letting them know

that you may collect different

information just for you know stat

purposes or just to gather certain

statistics about who is coming to visit

your site so that is very important I

know if you plan on you

any type of ad networks like Google

Adsense they also require you to have

some type of privacy policy and so that

is very important for you to have like I

said an about me page a contact me page

disclosure policy and a privacy policy

I'm going to go right back here to you

know the stats page here so I can browse

down to the next thing what you can do

is click on themes here I'm sorry and

you will be able to browse through so

many different options as far as

different web designs of how you want

your site to be displayed you'll notice

that there are quite a few that you can

select that are free or you can click

the drop down box here and go to all the

premium themes where you will see a

variety of different themes found the

prices are different just depending on

you know the different themes they may

have different features for the ones

that are you know 125 175 these right

here you have some that are pretty more

that are pretty reasonable around 59

69 for you here's one for 49 so it just

really depends on what you plan on doing

with your website as far as the design

and what your budget is as far as your

pocket or what you want to come out a

pocket upfront so those are the main

things as far as getting the blog up and

getting started now if you want any more

additional information about really

helping your blog and optimizing your

website or blog to get in more traffic I

will explain that in a separate video I

will love to hear your comments and any

feedback about this video as far as if

it was helpful or not or if you need me

to explain anything in more detail so

until next time guys I hope you enjoyed

this video and if you're looking for any

other work from home opportunities or if

you're just looking

to check out my official blog in my blog

that I have had for two years a little


How To Create A Free WebsiteBlog on 
# How to Make a WordPress Website in 2019 - Step by Step 

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