Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - 3 Affiliate Marketing Secrets -Make Money w Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - 3 Affiliate Marketing Secrets -Make Money w Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - 3 Affiliate Marketing Secrets -Make Money w Affiliate Marketing

what's up everybody I am just saying and

welcome to the majority mindset

affiliate marketing isn't a new idea but

it's become very popular recently with

the growth of social media and the

Internet so in this video I'm going to

go over three steps on how you can make

some money or even a living as an

affiliate marketer but really quick let

me go or what affiliate marketing is so

they're all on the same page when you

become an affiliate you essentially

become a commission sales agent for a

company you can become an affiliate for

almost any type of product whether it's

a physical product a digital product or

a service the company workers will give

you a special link that tracks who makes

a purchase any time somebody makes a

purchase with your link you get paid now

that we have that down here are three

steps that will help you build a

profitable affiliate marketing business

first figure out what makes you want to

be it you want to do this before you

even start looking for affiliate offers

too many times I see people jump from

affiliate offer to affiliate offer

because they find the next amazing offer

that's gonna make them so much money you

know the Commission's on this potty

training class are huge oh all I gotta

do is sew three classes a day and I'll

be a millionaire in a year then two

weeks later they're all trying to find a

new affiliate promotion because somehow

the last promotion did it work and

forget potty training and nobody do that

no war

I'm better promoted yoga class focus on

building a brand in your particular

niche whether it's Fitness spirituality

health travel education or whatever and

then let your brand promote your

affiliate offer it just like a business

my god Rhonda step number two finding

affiliate offers to sell want to promote

something that you've already used and

tried so you can give an honest review

that will promote your product first you

don't want to get into a new legal

trouble I put a link to some of the

endorsement laws and the caption below

make sure you check them out and speak

to an attorney if you have any legal

questions how do you find an affiliate

promotion it's a lot easier than you

think if you have something in mind that

you want to promote go on to their

website and see if they have an

affiliate program publicized a lot of

places are going to require you to apply

to their affiliate program and they're

going to requires to have web

which again his wife super important to

those your own brand first these

affiliate programs are just products at

your brand promote if a business does

not have an affiliate program publicized

send them an email there's not a lot of

businesses out there that don't want

Commission sales people promoting their

products you can also use an affiliate

database like Clickbank calm to fight a

digital affiliate offer and pretty much

any niche or if you're looking for

physical products to promote you can

become an affiliate for and

have access to tons of physical products

the only downfall with this is your

Commission is typically going to be a

lot smaller with physical products as of

today amazon says that the highest

commission product pays a 10% affiliate

commission while most Clickbank products

pay about 50% Commission surge now it's

time for what you've been waiting for

how to actually make some money I found

that you make the most money if you're

not focused on just selling your

affiliate offer let me explain what I

mean I see a lot of beginners using

their social media accounts to send

people directly to their affiliate offer

a problem with this is you are building

your brand or your customer list instead

of sending people directly to an

affiliate offer send them to your

website or an opt-in page where you give

the customer something for free related

to the affiliate offer in exchange for

their email so if I'm in the fitness

niche and I want to promote a weight

loss product I would create a free guide

on 3 tips to burn fat and then I would

give that away for free and exchange for

my customers email address now that I

know that you're interested in weight

loss I can send you an email promoting

that affiliate offer or I can send you

to a blog post where I promote that

affiliate offer so why do I do like this

because before if I could send 100

people to my affiliate promotion and get

3 purchases that will be considered

really good but the problem is I don't

know who those other 97 people are and I

have no way to contact them so I don't

know why they didn't buy and so now if I

wanted to remark to my promotion I can't

do that and if I wanted to market

another affiliate promotion or market my

own product I don't have a customer list

or anybody to market that to see to

enough I wanted to promote something

else I'd have to find new customers from

our new products and do that again and

again and again that's not very

efficient and it makes it very tough to

be profitable but if you have your own

customer list

you want to promote a new affiliate

offer all you have to do is send out a

new email because you know these people

are already interested in your list if

you're looking for an email software

that's going to do everything for you

Aweber is a great place to start I've

used them for Clickbank affiliate offers

and for my own products it works really

good and it's going to give you the best

bang for your buck it's not that

expensive I'll put a link to where you

can learn more about a weber services

and features in the caption below but

the best part about a weber isn't just

that you can capture people's emails

with their opt-in page and landing page

builders but you can actually set up

automated emails that are going to do

your selling for you and it's all

included so when someone signs up for

your free gift they get added to your

list then you can have an automated

email go out to promote your affiliate

offer on day 1 day 2 day 3 there's

really no limit to how far ahead you can

plan I know some people that have a

year's worth of automated email setup

and then every two weeks or so their

emails promote a different if you need

offer I hope you're starting to see how

your profits can multiply when you do

this because you can sell multiple

offers and it's all automated so if

you're interested in Aweber I got a link

to the free trial in the caption below

and if you're wondering it is an

affiliate link meaning you'll make some

money if you make a purchase but I feel

comfortable recommending Aweber because

it's something I use in my businesses

and if you want to be an affiliate for a

rubber check it out

the link is below now I don't have time

to get into how to structure your emails

in this video that's a completely

different science but don't be overly

salesy nobody likes that and mix up your

emails if your email subscribers know

that every single email is just going to

promote something and sell something

they're not going to open your emails be

different if you're looking for ways to

get traffic onto your affiliate offers

already made some video showing you how

to do that I put a link to those videos

in the caption below and then the last

bit of advice don't promote things you

don't try

this isn't me carefully there's a lot of

crap on the internet so if you really

want to build a profitable business

don't promote that crap think if you

were in your customers shoes what would

you like to see what's up everybody give

me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video

and what questions you have about

affiliate marketing let me know the

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