initially when you visit remove to

London you'll notice some obvious

differences like here they use pounds

and not dollars and cars are coming from

the other direction but through time

you'll notice some not so obvious

differences make sure you watch until

the end of the video when I share with

you the one thing that both countries do

that they don't think the other one does

the first difference involves holding

doors open now this isn't a dick against

American men I just find that British

men more consistently hold doors open

for girls than they do in America and if

you're British and you agree give the

video a thumbs up the next difference

involves waiting in line you'll pretty

quickly figure out that British people

call a line a queue and they're very

serious about honoring them too it's

actually a national joke here

this all originated during World War two

when British people had to wait in line

for their rations the next difference is

the amount of times British people

apologize for things if I had a quarter

for every time I heard somebody say

sorry I actually couldn't do anything

because quarters here are worthless but

British people incessantly apologize

where Americans are more like forget

about it that brings us to our next

cultural difference which is just

because British people say they're sorry

doesn't mean that they mean it it's

nothing against Americans they just

aren't as literal as us so if they don't

like something you might not actually

ever know if you're British and you're

watching I'd love for you to leave your

comment we'll see how that works out

British people also speak very quietly

against them Americans sound

notoriously loud and I think that's why

they perceive us as overly confident

because we're clear about what we say

and we do it at such a high volume next

is giving nicknames while British people

aren't really clear about what they have

to say and they say it at a very low

volume they have no issues cutting your

name in half or distorting it and I

never experience the level of nicknames

in America like I have in England on

November 1st you'll see practically

every man in one

and wearing a poppy on his suit coat

jacket or shirt and that's to recognize

the lives that were lost during the

world wars you just don't see people

wearing poppies in America at the level

that they do in London the next

difference is how the two cultures

critique food now I appreciate that

American cuisine is made up of things

like burgers and hot dogs and mac and

cheese and barbecue ribs we also serve

things in super-sized portions so we're

not really positioned well to be food

connoisseurs of the world however

British people take food critiquing to

like an extreme sport they are really

really really picky about everything now

I love me some fish and chips but did

you know that the national dish of

England isn't even British it's Indian


aside from being really fussy about what

they eat British people also get a

wrinkle in their nose if it isn't served

right you should see the looks that I

get at work when I heat up my microwave

meal and then continue to eat it out of

the plastic that it came in they think

it's really weird to eat out of plastic

in fact they make a lot of fun of our

Solo Cup culture because they don't have

Solo cups here all the YouTube videos

that you'll find on American verse

British culture will definitely identify

that the British people drink more I get

it but what they don't talk about very

much is the fact that British people

drink outside you'll find if it isn't

pouring rain that British people will

take their pint and go outside and line

up around the pub the last difference is

pretty sweet sort of cheers sweetheart

doesn't really sound offensive when my

husband says it to me at home but when

it's the grocery store checkout lady

kind of weird

you see British people drop terms of

endearment very casually compared to

American for example my darling lovely

hey love I've been called all of those

things at work those are ten differences

that you might not notice right away

between British verse American culture

pin like or share this video if you

found it valuable now the thing that

I've noticed that I think both countries

do but they accuse the other one of

doing in

not themselves is display their flag

British people think that Americans have

their flags everywhere and the funny

thing is when I moved to London from

America I could not believe all the

merchandise and everything that I saw

that had the Union Jack on it so I'd be

really curious about your opinions on

that leave your questions and other

video suggestions in the comments I'd

also love to hear the things that you

think I missed that are differences

between the two cultures too

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