Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks |Will iPhone release a new phone in 2019 | Will Apple launch a new iPhone in 2019

Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks |Will iPhone release a new phone in 2019 | Will Apple launch a new iPhone in 2019 
Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks |Will iPhone release a new phone in 2019 | Will Apple launch a new iPhone in 2019

we'll Apple respond to the Samsung

Galaxy fold I've got an awesome concept

to show you there have been some

substantial Apple leaks including Iowa's

13 some details regarding that the

future of iPhones with the Apple a 14

chip and we've got some news regarding

5g the rollout of it in this crazy

security flaw I also got a really funny

prank to show you guys on the iPhone so

all in all huge huge news day and I'm

also including the giveaway at the end

of this video so good luck I'm gonna be

explaining that later let's get into it

I also want to remind you I'm still

doing that 5s 10 giveaway with Aaron

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out down below in the description I'll

leave a link so I wanna start with the

foldable future and I want to recap this

real quick the Samsung Galaxy fold is

seriously cool I really don't care if it

costs almost $2,000 that's basically

technology on an entirely different

level that Samsung is offering you today

you can buy if you want to they don't

need to price this thing you know cheap

to compete with the iPhone 10's really

they can charge whatever the heck they

want because them and Huawei now are the

only two selling these phones so full

steam ahead I love this future I just

want to talk to you about Apple's

relation to this are they working on

something and it looks like yes they

actually are before I get into that

though let's talk about the huawei mate

X so this thing is impressive

they took what Samsung revealed with the

Galaxy fold and made it even better it

uses a completely different folding

mechanism actually a completely reversed

orientation for the fold it looks much

more cutting-edge you know on the Galaxy

fold it seems like Samsung was a little

reserved on the display and the bezels

but the cameras they went overboard on

and also on the huawei mate X it's just

very cool to see companies competing now

at this future like before you know it I

guarantee we're gonna have folding

tablets and the three folding tablet

from Westworld yes Apple is actually

working on something just like that it

seems too good to be true so we created

up our own version of what the Apple

fold could look like by the way we're on

static shots we weren't able to get a

lot of movement in because it's it's our

program that's limiting it do you guys

have any tips for moving objects let me

know down below I would love to learn

but it turns out that Apple actually

does have plans for a foldable phone and

this isn't a secret for the longest time

they've had patents regarding some

folding mechanisms curved displays you

know Apple

actively looking into this and is very

likely that they'll tie this hall into

the micro LED future the technology

they're exclusively working on as well

so this could be an exciting future for

the iPhone now one will see something

like this probably years but you can't

help but dream so we created up this

concept with a very interesting hinge

kind of model off the iPhone 10 here so

not totally copying the Galaxy fold but

Apple's version of it could be pretty

cool we didn't have a notch up top

because the bro King blended to face ID

moduel right into the top bezel but I'm

sure we can create a more sleek version

of this that'll be sharing with you

eventually just all around our rendition

of what that could look like an Apple is

working on it and here's another concept

it's really cool it's coming from a

Dutch industrial designer his name is

roy gil singh and he took the iphone

fold and made his version of it very

realistic something Apple could do

within the next few years if they really

wanted to and don't doubt it

behind the scenes I'm more than positive

apples working in and has a laboratory

full of all sorts of who knows what's on

the iPhone and Apple did it first like

hands down this has to be the first one

the 80s prototype of the original iPhone

definitely folding so yes Apple did it

first if you really go way back just

kidding obviously joke again I've been

having way too much fun with this

there's a bug on iPhone that allows you

to modify the subtext in preview links

that you send to people in the latest

versions of iOS 12 works on 12.2 still

12 point 1.4 I'll leave a link down

below how to do is just I've been having

the most fun with this it's it's

seriously great check it out and another

point I'd like to bring up is will the

iPhone 11 be enough Samsung is driving a

very hard bargain here charging a

hundred dollars less for newer

technology on the Galaxy S 10 will the

iPhone 11 be enough and I simply say no

not at this point in time unless they

focus on the software with iowa's 13

more I mean it'll be great with the

frosted Wireless casing the new triple

lens design will be grey reverse

wireless charging but nothing that you

won't be able to get on the s10 for $100

less so I say iowa's 13 needs to be

Apple's biggest priority they need to

take this software they need to polish

it they need to give us all those little

features that we should have had a long

and go something ambitious split-screen

picture and picture and yeah ambitious

to us is what Android had for years

please apple please do consider that and

I wanted to show you this iOS 13 concept

so this is by leo valet Vallot and he

has shared something incredible with us

he took I was 13 and from a very unique

angle gave us give us some features that

I haven't seen being mentioned anywhere

else so he does prioritize an iPad

specific focus here and we can see that

with an addition of trackpad 3 the Magic

Mouse 3 even the smart Keyboard version

3 specifically tailored to connect with

the new w3 chip supposedly it looks

really nice I like the idea in general

it revised Find My iPhone feature where

Apple physically prevents you from

shutting the phone off I doubt that'll

ever happen as you always need that

physical reset support for an external

display and Xcode on the iPad

multitasking + control center in one

interface is brilliance Apple should

have done that there's no reason why

these are two completely separate

interfaces when they could basically be

the same thing and save you the

confusion and difficulty of having to

swipe down on the top-right of a device

so Big Apple take heed and he says here

that it'll drop the 5s support and keep

iphone 6 and above and this is generally

what I personally think Apple will do we

heard a rumor that they're gonna be

acting everything from 6s downwards but

I highly doubt the success is gonna get

cut that's a perfectly capable phone

there's no reason so max wine back of

the xda-developers portal is clapping

back with some new iphone leaks very

strange to get this from an Android

source but hey I'll take it so he's

saying iOS 13.1 is likely where we're

gonna be seeing dark mode dark mode has

been delayed due to who knows what on

the iPhone so Apple might not even be

showcasing this at the event instead

we'll just release it through a silent

update at least that's what I can infer

from the tweet it's very sad to see that

but that could change there's still June

until September where Apple could be

including that in the marketing for the

iPhone 11 which is what you think they

would do I mean dark mode would sell the

iPhone 11 it would just be a genius

marketing campaign they basically be

throwing away if this is true from the

same source he's saying that I was 13

will include some major improvements to

the speed of Safari the optimization and

speed for I'm sure all devices

especially on the older ones and this is

very good news to see as Safari is


very clunky is definitely an oldish

interface that I get annoyed with using

that they need to take a fresh

perspective app and see where they can

improve so I'm all for this and I

absolutely love this so this is the

future I imagine when I think about how

crazy smart phones are getting Oppo has

added a 10 times optical zoom to their

smartphone and it manages to look like a

normal smartphone no crazy huge amounts

of lenses like the new Nokia's is just a

reasonable smartphone with crazy good

zoom and I see this future for every

smartphone everyone's gonna be adding

more and more optical zoom that's gonna

be the new race versus triple camera

quadruple camera there's gonna be a big

optical zoom factor in it too I believe

going back to the iPhone side of things

it's very possible Apple might be

switching to five nanometers in 2020

according to digitized so they're saying

they're exploring that option it's very

likely that tsmc will be delivering a

five nanometer chip and this is with two

years of seven nanometer 7 nanometre is

currently what the Apple 812 is that's

the a13 is going to be an improved

version of that 7 Anna meter and then

Apple is likely to jump to five very

cool all around it means better

efficiency less power requirements very

possibly but it could also mean better

battery life so let's talk 5g what's

going on with out right now because it's

actually very important it's gonna drive

the next big sales marketing push of

smartphones in general so it's it's

important to know where that's at right

now Verizon is looking like the only and

fastest network to bring 5g to markets

most recently Sprint is claiming they'll

have their 5g network up in May and

t-mobile is saying the second half of

2019 so certainly coming probably

soonest from Verizon and in the iPhone

Intel is very confidence that Apple

won't be launching 5g until 2020 they're

gonna see how this rollout goes how the

coverage is how how devices are

performing and then in an Apple fashion

they'll respond with the best 5g or

however they're gonna spin that and

here's a scary one so a report from

TechCrunch is claiming there's a flaw or

multiple flaws in current 4G and 5g

networks that are entering markets that

allow a hacker with 200 dollars worth of

equipment to listen in on conversations

to find your location

amongst other things it's scary bad and

it can be done very easily as explained

in the article hopefully this gets

patched soon of course 5 G's isn't

really a concern here 4G is what's


is really scary you know aside from the

government watching you now any hacker

can using this and here's a very

interesting take CNBC is reporting that

the future of the Apple watch features

the health monitoring stuff that has all

been influenced by people's emails to

Tim Cook you know testimonials saying

how the Apple watch saved lives is is

very interesting to see that Apple does

listen to feedback just in a very

strange way not in a very logical and

linear way like Tesla does if someone

says oh I don't like this this should be


Elon Musk responds right away Apple it

seems listens to your emails and over

time may add these features or or steer

the direction of the product and

speaking at Elon University Apple CEO

Jeff Williams made a comment regarding

iPhone pricing and that they're always

considering that and it's the bane of

their existence basically getting

peppered with iPhone pricing questions

someone in the crowd asked a question

regarding this and whoever that is thank

you for doing that

but it's just very interesting to see

the response from Apple it's something

they actively consider and they're

they're not trying to go into a luxury

elite category so we kind of know apples

stance on the pricing right now they're

not trying to be an elitist company only

for the few that can afford it they're

still trying to make it affordable to

everyone but it doesn't seem like

they're doing too good of a job at that

hopefully it improves this year you guys

have to read this article I really

enjoyed reading it's down below phones

are getting weird again and that is the

best thing that should be celebrated the

fact that phones now have lenses that

zoom out from the body they have dual

displays they're gonna have triple

quadruple six cameras just I love it the

future should be strange you shouldn't

be able to predict what the new phones

are gonna have and this explains it very

well so well done Gizmodo okay guys

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