best video editing app for youtube । Best Video Editing App for Android

best video editing app for youtube । Best Video Editing App for Android 
best video editing app for youtube । Best Video Editing App for Android

- Right now we're gonna look at

the best Android video editor
apps currently available.

And my pick for the best video editing app

for Android in 2018 after
putting them all to the test.

Hey, it's Justin Brown
here from Primal Video

where we help you amplify

your business and brand with video.

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So let's jump into it.

Now I say this every time

but this is like the third year running

that we have produced a video

on the video editing app landscape

and the apps just keep getting
more and more powerful.

The options that we are covering today

are starting to rival a
lot of desktop software

and you get access to all that power

in just the palm of your hand

and you can use it anywhere you want.

So after going through
our full research process

to see what new apps have popped up,

what's changed with
the apps from last time

and testing out all the contenders

to see how they really compare.

In this video we're gonna
run through my best picks

or the top apps for video
editing apps on Android

and which is my number one recommendation.

So, we'll start by
looking at the shortlist

of all the apps that made it that far,

and all the key things
that you should know

about each of those options.

And while we're running through,

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What is your favorite video
editing app on Android and why?

So if you've ever actually
looked in the Android app store

for video editing apps,

there is way too many
up there to choose from.

So our top contenders, or our shortlist

that we have narrowed all
of these apps down to,

include Cute CUT, Adobe
Premiere Clip, Quik, WeVideo,

KineMaster, PowerDirector and FilmoraGo.

And while each of these apps
will let you edit your videos,

and you can get great results
with any of these apps,

really the level of control
and the level of features

and things that you get in the apps

changes quite a bit.

Where it really comes down to is,

how much control do you
actually want over your editing?

What sort of videos are
you going to be editing?

How much actual editing do you need to do

to the footage that you've shot?

And all that is gonna play a part

in which is the best video
editing software for you.

So, the majority of editing apps out there

and even the majority of the
editing apps in our shortlist

are very basic.

They'll let you do basic cuts,
add some color, add some text

but that's pretty much it.

There are definitely a few standouts

and a few that are really
pushing the boundaries

of what you can do with
editing on an Android device.

So, you've got apps out there

like Adobe Premiere Clip and WeVideo

which are fantastic for
editing videos on your device

but they are very basic.

But the biggest advantage
with those apps is that,

if you are editing on WeVideo

as a platform from your desktop

or Adobe Premiere Pro,

then the projects you can
actually transfer between.

So you could start your video on WeVideo

or Adobe Premiere Clip on your device

and transfer it and finish
it on your desktop computer.

So that's a pretty cool
feature if you're into that

but if you want something

that is a complete end-to-end solution

on your mobile device,

then I'll say that both of those apps

really only have limited functionality

when it comes to actual
editing on your device.

And it's pretty much the
same with the app Quik.

It is a good video editing app

if you're after very basic edits,

with not a lot of control
and multiple video tracks

and a heap of advanced features

that some of the other apps have.

So, if you're after basic editing,

then Quik is still a good solution,

but there's a couple of standouts here

that we're about to jump into

that really take video
editing on your Android device

to the next level.

So, overall looking at
the apps on our shortlist

there's really four standout apps

that are pushing the
boundaries of what you can do

in regards to video editing
on your Android device.

And they are FilmoraGo,
Cute CUT, KineMaster

and CyberLink PowerDirector.

Now in the last video we did Cute CUT

and FilmoraGo really didn't
get much of a look-in

but over the past year, they've
actually grown quite a lot

and the feature set
that they've got in them

are now pretty solid.

And you can do a lot more
with your video editing

with the advanced tools that
they have now brought in

on both of those apps.

But in saying that, the top two apps

for video editing on Android,

that we have narrowed this down to,

are hands-down KineMaster
and PowerDirector,

which is really the same
result as last year.

These two are miles ahead
of any other app out there

in regards to professional level

video editing on your Android device.

But even these two apps over the past year

have changed and have improved
and come quite a way as well.

Now I'm a really big fan
of both of these apps

and I love what they are doing,

I love how far they have come,

but if I had to pick a winner,

it's gonna go to CyberLink PowerDirector.

And there's a couple of
clear standout reasons why

I would go PowerDirector over KineMaster.

The first one and probably
the most important one,

is how easy it is to use
and how intuitive it is

but still with all the advanced features.

Both of them support things
like multi track video editing,

advanced audio control,
advanced color correction,

the ability to easily pick
up and move your clips around

and to trim them down,
and to integrate music

and adjust all your volume levels.

So, in regards to actual video editing,

both of them are very similar

but the interface on PowerDirector

and the way that you actually edit

and the performance that you have in it

seems to be quite a
bit ahead of KineMaster

at least in my opinion.

Now another really big standout
feature for PowerDirector,

is the level of control you've got

over your color correction
inside your videos.

That's a massive thing in
video editing anywhere,

to be able to dial in

and really get your colors
looking the way that you want

and that's something where PowerDirector

has much more control and advanced control

but done in a simple way over KineMaster.

So with KineMaster,

you do get control over
things like your brightness,

the contrast and the saturation.

You also get a heap of filters
that you can use to drop in,

think of that like Instagram-style filters

to apply different looks you
can apply to your videos.

PowerDirector has all of that as well

but it's also got much
more advanced control

even with simple things like
adjusting the white balance

which can make a huge difference
to your end video output.

Another really big
feature of PowerDirector

that you won't find in KineMaster

and actually don't find

in a lot of the other apps out there,

is the ability to edit your videos

in landscape and in portrait.

So if you're gonna be editing down,

things like Instagram stories,
or any portrait videos

then you can actually
do this in PowerDirector

instead of just trying to
squash your portrait video

down into a landscape frame.

If that's something that
you are interested in

and looking to take your
Instagram stories up a notch,

I'll put a link up in the cards now

to a video where we take
you through that process.

And the process is actually
using PowerDirector

to do that video editing in portrait.

Now, with all of that, that's
not to say that KineMaster

isn't a solid option.

There's a couple of standout
features that KineMaster has,

that PowerDirector doesn't have.

And the biggest one that I would say there

is the level of control you
have over your audio files.

The amount of professional
filters that you can put on

to make your audio sound
really good in your videos.

And that's simple things like
having an audio compressor

that you can turn on or off

and also having keyframe based editing

to adjust the different volume levels

throughout your video as you go.

So that's really the
standout feature for me

but once again, really if you're
using either of these two,

then they're both gonna give you

great results with your video.

Now probably the biggest thing
we haven't touched on yet

is the pricing of these two apps.

Now, both of them will run for free.

You can edit on them for free

but they will add a
watermark to your video

when you're saving it out.

Now in order to remove that watermark

is where you're gonna have
to pay them some money.

Now the last time we took a look at

these two apps side by side,

PowerDirector had a much better offering.

It was a flat fee of $5 or
$6 to buy the app outright.

Now if you've already
paid for PowerDirector,

then it's likely you're
not going to have to pay

for their new pricing model,

which is actually a subscription model.

And monthly subscription
or an annual subscription

to use the software,

which is what KineMaster
has had the whole time.

So a subscription to
KineMaster is gonna cost you

around $5 per month or
around $42 per year.

Now this is Australian pricing,

so the pricing may vary a little bit

depending on where you are,

but it's gonna be around that price.

And the new pricing
model for PowerDirector

is gonna cost you around $7 per month

or around $50 per year.

They do also have a third option,

where you can pay for three
months access to the app

and that's gonna cost you around $14.

So with PowerDirector,

not only is purchasing a license
gonna remove the watermark

it's also gonna give you

higher quality, 1080p exports as well.

Now I guess the biggest thing to look at

when you're looking at
the pricing of these apps

and how they now have all moved

to a subscription based model,

is looking at what they
will allow you to do.

So these are professional
level video editing apps,

these are the closest apps

that are gonna mimic desktop video editing

on your Android device.

And to have that flexibility
and that power on your device

and the ability to edit
anywhere is insane.

So, I personally think
it's an absolute no-brainer

if you are gonna be
editing your videos down

on your Android device,

to seriously consider
one of these two apps.

So my picks then will be,

if you're not after
something more professional,

better check out FilmoraGo and
also to check out Cute CUT.

Both of those are solid options

and they've come a really long way

even in the past 12 months.

So for me right now,

the number one video
editing app on Android,

does go to CyberLink PowerDirector.

If you're looking to level up

the professionalism of your content,

and get a shiny new intro animation,

or some custom branded titles,

it's actually much easier
to do than you might think.

Then you can import them,

right across to your Android device

and use in your new editing app.

So click the link on screen now

for a video stepping
through the whole process,

and I'll see you soon......

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