Best Chest Workout | HEAVY Chest Workout - Classic Bodybuilding | big chest workout

 Best Chest Workout | HEAVY Chest Workout - Classic Bodybuilding | big chest workout

Best Chest Workout | HEAVY Chest Workout - Classic Bodybuilding | big chest workout
what's up guys welcome to vintage

genetics where it is all about khalessi

bodybuilding and today we're actually

going to do some chest pure chest riffs

on triceps at the end of course we need

that just to be as big as possible and

those triceps need to be bigger to get

in proportion with the rest but what you

can see me do it right here is a lot of

people have trouble actually getting

their front delts injury free because

they injure them or they hurt them or

they simply have pain in them because of

they train the front delts too much the

chest too much or shoulders too much and

then you get a disbalance in the

strength in the pulling on the joint

that's in the shoulder so the front delt

will pull harder than the rear delt and

then you will get inflammation there

just an imbalance in strength and you

will feel it when you train the chest so

to prevent that you want the first of

all stretch the entire area out so I

like to do that by strengthening the

rotator cuffs using some stretching

exercises like this and then starting

the chest workouts and the last stretch

that I did the dead hang is something I

really recommend for people who have

trouble with their shoulders who simply

feel the impingement in their shoulders

when doing a bench press or a double

press for example try the dead hand and

I also have another stretch on my

youtube channel called the shoulder fix

you can find it on the fitness genetics

Channel but that's also very good

stretch to get the front delts fixed in

a way so we are starting out with the

flat dumbbell press and the reason for

that is first of all it's an incredible

exercise one of the best exercises for

chest slightly better actually than the


because you can still overload the

muscle with a lot of weights but because

there's a freedom of movement you can

get a better stretch and a better

contraction at the same time and it's

safe for the shoulders as well they're

just not able to overload the chest as


with a bench pressed but then again the

bench press is more injury-prone so we

are actually doing seven working sets

with redundant press not counting the

warm-up sets which were actually two

sets as well of twenty reps and then we

ramped up the weight with every single

working sets we actually purchased and

invested in dumbbells and a lot more

equipment for 100% fifth gym now we have

dumbbells ranging from two and a half

kilograms with increments of two and

half kilograms until 70 kilograms a lot

of gyms have like where they go until 50

kilograms and then they might have 60

but then it go from 50 to 60 immediately

and that kind of makes it impossible to

get a nice progressive overload because

the increments within 50 and 60 are way

too great so we purchased every single

increment that they're wise with two and

a half kilograms so when you're able to

do six reps with fifty kilograms you can

go for fifty two and a half for example

to try six reps with that for optimal

progressive overload but here you can

see me try doing the tumble press with

heavier and heavier weights of course

going to go for that heaviest 70 color

kilo dumbo and I also added the pounds

to it so you guys who live in America

can also see how much weight it is

because now the weights are starting to

get serious and that's why you really do

need a spotter as right now and working

out with my dad we spot each other every

single time that we go heavy and my dad

is actually also doing demos that are

quite heavy 55 kilograms more than 130

pounds especially since he's almost 50

years old that is pretty impressive in

my opinion

and right there you can see the Dumbo

rack you can see that we have every kind

of dumbbell that there is all the same

solid weight dumbbells they have a

hexagon shape so that if you drop them

they won't roll away which is optimal

and there they are the 70 kilogram

dumbbells let's do this indeed because

it's getting heavier and what I'm doing

here is I'm letting my dad actually grab

the dumbbells I know it's a lot of

effort for the spotter but when you work

together you have to help each other in

the most optimal way because in my

opinion if you have to get the dumbbells

yourself which are quite heavy and then

lift them up yourself you're already

losing energy for one or two reps which

would be wasted energy bodybuilding is a

lot of hitting the muscle that you want

to hit with everything that you've got

so right now you can see that I'm still

going all the way down until I get a

full stretch in the chest they're going

all the way up without locking the

elbows which is very important all right

so these are the heaviest weights and I

want you to watch this closely this is

why you need a spotter right here with

the first rep which is the most

difficult one it's very difficult to get

it out of the dead stop from the bottom

upwards sometimes if you don't know how

heavy a double is before actually

pressing it and then you kind of need a

spotter to help you up at the first rep

and then I was able to do at least three

to four reps with the heaviest dumbbells

in the gym which was pretty nice too -

for sure so next time I'm gonna try it

again with a couple of more reps but

here we have the incline bench press

banded on the Swift machine and I really

advise you to do this unfortunately this

is the only set we recorded but here you

can see that the higher I push this

weight the tighter those bands become

and the harder it is to push it upwards

and you can see if you look at the chest

that the contraction here is amazing

even though it is a barbell so

definitely give that a shot and then

we're going to do the seated cable fly's

which I like a lot because it actually

provides support in the back the only

thing you have to worry

about is sitting still and it allows you

to focus on the chest a little bit more

it just hits it from a slightly

different angle and you can get a very

nice stretch right here because if you

watch the shoulders they go upwards a

little bit when I go backwards and that

allows for an even deeper stretch in the

entire chest especially on the lower

part the stretch just feels quite

amazing and the contraction here as well

and you can see I like to hold the

contraction for at least a second to

make sure that the momentum there is

gone now you've got two versions of the

fly's you have cable fly's outs of Dumbo

flies I've set this time and time again

but it is important to realize that when

you're doing Dumbo flies for example the

contraction part you see right here is

very difficult to achieve with the same

tension caused by weights so if you want

to go for a mind muscle connection try

doing the cable fly's but if you want

for a superior stretch and a different

angle go for the double fly's now here I

of course have to watch the progress

that I make having your own gym provides

you with the opportunity to train

shirtless from time to time without

actually being looked upon weird cut it

is your own Gian and there is no rules

except for the ones that you set

yourself and there is no rule for this

right here so that's pretty amazing but

here you can see that I'm trying to stay

in shape during this lean bulk even

though I'm eating quite a lot right now

I don't really carp cycle anymore I just

watch the mirror I watch the weight and

then depending on those I might have a

load a here and there but mostly it's

high carb or in between 500 and 600

grams of carbs 350 grams of protein and

around 110 grams of fat and with that

I'm able to keep this shape and slowly

build quality mass read needs to go and

then the last chest exercise is the way

that the dips one of the best movement

for an optimal finisher and an optimal

stretch of the lower packs or to Canada

to add some weight to weighted dips is

either use a dipping belt or simply use

dumbbell in between the legs which is

what I prefer right now it's a lot less

effort it's a lot easier and you can

drop the dumbbell

once you cannot do any more reps and do

a drop set immediately which is a nice

way to finish off the chest for sure all

right and then another exercise the

close grip bench press with a neutral

grip thanks to the investment that we

made in the gym one of the investments

is also this barbell which is a multi

grip barbell and you can actually use it

for a wide grip or small grip narrow

grip and you can also use it not only

for pressing but also for a bent over

row for example but with an optimal

contraction allowing your elbow should

stay closer to your upper body this is

what I like to do whenever I miss a

certain exercise or a barbell or

equipment during the workout I simply

invest in it and I make sure it gets in

the gym me and my girlfriend Marley who

is the official owner of the gym make

sure that this gym has everything you

could possibly wish for so you can watch

right here at the website if you live in

the Netherlands and if you want to visit

the gym you can do so very visiting

that's link right there this is a gym

that I work out every single day we're

able to do everything with very heavy

weights for sure and then the last

tricep exercise so the closed grip bench

press we just did is very good for the

medial head of the triceps which

provides thickness to the triceps there

you would want to have an optimal

stretch at the bottom and a nice squeeze

at the top

but right here what you want is really

isolate those triceps that press was

actually a compound movement the chest

was helping a little bit but this

movement is an isolation movement but

it's a supersets

pumping up and finishing off those

triceps so the first version of this


the first set is actually the rope

pushed down allowing for the small head

of the triceps to be filled up with

blood and then the second sets of the

superset is actually an overhead

extension causing that's incredible long

head of the tricep to become even bigger

why do I call it incredible because the

long hand of your tricep is the biggest

portion biggest muscle portion you can

let grow on your upper arms which make

them look the biggest so if you lack

upper arm size you want to work the long

head of the triceps on the only true way

to do that put emphasis on that part is

by doing an over hand movements like

this overhead extension or doing a skull

crusher behind the head or French press

stuff like that those are amazing

exercises for the long head but doing

another cable allows for a constant

tension and that allows you to go past

fear cuz my dad is spawning me right

here you can't really see it but he can

multitask like that anyway guys that

watch the blog and by the way the work

of clothing I am wearing right now is

all new available on vintage genetics

dot-com I want to thank you for watching

and don't forget to stay golden............

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